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Chapter 13 - The new star with the New Jerusalem. The requirement for eternal life.

1. Here Lazarus asked: "Lord, now that is a star I have never seen before! What sort of star is it and what does it mean?"

2. Said I: "Rest assured, for soon all of you will get to know this star!"

3. Thereupon, for just a few moments, I opened the inner vision of all present, and the star transformed into a world full of light. At its centre stood a New Jerusalem with twelve gates, its walls composed of as many kinds of precious stones as the city had gates. Through all the gates angels passed in and out; even Moses, Elijah and many other prophets appeared every now and again. The Jews were utterly amazed and began to praise and glorify Me for showing and bestowing upon them so much grace. I then restored them to their natural state, and all they saw was the bright star once again; now it kept getting smaller and smaller, until it finally disappeared.

4. Once this entire scene had played itself out, nearly all of those present at once asked Me what this occurrence might have been.

5. Said I: "What you saw was My new teaching, which I am giving you from the heavens themselves. It is the true New Jerusalem from the heavens, for the old one here on earth is no longer good for anything. The twelve gates signify the true twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve kinds of precious stones in the city walls are the ten commandments of Moses, with the upper two rows, consisting of diamonds and rubies, signifying My two commandments of love: Love for God, and love for one's fellowman. The angels passing through the gates signify the many truths people come to know through the faithful compliance with My teaching. Those leaving the city correspond to the great wisdom of this My teaching, and the many entering the city indicate that man shall admit this My teaching, pure of love, into his heart and act accordingly, so that he might attain the true rebirth of the spirit and thereby be guided into all truth and wisdom.

6. That is the meaning of this appearance: It is the true sun of grace for anyone who hears My Word and lives accordingly, and all who do and will believe in Me shall forever be and live with Me, and together we will lead and guide everything that has been and will be created in the space of eternty.

7. For the time being you do not - and cannot - understand all this. However, if you continue to believe in Me and act according to this My teaching, you will, in the maturity of your faith and love, be baptized by the Holy Spirit, which I shall send to all who actively believe in Me and in Him Who sent Me out of Himself into this world, incarnated as a Son of Man, for that is the actual, true and eternal life: That you believe in Me, as the true Son of the Father in Heaven, and live according to His teaching.

8. When the Spirit I have mentioned to you before will come to you and permeate your being, you will understand, of your own accord, everything that you now see and hear, but are incapable of understanding, in your purely natural form. For the flesh cannot comprehend the spirit and, being dead anyhow, has no life other than that which it can derive temporarily from the vitality of the soul, which is related to the spirit, possessing the ability to become like it and unite with it, provided it turns its back to the world and faces only towards the innermost aspects of the spirit, in the order and manner shown by My teaching and My very own example."

9. For that reason, may each and every one of you seek to save his soul by his own power; for if it comes into judgment, will it be able to save itself without the proper means, if it cannot even save itself here with all these resources at its disposal, without cosidering that it is an invaluable possession in and of itself which, should it be lost, cannot be bought or reacquired by any means?!

10. Therefore, above all else, may every one of you seek to save his own soul! For I tell you all that it will be thus in the beyond: Whoever has love, truth and, therewith, the proper ordinance of God within himself, him will be given so much more in addition; but whoever does not have these things, or too little, even that small amount he has will be taken from him, so he may have nothing then and stand there naked, destitute and without help. Who will take pity on him and bail him out of this predicament?! Truly, I say to you all: An hour here is worth more than a thousand years there! Write these words down deep into your hearts; but, for the time being, keep them to yourselves!"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-13 Chapter