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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Prediction of the Lord – Instruction at all times – Churches & Antichrist(s), Volume 6 – Chapter 149-151)

Chapter 150 - True and false prophets and revelations.

150,1. (The Lord:) “To the biggest part God reveals Himself through the mouth of fully awakened prophets. Such prophets are always recognizable for the awakened person, - firstly by their written and spoken word, secondly by some miracle activity additions, for example that they in an emergency can tell people future occurrences in advance, so that the people can take note of it and better themselves and ask God to stop the announced judgment of happening as it was the case with Ninive. Thirdly such real awakened prophets by the will of God can also heal the sick through their prayers and by laying on of their hands, if the healing promotes the soul salvation of the sick. And fourthly they are also able, combined with the will of God, to bring a judgment over incorrigible mankind, and on the contrary also bless a nation.

150,2. Through such and several other properties they are properly marked as real prophets awakened by God and can be easily distinguished from false prophets, especially easy thereby that they as true prophets are always full of humility and love for their neighbour, while the false prophets walk in all kinds of decorated and by other things marked clothes, are full of haughtiness and full of the most outrages selfishness, only be visible at certain holy places, speak very little, and this very stupid and senseless, and at certain times perform false miracles by of course means kept very secret - and woe him who tried to copy them! -, while the real prophet does not keep his true miracles a secret, but on top encourages people that they in the same true and good manner also can perform the same miracles.

150,3. Since thereby the true prophets can easily be distinguished from the false and every sober person can recognize from this that there in all seriousness exist true and false prophets - where the latter never would have existed if the true prophets would not have been there first -, the people also can easily infer from that, that a true God exists, who never will let the people walking around on earth as complete orphans, but also make His will known to them and reveals His great and wise purpose to them.

150,4. This type of revelation is for man who wants to take note of it, the most salutary, because thereby they are not coerced in any extraordinary manner. By the only seldom occurring large revelations, the people yield for their souls much less, because such revelations are more of a judgment for degenerated mankind than it is any salvation for them.

150,5. When Adam was sinning before God in Paradise, by not accepting the well recognized will of God with his free will, he soon experienced a great revelation by God and regretted his sin; however, this large revelation was a judgment for him.

150,6. Afterwards several large revelations of God were given to the degenerated children of the world who lived in the lowlands; however, this always was a judgment for the children of the world. (See the “Household of God”, 3 volumes by J Lorber)

150,7. During the times of Noah, again a large revelation came to man; but it was a very large judgment for mankind.

150,8. In the times of Abraham again a large revelation occurred, namely because of the terribly degenerated inhabitants of Sodom, Gomorra and the ten smaller towns surrounding these two big cities. It again was a judgment for the people; the Dead Sea is still today a speaking testimony of it.

150,9. Father Jacob again had a large revelation from God; however his children had to suffer for it in Egypt.

150,10. During the times of Moses there was an exceedingly large revelation of God and the thundering words of God to the people had to be engraved in stone boards. However, what terrible judgment was this revelation of God, especially for the Egyptians becoming too blind, too haughty and too inhuman, whose magnificence was thereby completely broken; but also the Israelites were not overlooked.

150,11. When the Israelites left the desert under Josua, again a great revelation of God took place, and the big Jericho disappeared from the earth.

150,12. The same occurred at the times of Samuel and Elijah and also during the times of the other large prophets; and look it up the judgments which followed! Even the smaller prophets were not send into this world without judgments.

150,13. But now the biggest and most direct revelation of God to the people occurs before your eyes; however the subsequent exceedingly large judgment for the Jews will not have to wait for very long.

150,14. From now on for nearly 2000 years countless many seers and prophets will be awaken, while at the same time even a bigger number of false prophets and even highly haughty, power-hungry and all love bare false Christs will rise. But also the judgments will continue and there will seldom be a ruler who because of his darkness will not together with his people, have to endure a severe judgment.

150,15. Towards the end of the indicated period, I will awaken even bigger prophets and with them also the judgments will increase and become more widespread. There will occur great earthquakes and very destructible storms of elements, large price increases, wars, famine, pestilence and many other disasters, and as I have already remarked earlier, faith will - accept for a very few - not be among the people, and will be frozen in the ice of the people’s haughtiness, and one nation will attack the other.

150,16. The people will be warned through seers and special signs in the sky, of which only a few of Mine will take note of, while the world-people will only regard this as effects of nature and spit on those who still believe in Me.

150,17. Thereupon the greatest revelation through My repeated return to this earth will take place; but this revelation will already be preempted by the greatest and sharpest judgment and be followed by a general thinning of the world-people through fire and its projectiles, so that I Myself can establish a completely different plant-school for true people on this earth, which then will last until the end of times of this earth.

150,18. I now say this to you in advance, that you certainly should not be of the opinion, that after Me it will be perfect like in My heavens. Yes, very few will be equal to My angels, - but many even a lot worse than are the people during these our times.

150,19. Despite all this you should not become annoyed about this; because I already have told many times, that man without his free will, is not man at all, but only a human like animal.

150,20. In the best case one could train such people like animals for a certain activity, but never place them on the level, that they recognize that such work for the true person and for the animal people are good and useful, so that they then decide for themselves to perform such useful work at the right time.

150,21. Man who sins against the law, thereby also shows that he is a free man, just like the one who follows the law voluntarily. Therefore you should not judge and condemn any person, but only teach him with all patience and gentleness and show the lost the right way. If he wants to walk on it, it is indeed good for him; however, if he does not want to do it, you therefore should not coerce him in any way, but in the worst case ban him from a better and purer society, - since a coerced believing person is ten times worse than a open unbeliever and apostate.

150,22. Look at the Pharisees! They are all coerced believers for pretence; however in themselves they do not believe anything and do whatever they have a desire for.

150,23. Therefore be careful if you in My name choose successors for you, that you firstly under no circumstances force someone and secondly do not accept someone, where you can see it already from a distance that he wants to step into your office only for a temporary interest.

150,24. You will take care of such indeed; however, nonetheless countless will take your office, partially through outer compulsion and partly through the prospect to find a good and carefree life in your office. However, all these will be counted by Me to the regiment of the anti-Christ, and their works will cause a disgusting smell and look like a stinking cadaver before God.

150,25. Verily, I say to you: all your successors who are not prepared by Me, but trained only by people in certain world-schools to follow your office, will not be looked at by Me; since only the anti-Christ will qualify his disciples in this way.

150,26. Those whom you will lay on your hands and baptize them in My name, will be filled with My spirit; it is them whom I Myself at all times will chose as your successors and will confirm them by the true granting of My spirit.

150,27. However, during later times there will be only a few, because the anti-Christ will expand his regiment too much; but when he thinks to be the highest in the world, he will be brought down forever! Have you understood this well and clear?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-150 Chapter