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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-125 Chapter

Chapter 125 - The spirit of the priestesses' mentor appears.

125,1. Said the Minerva priest: “Lord, as much our present insight allows us, there hardly can be anything else which we could ask You about for our current sate of recognition, since You already have shown and taught us too much; but there is something which You could do for us women, and this consists therein, that You show us the soul of our mentor, so that we could thereby even be deeper convinced in advanced about the afterlife.”

125,2. Said I: “This is a somewhat imprudent request from you - since firstly you do not have the ability to see a spirit, for a spirit can only be seen with the eyes of the spirit but never with the eyes of the flesh, and secondly has the soul of your former mentor not yet reached the life state, that his appearance could be of any benefit to you -; however, since you insist on it and are of the opinion that it could strengthen your faith, also this can be granted to you. - Isma kore! - come and speak!”

125,3. Thus I called upon the mentor’s soul. And a great noise occurred in the hall, from the ground rose smoke upwards as if there was a fire below, and from the centre of the smoke the spirit appeared with a very angry face and said to the women: “why do you unbelieving women disturb my rest, where I have to do with my perfection and where I am in the sweet company of those spirits resembling me and where among us no arguments and quarrels can be thought of?

125,4. Long since I already have made good my promise to you and have clearly indicated to you how trifling the teachings of Diogenes are and causes the people, who accept it, the greatest harm, because they are nothing than wretched lies to the travesty of the highest wisdom of an everlasting and almighty God! But you regarded this only as a dream and as a play of your phantasy!

125,5. Did not your mind tell you that man is a wondrous creation of a great and most wonderfully almighty Creator and that in Him nothing can take place without reason and a wise destination?! This I already told you many times when still living on earth; but you did not paid any attention to it, and you were only concerned to be admired before all the world for your stoic wisdom. Nevertheless, your hearts were always plagued by doubts, which I was supposed to eradicate by my re-appearance.

125,6. However, now a higher spirit has come to you and have taught you. Why don’t you believe Him completely? Why do you demand me as a witness for Him, whose name I’m not worthy to speak? O you evil foolish women! Truly, if it wasn’t for this great Spirit, you all would have been served badly by me! But remember this, that, if you disturb me again in my rest, real evil will come over you!”

125,7. Hereupon the spirit suddenly vanished and the women were not allowed to speak to him and also did not have the courage for it.

125,8. However I asked them and said: “Now, are you content with your mentor?”

125,9. Said the Minerva female priest: “O Lord, he surely could have stayed in his stupid rest! If in the beyond his society resembles him entirely, they will still have a very long time to work on their life’s perfection. He is then terribly coarse and rough! During his life on earth in the house of our parents he was the most modest and gentle person and now as spirit he is full of glowing rage! How is this possible? Did he have on this earth another soul?”

125,10. Said I: “O, not that, - however, on earth his soul hid her own I for outer cleverness and with the assistance of his body limbs portrayed herself completely differently as she really was internally; but now in her nakedness this is absolutely not possible anymore. For in the beyond no soul can show herself differently from what she really is in- and outwardly; and as such your mentor could not do otherwise then show himself as he is and what his actual attitude was towards you all along. His modesty and gentleness was only a charade of his outer expression, however, internally he was completely different!

125,11. Therefore, subsequently do not ever demand any spirit for your teaching, but live according to My teaching, so that you become able to enter in a full life-relationship with My spirit, - it then will be easy for you to do without the hard teachings of such spirits!”

125,12. With that the women were fully content and lost all desire to ever meet with such a mentor spirit ever again.

125,13. Hereupon I recommended to all to go to rest, which all in fact did. I and the disciples did the same and we occupied our resting chairs.

125,14. The night was soon over and we were up on our feet. When leaving the hall Jored came to us and asked Me to wait for the morning meal which was nearly finished.

125,15. However, I said to him: “Just give us some bread and wine and we will move on immediately, so that the priests with their wives, who will be here soon, do not meet up with us!”

125,16. This happened straight away. We took bread and wine and moved one, after I blessed the house of Jored and his people.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-125 Chapter