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Chapter 130 - The conversion of the idolatrous priests.

130,1. Said I: “These priests should travel to Chotinodora to their upper priest; there they will get the instructions what they have to do henceforth. The time of the old, empty idolatry and the most blind superstition on the one hand and a total none-faith on the other hand is over; from now on the people will begin to believe in the one, only true, living and for everyone findable and comprehensible God according to the fullest and most convincing truth and they will find themselves in such faith and recognize the immortality of their soul and its everlasting most blissful destination. If the time of the inner light and life has arrived, then there is no room anymore for your blind, imageable multi-idolatry.

130,2. Now the God emerges whom the citizens of Athens have also build a temple, namely the to them unknown God, in which however no idol pictures were set up, but on an altar were lying the books of the old wise of Egypt, and when once a year the people gathered in this temple, wise extracts from the books were read, and the people then edified themselves about it, while paying little respect to other idols. When now this only true God starts to act, all the trifle, false, deceptive and lie-gods must perish before His spirit. Go to your temple and you will not find another single idol picture therein anymore!”

130,3. Here the priests clasped their hands together above their heads and said: “Lord, if so, then we are lost! What will the people say to this?”

130,4. Said the Captain: “The people are under my power and I know what I have to do during a possible uprising. The people will be in all quietness and calmness informed about the meaning of this. If they are most probably content with it, since they were absolutely not content anymore with your handling of things, it will be something very good. Should however some of them behave dissatisfied because they were stirred up by you, I have sufficient means in my hands to bring them to rest and contentment again. However, beware of stirring somebody up; because you know my seriousness!

130,5. If however the temple, which anyhow means nothing here, is clear of any false gods, then consecrate it to the unknown God on my instructions and your betterment and inform the people accordingly, and they will be a thousand times more content compared to now where you call them together almost three times a week with your cymbals, to preach them the will of any god whom you have invented under all kind of silly and meaningless ceremonies, for which you demand from everybody a sacrifice.

130,6. If any somewhat brighter person does not give something, he is threatened with all sorts of god’s punishment for here and the beyond and is for some time excluded from the society of religious fools. And for that we unfortunately have to lend you a supporting arm, so that you can keep your reputation; if we would withdraw this support the people would immediately start to tell you something else! Since you only exist in all your fraudulence because of our support arm, you can, as announcers of the truth, even more lean on our arm. Can’t you see that?! If the people pleasingly and willingly gave you an offer for your lies, they indeed will give you even more pleasingly a measured offer for the truth. As a layman it makes clear sense to me, - why you as truthful priests and gods can’t see this?”

130,7. Said a more moderate natured priest: “All this is quite good and true! It would be very goog to preach the people the truth, if one only had it yourself; but from where should we take it? This is an entirely different question!”

130,8. Said the Captain: “For that this Saviour has given you the right advice already. Travel to Chotinodora! There the senior priests will give you the right directions; act accordingly and everything will go smoothly! Travel there still today and let you be instructed, - then come back and teach the people the truth!”

130,9. Said I to the Captain: “Let them stay here for today; but tomorrow they should do according to your advice. For today they might experience a few things here which might still open their eyes.”

130,10. Said the Captain: “Thus stay here in this society for today, which you should be worthy of as people but not as priests!”

130,11. I now said a little secretly to the Captain: “Since you are after all a person who pleases Me, thus give to these ten standing there wrapped in poor rags, proper clothes! I have adopted them and they are now travelling with Me as disciples.”

130,12. Said the Captain: “Lord, your will prevails; since your will stands for me above the one of the emperor, for I now see it too clearly that also the emperor’s will must be subject to your will! It is easy to perform with large army masses who blindly obey the general and conquer nations and countries; however, all armies cannot, only by the means of their will, destroy metallic statues and heal an incurable fever in an instant. I myself possess great power to control many soldiers and mercenaries; despite all my power, I still had to see my son suffer for four years. Therefore, o you good, wondrous Saviour, the power of your will is standing endless higher than the power of all emperors and kings on the whole earth, irrespective how large and wide it might be!”

130,13. Hereupon he called upon his servants and instructed them to dress the ten men with the best clothes. This took place within a few moments and on to of it the Captain copiously gave them Roman money. After that they returned to us completely dressed as Romans.

130,14. Especially the giant looked awesome so that the Captain involuntary proclaimed: “O, what marvellous man’s figure! If your soul is equally large and well formed, you will still do great things on earth!”

130,15. Said I: “Certainly, this can easily happen, it all depends on the right life seriousness! However, people who never could greet a friendly day, have toughened their seriousness in battles at night and will surely therefore not leave their life seriousness unattended at the friendly life-day.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-130 Chapter