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Chapter 12 - The nocturnal Thunderstorm

1. Hereupon a great and mighty wind arose, and in the east gathered massive and seemingly incandescent clouds. This phenomenon stood out to everyone all the more because, in these regions, it was a rarity. One could now already spot a great number of flashes within the clouds, up and down, back and forth, as well as hear a distant, but powerful, rolling thunder.

2. Everyone started to get a little worried, and Lazarus said to Me: "Lord, look at this mighty storm! It appears to wish to travel right in our direction! How about we go back into the house; such nighttime storms can be quite nasty!"

3. Said I: "Be calm, Lazarus; this storm would not be coming here if it was not My will! But why exactly I am allowing it to come here; that you will learn soon."

4. Thereupon, Lazarus became calm; but the Jews, as the storm approached evermore, grew hesitant and furtively asked the disciples if I was not afraid of the mighty and fast-approaching storm.

5. But the disciples said: "He is a Lord over the storms and tempests, and all elements must obey His will; that is why we do not need to fear any tempest in His presence."

6. The Jews accepted this consolation well and calmed themselves. But the twenty Jewish priests became terribly anxious and afraid, particularly when one flash of lightning followed another every single moment; one big racket. They rose from their seats, came to Me and said: "Lord, for whom all things are possible, curb this terrible storm, otherwise we will all perish, for that is an evil storm! We have only experienced three such storms in our whole life, and on those evenings many people and animals died. Back then, as is now the case, lightning and thunderbolts rained down, and whoever was hit instantly became a child of death. Only those who managed to flee into the well-built houses remained alive. The great storm about twenty years ago in Damascus was particularly fierce. Whoever was out in the open back then had to have been lucky to escape with his life. In light of this, it would perhaps be best if we went back into the house nonetheless; because out here it could go badly for us all if that evil tempest came to a standstill above us. Even the wind is now growing so strong that one can hardly bear it any longer!"

7. Said I: "Enough of this. Even in this tempest you must come to know the power and might of God in the Son of Man!"

8. Right after I had said this, the storm was right above us, stretching out far on every side, and a thousand flashes of lightning escaped the mighty clouds every single moment. A few of them struck the hills all around with great crashes.

9. That is when the Jews began to cry out in terror: "Oh Lord, help us, or else we are all lost!"

10. But I said: "Considering you are screaming so much, has anyone been hit by lightning as of yet?! Those who are with Me are in no danger. Now learn of the power of the Father in the Son; for this storm is a judgment and is subject to My might! I am the one who called it forth and can just as easily dissipate it, whenever and however I so desire. For you however, you twenty priests, it is a symbol of your disposition; for this is exactly what it looked like within your hearts barely three hours ago, and worse still than how it looks above us now.

11. Yet believe Me, it is easier for Me to command this tempest, along with the strong wind, to die down, than it is to command your hearts with all their wicked passions! Much talking and great signs were required for you to become masters of your internal tempest; but this wild and fiercest of tempests needs only a word and it will cease to exist!

12. Just as My mercy began to illuminate you after the evil tempest within you was dispelled, likewise shall the same symbolically occur in the firmament after the disappearance of this storm. You see, a large number of lightning bolts have already escaped the enormous and widespread cloud, but even a number such as this can by no means compare to the number of your sins! From this you can once again clearly see what you were like! I would have to let this tempest rage for another whole hour to match the number of lightning bolts with the number of your sins, but that would be of no further use for your inner being. So, let us allow this storm, which has already frightened you all quite a bit, to go by! And so I command you, you monstrosity, to disperse and die down! Amen."

13. In an instant, the tempest, along with the strong wind, died down, the clouds dispersed, the stars began to shine in their former glory and majesty, and right above us shone a great star which was unfamiliar to everyone.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-12 Chapter