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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-134 Chapter

Chapter 134 - The Captain's account of the wise Illyrian.

134,1. Said the Captain: “Listen, you exceedingly great Master Saviour, I now truly don’t know what I should admire about you more, your most miraculous word- and will power or your extraordinary theosophical wisdom!

134,2. I have once spoken in Rome to a person who was born in Illyrian and who was a person on its own. One could ask him about the most peculiar and often most secret things, he precisely knew about it. If you ask him about the destiny of any person, he said: “If you do this, then this will be your lot, and if you do this and that, then inevitably this and that will happen to you!” To me he precisely forecasted, that I will be stationed closely to the extreme end of the great kingdom in the east and that I will encounter many wondrous things, all that which became true until now.

134,3. This person, whose appearance did absolutely show nothing striking, I confidentially asked him what he thought about the gods. And he said: “In the way they are now considered and worshipped by you, I regard them as nothing; for they exists nowhere, neither in nature and even less so in any kingdom of the souls and spirits. The pictures of them are only works of humans and the human imagination gave them their form. In ancient times they were only corresponding representations of the particular from the workings of nature forces recognized properties of the one, everlasting true God, who, however, is not recognized anymore by present man.”

134,4. However these properties should not be taken as if among them the only true God existed, but only as such that He, by His highest wisdom and will power, calls forth man, as His own image, out of matter of the earth through many nature life levels to finally humans. The earth consists of endless many souls and man’s soul as the actual true human is also a manifold soul in one form and skin, namely as manifold as their intelligence and their inner and outer views and observations are. But man does not recognizes this anymore and cannot recognize it, because man, through his carnal desires, has removed himself from himself too far. Self-love and prostitution has plunged man into a great and strong night of life, from which only God Himself can rescue him and - as he saw it - possibly also will do shortly. But He will not begin with Rome, although also not outside of the large kingdom.

134,5. See, Master, as such spoke the strange Illyrian! If he would be able, together with this his extended wisdom, to perform also some signs, he nearly would be regarded as a God. Through me he found many very inclined listeners and sponsors; however, after a year he said goodbye and said: ‘I indeed have found many friends here but also an even greater number of enemies from the sphere of priests. Secretly they are after my life; therefore I also will leave from here very secretly.’ I presented him richly and accompanied him safely to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. There he boarded a ship and with a good wind he sailed back to his native country.

134,6. I only mentioned this person, to show to you, that I, from what you have so wisely explained, already had some pre-conceptions and therefore could understand you now more easily. But this, what you have now said about it, stands endless higher and is transparent and nearly for everyone clear to understand. However, if I now pay my close attention to your signs, your near omniscience and your wisdom, I also think of the strange prophecy of this Illyrian, according to which the great, only true God - and this very soon - will pull the nations from their night, and this within the boundaries of the great kingdom. In the end you are yourself such an envoy of the only true, great God - or even identical to Him?!

134,7. If the one or other is the case, then say it to us, so that we can act accordingly!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-134 Chapter