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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-120 Chapter

Chapter 120 - The Lord explains the lunar world and the nature of lunatism.

120,1. Said I: “That the moon as a celestial body closest to the earth exercises an effect on this earth, is quite certain; but in general it does not has an effect on people and animals, plants and minerals, but only in particular on the things on this earth which originate from the moon. Just pay good attention, especially you calendar makers!

120,2. See, the moon is nearly just a world like this one and forms a constant companion for the earth during its annual trip around the sun, around which also the other planets circle in unequal times; those closer to the sun need less time than the earth and those further away of course longer. Jupiter and Saturn also have moons around them, but since they are much bigger worlds, they have more than this earth, while the smaller planets have no moons. The daily rotation of this earth causes day and night and its orbit around the sun takes one year.”

120,3. Here the pagans were taken aback since this My explanation was way beyond their horizon of knowledge and one of the priests said: “Lord, we thank You for everything but do not explain to us anything further; since it is impossible for us to understand because we cannot imagine such!”

120,4. I then said: “Now then, if it concerns a visual presentation, it will be there immediately!”

120,5. In this moment all could see above the table in the free and high space of the hall the sun, the moon with the earth and also all the other planets with their moons and everything in a relative movement. Then there was no end of amazement and I explained to them everything very precisely for two hours and they understood everything and were full of joy about it. Alongside the mathematical part I also showed them the habitability of the sun and all the planets and their moons and in great detail the habitability of the earth’s moon and in particular said:

120,6. (The Lord:) “Since you now understand this, I can tell you a few things about the bad occurrence of being moonstruck. The inhabitants of the moon, as very simple and inward turned people, have the predominant gift of being clairvoyant, and this especially during their full fourteen earth-day long nights, which they mainly spend sleeping in their underground dwelling caves. During this sleep their souls nevertheless stay fully awake and see everything far and wide around them and thus also this earth, to which they more or less belong, however, which they never can see in their awakened state during their long day because of the position of the moon; since the moon-people only live on that part of the moon which is turned away from the earth and not on the earth facing side of the moon, since the earth facing side of the moon, as I have explained it to you, due to very natural reasons has no air and no water, and even if their exists a type of air in the many deepenings, it is not sufficient for breathing of beings living in the flesh and is also not suitable for that purpose because of the total absence of the element of salt (oxygen) in it.

120,7. In their natural state the moon people do not have a longing for it, since in their dream life which they like most, they can see and experience anyway everything suitable for the salvation of their souls. Thereby they mostly obtain the desire to become inhabitants of this earth as soon as possible, what is also actually their destiny. And if they have shed their bodies in their world, their souls wander immediately to this earth, if they have made themselves worthy for it during their flesh-life, and are immediately fathered into a mother’s womb at an appropriate opportunity on this earth, and are then born as children of this earth and grow up and enjoy the upbringing of the earth-people, whereby they at least attain the ability, to either already here or in the beyond be placed on the path of the children of God.

120,8. Now, the souls of these people consist of substances of the moon-world-body and therefore have, especially during their dream-life, a preferential pull towards the place of their origin, which in particular shows most strongly and effectively during the time of the full moon, because through the moon light a larger amount of substantial soul-elements descend to earth and excite and attract the indicated moon-soul-people.

120,9. However, also this evil can be soon and easily remedied, namely through the faithful laying on of hands and through the use of cold baths.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-120 Chapter