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Chapter 141 - The failed attack by the chief priest of the synagogue.

141,1. One day the already mentioned synagogue chief priest and his Pharisees and scribes came to Matthias and demanded to talk to Me, because he heard that I and My disciples were once more staying at the inn. He had received from Jerusalem the strictest orders to very precisely enquire about the Nazarene to what was he doing and what was his mission. Yes, he should even take him prisoner and bring him to Jerusalem, dead or alive.

141,2. Said Matthias: “Lord, He stays with me, but I advise you not to attack Him in any way - because then you and all your helpers are lost entirely!”

141,3. Said the chief priest: “You should never forget that his magic is not able to attack the highly consecrated priests!”

141,4. Said Matthias: “Good, - He is in that large room over there with His disciples and is currently busy with His midday meal! Go in and talk to Him yourself!”

141,5. The chief priest then went to the closed door and knocked excessively hard against the door.

141,6. And I said to the giant: “Let him come in and only you speak with him; for he is not worth one word from Me!”

141,7. Here the giant opened the door and thundered towards the chief priest: “Just come in you most wretched goblins and scoundrels! Your nice intentions are known to us for a long time ago and we just have come here to hear them from your dragon’s mouth. Thus just come in you wild night- and marsh beasts, and speak, so that the judgment does have to wait too long to crush you according to merit!”

141,8. This address made on the chief priest and his rogues such impression that they started to tremble and nobody was able to even stammer one word. They regarded the giant as a Roman vice dictator, who - by the emperor equipped with all governmental powers - has come to kill all Jews. When the visitors were standing terrified in front of the open door full of fear, the ones standing at the back showed signs to run away.

141,9. The giant then shouted with his immense thundering voice to the innkeeper: “Lock all doors tightly, so that no one of these human beasts can get away!”

141,10. The giant had hardly finished thundering these instructions to the innkeeper, when it was already way too late for the innkeeper to lock the doors; since these instructions added wings to the feet of the investigators so that they ran away heels over head.

141,11. But the giant jumped after the chief priest and immediately grabbed him at his clothes, lifted him like a feather into the air and asked him what he wanted.

141,12. But the chief priest said trembling and shaking: “Lord, lord, according to instructions from Jerusalem I wanted to speak to the certain prophet, when you, most exceedingly terrible, confronted me the chief of the synagogue so terribly, - and thus I was not able to speak to him!”

141,13. Said the giant: “Wretched rogue, you are also never ever worth to come nearer than ten-thousand steps to this truly God-man, not mentioning speaking to Him! I know everything what the most wretched rogues in Jerusalem and you with your helpers have against this most elated God-man. Woe you, should you ever dare to touch Him with your Beelzebub claws! You then will get to know the big Roman!” - After that he put the chief priest down on the ground again and said to him: “Did this purest and almighty God-man not perform any signs for you, so that you can believe that He is the very same Messiah whom all your prophets have forecasted that He precisely during this time and in this country come to this earth to free the people from everlasting death? Speak, wretched!”

141,14. Said the chief priest: “Of course did he already performed many signs, why all people are running after him and turn their backs on us, the old priests, who are also instated by God and therein lies the reason why the high priests in Jerusalem are after him! We however depend on Jerusalem and must do what Jerusalem prescribes to us.”

141,15. Said the giant: “How is it then that all heathens in the towns along the Euphrates are mainly following Him simply because of His elated teaching and that those who believed in Him, soon were equipped with some pure divine power?! A doctor in Serrhe got the miracle talent to heal many sick by believing in the almighty name of this God-man - and this in an instant -, so that the sick is standing there as if he never was ill. Yes, even dead people are getting a new life and are afterwards so well and healthy like a cheerful gazelle in the high mountains! If this is done by the heathens and they can see it, why not you Jews, from whom it is written that they are the chosen nation of God? But I say it to you in the name of the most elated God-man: You cannot do it since you are from birth on money-bags of Beelzebub and thus the truest enemies of God. And if you try to deny this, then you deserve to be totally eradicated from this earth.”

141,16. When the chief priest heard such from the giant, he started to beg and promised everything good. Thereupon the giant let him go under all kinds of threats and then came back into the house.

141,17. The innkeeper however was very fearful about it because he knew about the great revenge cupidity of the chief priest.

141,18. But the giant said to him: “Be completely without worries and trust the power of Him who awakens the dead, moves mountains and destroys idol pictures by His will! I say to you: hundred legions of such scoundrels I do not fear, not to mention this single one!”

141,19. Said the innkeeper a little calmer: “Yes, yes, you are quite right! I for my person also do not fear him, and I have the biggest trust in the Lord whom I already know from His youth, as well as His parents, since as a tender boy He already achieved things, which are only possible to God; but I’m only a little afraid about you, my most dearest guests, that you here in Capernaum get into trouble by these villains! Since I only know these scoundrels too well!”

141,20. Said the giant: “Just let them come, I alone will finish them off! For these wretched are forever not worth that the Lord, the Holiest since eternity, keep them back with His almighty will and punish them!”

141,21. Thereupon the giant returned to us and told us how he, in his just rage, proceeded with the grasshopper of Babel.

141,22. Said I: “This was alright indeed, and I allowed it that you proceeded with these power-hungry Pharisees in this way, - but also the innkeeper is right: We will not have to wait very long and he will be here with many armed henchmen to bind us and throw us all into jail. What will you do then?”

141,23. Said the giant and with him his not less strong nine brothers: “Lord, just lend us some of Your almighty mercy and we will stop their evil craft for good!”

141,24. Said I: “Now good, try it; but do not take anybodies life!”

141,25. Hereupon everybody emptied his mug and they went outside and positioned themselves along the road, each armed with a real Hercules club. It did not take long and a strong crowd of forty lance-servants and henchmen approached, behind them the commandant, the chief priest and his helpers.

141,26. Here the giant glowed and said to his brothers: “Let them come close up to ten steps, I then will shout to them that they should stop! If they listen, we will talk, - if they don’t, the clubs will be swung!”

141,27. They now came close to ten steps and the giant shouted to them with quite a fear-striking voice: “Halt, or all of you will be dead!”

141,28. Here the Roman soldiers hesitated and stopped.

141,29. Then the giant asked them: “What is it you want and who brought you here?”

141,30. And the soldiers said to the ten, who they regarded as putatively high Romans before them: “Lord, the chief of the synagogue laid charge with the commandant, that evil people-inciters are located here and we have to arrest them and put them out of action!”

141,31. Hereupon the giant thundered: “O this most wretched scoundrel of a chief priest! Wait, you will get to know the king’s son of the Caucasus who now is a Roman! Give way you soldiers, retreat immediately and lay down your lances, otherwise you will be hurt!”

141,32. The soldiers however said: “We can’t do that; because behind us stands the captain who gives us orders.”

141,33. Here the giant quickly ordered five of his brothers to get hold of the chief priest, his helpers and the commandant and he himself will deal with the soldiers.

141,34. All this took place with lightening speed. The soldiers were blown into the sea like by a storm and were struggling to escape drowning by swimming.

141,35. In the mean time the giant grabbed the chief priest, lifted him high up and said: “Wretched scoundrel, is this how you keep your given word?! This time, you habitually liar, will not that easily get away from me! Where are here any people-inciters and country traitors? We are completely calm in the inn and rest here for a few days since we are a little tired from long travels, and these black beasts denounce us as people inciters and country traitors! - Captain, where is the sea the deepest so that I can hurl him there and he certainly finds his end there?”

141,36. Said the captain: “Friend, leave him; since now I know what this is really all about! This dog tried to use me to catch the to me above all dear Saviour from Nazareth! O, if I just could have anticipated this, I would have spoken quite differently to him! But let him go now; I will deal with him further on and show him what it means to initiate a Roman to misuse his official duties through false and made up allegations! But now lead me to the Lord of my life!”

141,37. Hereupon the giant once again shook the chief priest in the air so that he lost his hearing and sight and then put him roughly back on to the ground. The chief priest and his helpers then rushed away and he swore by himself never ever again to undertake anything against Me. Thereupon the ten returned with the captain to Me in the house, after the captain ordered the soldiers, who climbed out of the water, to go home.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-141 Chapter