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Chapter 138 - The miraculous meal in the colonel's house. The nature and effect of love.

138,1. Just about arriving back in town with the large crowd following us, a large number of people met us, greeted us from all sides and shouted: “Heil to you, great Saviour and forever thanks to you for having us freed from great hardship with your most wondrous almightiness!”

138,2. This made the three wisdom priests wonder and this even more so, when they also saw some of the other priests among the people.

138,3. We now reached the large house of the colonel. At that point the many followers greeted us and went to their houses and residences; however I and all the disciples went with the colonel and his brother-in-law, the captain from Samosata, and with the other house companions into the house, to consume the midday meal. But this was now a true problem; because the captain’s wife including the colonel’s wife who was a good cook, did in the rush forgot, to instruct their servants to prepare something for lunch, and hence nothing of course was ready.

138,4. About that the colonel was a little irritated and crustily; but he nevertheless recovered quickly and said: “Now then, put all your strength in motion right now, so that we do not have to eat our lunch in the evening!”

138,5. But I said to the colonel: “Leave everything as it is; just open the gates to the large dining hall and there we will find everything what we need!”

138,6. The colonel did this and was not a little surprised when all the tables were laden with the best and finest foods. He now of course asked the wives, why they did not told him earlier when he was asking about it.

138,7. The wives again made excuse and said they were just as amazed about it then he himself, since they knew about the preparation of this midday meal just as much as he himself. This most likely must also be a miracle.

138,8. The colonel then looked more precisely at the food and he noticed that all bowls, spoons, knives and drinking mugs were made from the most shining gold. He then came quickly to Me and said: “Lord, Lord, this is Your work! How have I, a poor sinner, a dark heathen, come to such mercy before You?! I am not even worthy that Your holy feet step into my dirty house, - not to mention such most unheard of honoring which is even too noble for an emperor of Rome!”

138,9. Said I: “What there is, is there; but now let us sit at the tables and cheerfully eat and drink what is standing on the tables! For if you want to become God’s children, it does no harm if you still experience this for one time in this life, how one eats and drinks in the house of the Father.”

138,10. Thereupon all sat joyfully at the tables and started to eat and drink. But then the colonel, the captain, his son and both their wives, as well as their daughters and the ten brothers of the captain and all the other invited guests were completely overwhelmed by surprise; since all assured that never before have they tasted such heavenly good food and such incomparable good wine and the women surrounded Me and asked how it was possible that one could prepare such good food.

138,11. But I said: “Yes, My dearest, such does not exist on earth; if however the time will come that on earth among the people through the recognized word of God the right fire of love to God and to the neighbour will exist intensively, then also the people will prepare food at such a fire, which sometimes can even taste better than this. I say to you: The true and pure love is the most holy noble fire; it is capable of everything. It is the best cook, the best landlord, the best spice for all food and the best food itself. Truly, who is fed by pure love, is truly well fed, and who is satisfied by it, will not be hungry in eternity! If such love will enliven you, you will forever not feel nor taste death. Therefore work hard for such pure love to God and your fellow-man; for this love will give you everything which can make you exceedingly blissful! However, what this love is made of, you have heard during the past three days and thus I cannot tell you anything more about it.”

138,12. All thanked Me for this teaching and solemnly promised Me, to become as big as possible in this love.

138,13. Then one of the three wisdom priests said: “How possibly can a mortal, physical person love an everlasting and pure spiritual God? Would God not be in the highest degree cross with such cheekiness of a person? What would a earthly king say if one of us made his affection known to him? What however is a king compared to a God!”

138,14. Said I: “A stupid and highly arrogant king, who however did not created his subjects, might behave not too friendly if a very simple and stupid person came to him and said: ‘O great king, I feel great love for you! Climb down from your high throne and let met hug and kiss you!’ The king will surely view this person as a complete fool and by his servants show him the gate; and if he doesn’t go by himself, he will have to endure castigation. However, should the subjects show such king true active love, he soon will accept them favourably and retributively and not showing anybody the gate.

138,15. God, the everlasting truth, however, is not a stupid heathen of this earth. He Himself is pure love and hence also the highest wisdom Himself, why He also has created all worlds and the people out of Himself.

138,16. Since He Himself is pure love, He wants that all people love Him above all and then also - because all people are His work - love each other like everybody loves himself. If God loves all people like a best father loves his children, why then should the people not love Him above all, once they have recognized Him in a right way?

138,17. Verily, I say to you: Without the right love you will not find God, never recognize Him properly and will therefore also not be able to come close to Him! Only love shows you the right way to Him, - your mind forever never! But who does not find the way to God, does also not find the way to his very own life and therefore walks in darkness and on the road of judgment and everlasting death. Remember this from Me; the rest you will hear later on from My disciples.”

138,18. Hereupon the three wise continued to eat and drink cheerfully.

138,19. However, one of them was quite a bright head and a little later said to the other two: “This wondrous man speaks the fullest truth. Therefore let us listen to him and we will be just fine; since regarding the most solid wisdom he outranks us a thousand times thousand times!”

138,20. For the rest of the meal I did not say anything further; after the meal the three wise turned to the disciples who taught them the main principles of My teaching, in which the three found great pleasure.

138,21. I Myself, however, and the family of the colonel and the captain went outside and left the disciples working alone. It goes without saying that all the newer disciples were always keenly present if the older disciples were teaching and made notes for themselves of the main points. Only in the evening did we came together again.

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