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Chapter 119 - The veneration of the priestesses for the Lord.

119,1. When we entered the hall, the five priestesses came to Me full of reverence and asked Me for forgiveness for having so stubbornly contradicted Me and My disciples; for they never could have known that I was who I am.

119,2. Since the priest had told them bluntly that I in My spiritual part was the sole and only God and am carrying an outer body to make Myself more visible and accessible to the people. My body was limited like the body of every person -, but My spirit penetrates everything close-by and far away and therefore only need to will and it will happen close by and far away whatever I want. If I want something it is already there and continues to exists for as long I want it to exist. If I do not want it to exist any longer, it then does not exist any more in such a way as if it had never existed. Thus also My inner God spirit knows about everything still so deeply hidden, yes, I even know about the most secret thoughts of all people on the whole earth and also about everything what has happened still so secretly.

119,3. All this they verified by actual proofs, so that the women could not otherwise than to undoubtedly believe firmly what their husbands had told them about Me, and this was the reason why they came to Me with such boundless reverence.

119,4. But I said very calmly to them: “When you, My dear children, know this now from your husbands and believe that I am such, the way you come to Me is completely out of order. A too great and boundless reverence for a God-being, crunching the human disposition, is just as unbecoming as too little reverence; for if you respect someone with extreme fear and shivering, ask your heart if you also could love him! If you do not respect someone at all, you could also not love him. But if you recognize a person in his many good and best properties and abilities, you also will all-delightedly admire him in your heart and start to love him beyond measure; and see, this is then the right reverence which you owe to God and also to every person who is your fellow-man wherever you meet one!

119,5. Thus give up your current excessive reverence! Sit down at the table and eat and drink with Me and be cheerful and buoyantly! For if you could be cheerful at your feast-meals when still death dwelled in your hearts, you can now be even more cheerful since death has given way and life has entered your chest! - What do you think about that?”

119,6. Said the priestesses: “Yes sure, yes sure, - but we are still too much overwhelmed by the power and greatness of Your spirit! We will do everything we can regarding this piece in our lives, to not tremble before You but to truly respect You and to love You above all. To You thus all honor and all our love!”

119,7. Said I: “Now, now, everything is quite alright; but lets sit down at the table and eat and drink in all cheerfulness! And after the meal we will talk about all kind of things and be amused and be edified!”

119,8. Thereupon all sat at the table and ate and drank to their heart’s desire. After the meal it was spoken about all kind of things and the priestesses knew to tell quite a lot of strange things, and the conversation moved to the moon and its often negative effect on the earth and also on many people.

119,9. One of the priestesses told a story about a sleepwalker she knew, who at night during full moon went out of his room with closed eyes, stretched his hands towards the moon and soon afterwards climbed the steepest walls with such ease as if walking on a flat, horizontal surface. The amazed observer had only be careful to be as quiet as possible, since a human sound could cost the sleepwalker his life.

119,10. (The priestess:) “Now, what is this peculiar effect of the moon on certain people and how does people come to this?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-119 Chapter