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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-121 Chapter

Chapter 121 - Peculiarities of the lunar souls that have incarnated on the earth.

121,1. (The Lord:) “By the way, such property does not harm a person and in the very least his soul; for such people normally are good and gentle natured and one get along with them very easily. However, sometimes it can happen with such people, that their body in the region of the more coarse intestines is possessed by another free roaming soul of the earth’s atmosphere, yes, even by several, and this mostly by such souls who already have gone through a flesh trial life on this earth, but because of their great sensuousness and selfishness did not only gained nothing for their life’s welfare in the beyond, but in fact have lost a lot.

121,2. Normally these souls, according to an inclined property for betterment, are again allowed another flesh life trial at a proper and suitable opportunity. However, there are some who cannot wait to be placed in a mother’s body and say: ‘What does it matter, flesh is flesh! We are going to possess the flesh of the next best person and castigate it as much as possible! Once the flesh perishes because of all the castigations, we can leave it as completely purified souls and enter eternal bliss!’

121,3. Such souls however are greatly mistaken, for such manner of backdoor possession of the flesh is not only of no use but is only harmful, because they then have to wait for a very long time until again being procreated into a mother’s womb. However, such backdoor possessions of the flesh of other people are nevertheless allowed, because each soul destined to become totally life free can in the end only be bettered and consolidated by its very own, most free will; and this will can impossibly otherwise than only by all kinds of most bitter experiences be brought to the necessary modest sobriety, by which it finally submits to the enlightened will of a better spirit and only then be truly bettered out of itself.

121,4. And behold, there our moon-soul-people are temporarily somewhat disadvantaged, because they can primarily and easily be possessed by such free roaming, still evil souls temporarily - who still can be called devils (Ouvraci = turn to become better), whereby the body’s own soul can never suffer any harm, since such condition provides on top of it for her the advantage, that she is very much humiliated by it and does only have very little or no desire at all regarding her flesh, which is very good for the moon-soul-people. Because firstly, despite their clairvoyance, they are mostly very wilful and buried deep in sexual love, and secondly they are very self-opinionated and addicted to quarrel, closed up and perfidiously, although never really totally evil.

121,5. But also this type of possession can be healed by prayer, by the calling of My Name, by fasting and by the laying on of hands in My name. - And with that you also have in this regard everything what you need to know for the time being; everything higher and further will be taught to you by your spirit, which I will fill with My spirit at the right time.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-121 Chapter