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Chapter 140 - The return journey to Capernaum. The giant and his harangue against the Jews.

140,1. We still stayed in Serrhe for the night and went the next day by foot under many demonstrations of love upstream, namely to Zeugma, - also a small town at the Euphrates. The reason why we could not visit this place directly after Samosata was, because the captain led us to Serrhe for the sake of his family; and therefore we had to travel backwards from Serrhe to there. From Samosata to Serrhe the road is twice as far as to Zeugma; however, from Zeugma on the other hand, it is closer to Deba than from Samosata and also from Serrhe, which according to present calculations - since in current times hardly anything is left of these places - was about thirty miles from Samosata.

140,2. Now, in Zeugma we achieved similar results than in the other places. The heathens along the Euphrates were often visited by the Jews and therefore also had knowledge about their God recognitions, and hence it was not that difficult to communicate with them.

140,3. For better reporting and understanding and to cap it all it can be added here, that the places visited by us which belonged for eight-hundred years to Syria, are now, during My times, regarded part of Cappadokia; while Deba, to which I with My disciples travelled after two days, belonged already to Syria, which during My times bordered to the actual Galilee and actually formed the north of Galilee.

140,4. We did not stay long in Deba, because of their pig trade there was not much to achieve with its citizens.

140,5. From Deba we travelled to Cyrrhus, a considerable Greek trade city; here we stayed for seven days, where we nearly in the same manner as in Chotinodora gained many followers.

140,6. From there we travelled to the large city Antioch, where we stayed almost a month. Antioch was already quite old, had an extended trade in the whole of Little Asia and even as far as Europe. From there the news about Me came to the western borders of Asia Minor, and to a small king from Lydia by name of Abgarus, who travelled from there to Antioch to get to know Me. He fully accepted My teaching and even let himself baptize, converted at home his people and wrote several letters to Me, which I always answered him; but to follow his heart filled invitation to visit him, I could, because of highly wise reason, not comply with. -

140,7. From this city we moved back to Galilee, visited there still many small places and spots and yielded good results with the new teaching.

140,8. With this trip which can be called quite fruitful, we spend the whole summer and when we arrived back at our innkeeper Matthias in Capernaum, autumn already started and with it the Tabernacle feast was nearing.

140,9. The innkeeper was surprised about the ten new disciples, and in particular the true giant - who measured full nine hand spans, thus nine feet according to present day measurements - he admired respectfully. He could not admire him enough, for he never has seen such giant before; however, the giant was also with words a giant and his truly thundering words had a great effect. In his Roman clothes he looked even more impressive which gave his words a lot of emphasis. He tolerated no disaccord; since firstly he was by now firmly convinced and highly competent regarding My teaching and secondly he learned a lot about the old prophets through the contact with the disciples, and also, especially during recent times, with the so called Jew-Greeks, and as such he knew through his special speaking talent to thunder down every argument and opponent against the divinity of My being, that such lost all courage to engage further with him in a battle of words.

140,10. During the time of My rest of about ten days in the house of our Matthias, many citizens and trade people came out and began to enquire about his state and what he was planning to do.

140,11. He then looked at them very seriously and said: “As a heathen and Roman I will judge you, you wretched and incredulous Jews! Beelzebub must have fathered you, which is why are you so blind and cannot see that He is the sole carrier of the very same spirit who an endless long time ago as the highest spirit has created and consolidated just by His will heaven and this earth and everything that exists, lives, breathes and thinks on and in it.

140,12. We blind heathens have recognized this at the first sign although we did not know anything about it, that His future arrival on this meagre earth was unanimously forecasted several hundred years ago by many prophets, and even the time, the place and many other circumstances were precisely indicated like when, where and how He, the Almighty Himself, will come from His highest heaven as a person down to this earth. Here among us stays the most Sublime! Why don’t you believe this? Because you are children of Beelzebub and never ever any children of God! Leave immediately otherwise you will be crushed by my rage!”

140,13. When he started talking like this, everybody got up and left hastily; for nobody was in the mood to provoke him any further.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-140 Chapter