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Chapter 142 - The Captain recruits the giant and his brothers for Rome. Acts of love are the true merits before God.

142,1. When the captain saw Me, he was in tears and could hardly speak because of joy. He asked Me forgiveness that he could undertake such against Me.

142,2. But I put him at ease and said: “Who does something and does not know about it that he sins, does not have a sin and therefore also not you! However, the chief priest is truly a wretched scoundrel; but from now on he will be resting. Therefore do not undertake any further hostile steps against him!”

142,3. The captain promised this and ate and drank with us, and I Myself explained the origin of the ten, about which he was full of joy. Thereupon the captain conversed with the ten and advised them how they could get through him, through the colonel Cornelius and through the chief governor Cyrenius to Rome, where they would be straight away instated in high posts, to be able to effectuate a lot of good.

142,4. However the ten said: “Noble friend and fellow official of our brother at Samosata! This offer is very praise worthy and nice indeed, but we are now disciples of the most highest Lord and Master and this is a thousand times reason enough, according to which we cannot accept your love-friendly offer at this stage. Yes, once we have completed our life school, perhaps then your well meant offer can still be implemented.”

142,5. The captain was very glad about the open heartedness of the ten and said: “That you are completely right about this, requires no discussion; however, since you are, as I have observed it, already familiar with all main principles of the teaching and precisely know what you have to do, according to my opinion it is time for you to go under the heathens and tell them about the great mercy light of God, which you have experienced. - What do you say to this?”

142,6. Said the giant: “Friend, in that we have no opinion at all; we do what the Lord and Master wants us to do! If we according to your offer want to undertake this what you have recommended to us, we then would rather like to do it for the sake of our orphaned birth place and want to bring to the still very raw and wild inhabitants this teaching of light, of love, of the spirit and of life!”

142,7. Said finally I: “Yes, yes, you are completely right and therefore you can accept the offer of the captain! Since whether you for longer or shorter keep staying at My side, you therefore will not attain more light, love, spirit, strength and life; all this will be given to you by the loyal keeping of My teaching. And if at occasions you require a higher power as witness for the truth of your obtained wisdom from Me, ask Me in your heart about it and it will be given to you what you have asked about turning to Me!

142,8. When I in the near future will have left this earth personally, I then will pour out the holy spirit of all truth over all My loyal disciples and brothers. He will lead and uplift them in all truth, wisdom, power and strength and will unite your souls with the spirit of love out of God from the beyond and thus bring about the rebirth of the spirit in you, without it there can be no true and free, everlasting life, but only a bound and judged life which is, compared to the true, freest life of the spirit, true death.

142,9. Since when a person does not live free out of himself, but only through the almightiness of the divine will like a machine, he is by himself dead and is by no hair’s breadth better off then a stone, a plant or an unreasonable animal. However, who lives and acts strictly according to My teaching, will most certainly obtain, what I not only now here, but have announced and promised already quite often everywhere. Whether someone walks here personally with Me or not, is all the same; to the contrary he will be looked at by God with even more pleasing eyes, when walking with Me only in the spirit, without My personal presence!

142,10. Cornelius and Cyrenius are know Me from birth. They will look after you well and help you wherever possible.”

142,11. With that the ten were content and they accepted the offer of the captain; they only asked Me that they could stay with Me as long I was staying in Capernaum.

142,12. And I said: “This you can do, although it will not be seen as a special merit on behalf of you; since the only merit before Me is, if someone effectuate love according to My teaching. For you impossibly could do any good for Me, since I do not require the service of any human; and who wants to do good to Me, I always can repay him a thousand times and in general nobody can give me something which he did received from Me earlier.

142,13. However, who does out of love for Me to his neighbour something good, has the true reward of a worker on My field before Me and will harvest his reward. For what you do to the poor in My name, I will always look at as if you have done this to Me. Therefore you can leave here today or tomorrow and you will therefore not be any further away from Me than now; however, if you in My name do good to the people of this earth, you will be in the spirit much closer to Me than now.

142,14. My flesh is not My I, but only My spirit is My truest I; however, with My spirit I’m present everywhere and be active continuously through the whole of infinity.

142,15. What My flesh wants on its own, does not take place, but forever only this what My spirit wants. Wherever you will be, I am amid among you and if you be active in My name, I be active with you and in you; and if you speak in My name, it is Me, who creates the thoughts in your heart and put the words on to your tongue.

142,16. Therefore, if you stay active in My teaching, you can impossibly distance yourself from Me; only then you would distance yourself from Me, if you would leave My word and would become pure servants of the world like many. Only, this you will never do, and as such you can leave at every hour My visible personality without the slightest damage to your soul!”

142,17. With this explanation the ten were fully content and also were ready to leave with the captain immediately.

142,18. About that the captain was very glad to have recruited such men for Rome, who as warriors would please the emperor and as loyal followers of My teaching would be able everywhere to convey it manifold to the heathens. The captain thanked Me many times for this and promised Me to effectuate for the giant that he already be send as a captain together with his brothers to the emperor in Rome.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-142 Chapter