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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-124 Chapter

Chapter 124 - On the education of mankind.

124,1. Said the priest of the Minerva: “Yes Lord, in everything You are completely right; however, since unfortunately this will be Your last night with us, in the name of all I want to put a considerable request to You, consisting therein, that You generously will allow, that Your now given teaching to us be written down word for word, so that it as a greatest treasure of all people will never get lost, because otherwise like every teaching conveyed by word of mouth, is finally with length of time disfigured and impurified. Because people in time like to add something or easily omit something important. However, once the matter has been written down and by all present witnesses signed as proof for the fullest truth, then, I think, an impurification of Your teaching will not take place that easily. So that we do not write down something incorrectly, will You, o Lord, lead us with Your omniscient and omnipotent spirit!”

124,2. Said I: “You can do this indeed; however if you want to do it, write it down as several copies so that the matter becomes more general and the one and first written copy - namely with the very superstitious heathens - does not becomes a kind of magical powers attached to it, whereby the value of its inner content would be disfigured and the people get a sort of holy shyness about it, and because of all kind of reverence would not dare to read it anymore, and finally reach the conclusion that the sole worshipping of such holiness would already provide heaven for man! If there are, however, several of the same books, such idolatry will not that easily be possible.

124,3. I do not say that the people should not keep such books in honor; but they also should not make more of them than they are, and should use them for the only purpose they are there and certainly not for anything else.

124,4. But I still add to this, that you also should turn your efforts to teach all people already from childhood to properly read, write and calculate - not only the rich -, otherwise the written books will be of little value. Try to establish above all a right education of knowledge and from it also the heart of people, and you will prepare for yourself a great reward in My kingdom, and you will also quite easily get along with people of this earth; since it is easy to talk to truly educated people. But try to spread a right and complete education among the people; because half an education is worse than no education at all!

124,5. Do not keep the truth from your disciples, just as I am not withholding anything from you; because only the truth forms man to become a true person. Where it is absent, apparently the lie must takes it place, and she is the mother of all evil occurring among the people of this earth. This also for a guideline to you all! If you follow this you will only too soon experience the clear and true blessings of it already on this earth. - Do you still have something on your hearts?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-124 Chapter