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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Prediction of the Lord – Instruction at all times – Churches & Antichrist(s), Volume 6 – Chapter 149-151)

Chapter 149 - A prediction of the Lord on our present time. The necessity of divine revelations.

149,1. Said I: “Friend as it stands now, it will be the same near to 2000 years after us and the beginning for it will start already much earlier! Here the Jewish faith is now much worse then heathendom - since with the heathens reason still counts for something, while trampled on with the feet by the Jews - in those times however, My teaching, thus Christianity, will be much worse than the Jewish faith and heathenism together. There will be a great hardship among the people.

149,2. The light of the true, living faith will extinguish and love will totally cool off. The haughtiness of the well-off people will exceed all boundaries and the rulers and priests will regard themselves as much higher as the Jews their unknown Jehovah and the heathens their Zeus.

149,3. But then I will from time to time awaken men and maidens and give them the right light, and this light will increasingly become greater and mightier and in the end devour all the works of the great whore of Babel. Thus, do not be surprised that it is like now; because quite often already it was worse and one day it still will become worse.

149,4. The world will always stay world; nevertheless, I always will guide those who belong to Me and unleash My judgment over the world when it has become so bad, that next to its activities no spark of the true life light can exist anymore.

149,5. Now it has gotten to such a point that in the whole Jewish country without John and without Me, every spark of the true God recognition would have been suffocated, and it was therefore necessary that I Myself came into this world, to again bring the lost light of life to all people who still have a good will and show them anew the ways to true God recognition. There will of course still be some battles be fought between My children and the children of the world, because the number of Mine on earth will always be smaller than the children of the world; nevertheless in the end Mine will win over all the world and it will not be able to harm them anymore. Even if all matter seems indestructibly hard for you, it finally has to give way before the power of the spirit.

149,6. God alone is Lord over everything and knows it best what, how and why He allows and instructs the one and the other to happen, when to pour out the right light among the people and maintains it in all seriousness among his children, so that nobody can say: ‘If there existed an all wise God, who has created everything which fills endless space, He must have had a lot of insight combined with love, so that He at least reveals and shows that much to his reasonable and thinking creatures, the people, that they could infer from it, that He is the true reason of all things and what man has to expect from Him, and how they have to live that such expectations can be realized at them!’

149,7. If God would never and in no manner reveal Himself to man, man would have the full right, not to believe in any God and every person who says out of himself that nevertheless there exist a God or even more than one invisible gods, to knock him down and say: ‘What does your stupid phantasy God concerns us?! If there is one, he should show himself to us and tell us what he want from us! If he does not do this, he in all truth does not exist anywhere, accept in the lazy imagination of a mad lounger!’

149,8. A of himself fully conscious God as a central point of all wisdom and power, must reasonably consider man as his most perfect creation insofar, that at some stage he must reveal himself and must show them why they are there and what are his further plans with them. However, if this is not the case, and if according to the fullest truth it cannot be proved that he once or more than once has been present, he does not exist, and whoever speaks and writes of the existence of God, deserves to be sharply punished.

149,9. Because it is sufficient that man gifted with all reason and insight and only too clearly conscious of himself, must carry all the most outrages loads of a life which he cannot be blamed for, not to mention that he for nothing and again nothing has to follow hard, all nature opposing laws, prescribed to him by a nowhere existing God; for a God, who cannot reveal himself to the people other than by the tongue of a mad and work-shy fool, or being only a raw, stupid and blind power which only possess that much self-consciousness and reason that it without disgrace of being laughed at, can only dare to reveal itself in all secrecy to a very stupid, all knowledge bare, not-understanding-anything, gullible fool.

149,10. See, every reasonable person would be entitled to draw such conclusions about the Godhead, if the Godhead would never show and reveal itself to man other than by way of the lazy and non-worthy priesthood!

149,11. But lets go back to Adam and we will find many subsequent time periods in which God before thousand times thousand people has revealed Himself in the most unforgettable manner and informed man about His will and His most wise purpose with man; but because man would not be man at all if not allowing him the freest will, man proceeded with the divine word not one hair differently than with the word of a person.

149,12. A small portion still followed for some time the will of God; but the biggest part soon forgot about it completely and finally regarded everything as a futile invention and blather of man and enjoyed the world joys to the fullest and regarded the wise as fools and utopians, who, because of a highly uncertain and unprovable kingdom of heaven in the beyond, tread the true kingdom of this world with their feet.

149,13. Through such views faith in a true God was on the one hand lost altogether, and this even more so, because on the other hand the lazy priesthood through its selfish falsification of the revealed word of God, in time made the sober and ripe thinking people become aware that with such revealed Word of God (as offered by the priests), man was even less satisfied than even the most stupid person on earth could expect. (In the original writings of Lorber there exists some confusion about the composition of the last part of this sentence. Here the understanding of the translator is given.) The teachings were a bundle of highly incomprehensible secrets, which nevertheless were regarded by the blind people as sacred, and who regarded themselves as highly unworthy to understand such high, deep and holiest secrets.

149,14. Or is it differently today? Does not the stupid, blind people go to the temple and worship the scriptures? However, of its contents they know only a little or nothing and also do not have any need, because they are satisfied thereby that this is already understood by the consecrated priest and the common man do not need anything else than what the priest is telling him, and that he does what the priest wants; since the priest surely knows why.

149,15. If this is the way the revealed word and will of God is handled by mankind, it is no wonder that man already one-hundred years after even the biggest revelation of the truth hardly knows and believe more than sleeping children know what they have done during their awakened state?! Nevertheless God never desists from revealing Himself to the people in manifold ways, so that man by just thinking a little about it soon can discover that things did not happen according to natural means.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-149 Chapter