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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-122 Chapter

Chapter 122 - The Lord cautions against relapse into material values. The nature of matter. The everlastingness of the Lord.

122,1. (The Lord:) “I now have shown you what and who a person is, and what he has to do, to reach the everlasting life. From now on it depends solely on you to act accordingly. However, watch out that you do not again fall back into the old nonsense for the sake of the world and thereby fall into your old death, since then it will be much more difficult to direct you on the right path than now! I cannot stay personally any longer with you; however, if you stay active in My teaching, I will actively stay with you in the spirit, and what you will ask this My God spirit in My name, it will be given to you.

122,2. However, do not come to Me for pure worldly things; because I will not give you this soul killing poison, even if you would beg Me for years about it! Since it is My case to totally free you from all the world, but not to bind you to it. - You now know what you have to do and what to believe, and anything more you do not need for the time being.

122,3. But now comes something else! Behold, you My friend Jored, we now have stayed for three days with you and have consumed a lot in your house! What do you think we owe you for that?”

122,4. Says Jored completely moved: “Lord, everything that there is, is anyway Yours and I should ask You and say: o Lord, I’m Your greatest debtor! When and how will I be able to repay You My great debt? Even if You wanted to remain here with a thousand more disciples and eat and drink day and night, after a thousand years I still would be the same great debtor to You as I am now; thus from now on just be generously and merciful to me, - everything else is nothing and costs forever nothing! - Nevertheless, there is still one request which I, o Lord, want to bring before You!”

122,5. Says I: “Spare the words; since I know it anyway what you want to preserve for some time in this hall! Behold, these stars you want to preserve! Yes, for your further education they will remain for another year like this! During that time copy them artificially; afterwards however, these miraculous should pass, just like one day this visible heaven and this earth will pass off, once they have released everything which is caught in them.

122,6. Thus listen: Everything what this whole infinite space contains as matter, is imprisoned spirit under judgment! These are spirits under judgment by the strength and power of the divine will until a regulated time, when they have reached for themselves a certain degree of consolidation according to the divine omniscience, on which only then the spiritual independent life-development can be build. This you do not understand now and cannot understand; however, one day you will understand this indeed.

122,7. But I have only told you this so that also you heathens can realize, that I am actually the everlasting I and at the bottom of it all I’m everything what infinity encloses. But for the time being keep such to yourself until the everlasting spirit of truth will teach you more about it!

122,8. In this night I give you still a little time. Who wants to ask something, should ask! Tomorrow before dawn I will move on; because I still have many children whom I as a true life-father has to visit, to also bring to them the most merry message of the everlasting life.”

122,9. Here a priest gets up and said: “Lord, You cannot leave us tomorrow; for already now you really got us fired up and we still will have a lot of things where we require Your holy council!”

122,10. Said I: “Am I the I or is it My inner spirit? I have told you, that he will remain with you and if you need anything, he will give it to you without reservation. My personality is hence forth of no use to you, but only the spirit who will never ever leave you as long you do not leave him.”

122,11. Said the priest: “Lord, that we all believe now without doubt; but we all have now taken a great love for You because we fully have recognized You, and now You want to leave us again?! At least another one day stay with us personally and we all will be infinitively happy!”

122,12. Said also Jored and his son: “Yes, yes, Lord, it is so! Stay at least another half day with us and we will accompany you wherever You want to go!”

122,13. Said I: “Now then, I will stay with you until after the morning meal, but then I have to leave here very quickly without delay!”

122,14. Thereupon Jorabe, the son awakened from death, said: “Listen, my dearest all! This only and everlasting truest God is only kept back by love! This is the only power which even He obeys in Himself! Therefore lets love Him even more and He will stay until noon!”

122,15. Thereupon I said: “You have spoken quite correctly - and this was not given to you by your blood, but by your spirit ; however, I still cannot do otherwise as I have told you earlier. But to accommodate you all, I will only leave from here after the sun rise, but will stay with you in the spirit. The question now is, if you have comprehended everything and if there is nobody who has something to ask.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-122 Chapter