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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Prediction of the Lord – Instruction at all times – Churches & Antichrist(s), Volume 6 – Chapter 149-151)

Chapter 151 - The marks of the anti-Christians.

151,1. Said thereupon Johannes as My favourite: “Lord, then it is hardly worthwhile the trouble to make such efforts for the sake of the silly people! Since when Your most brightest life light given to the people only too soon darkens again through the always victorious efforts of Satan, then he should take the people as they are now, thus completely ripe for his hellish kingdom. Why should these people first be endowed with Your life light?! Truly, if this will be the fruits of Your divine teaching, it means - if one wanted to teach the world-people Your teaching - to throw Your life pearls to all the pigs of the world as common grub! One should not give to them the noble stuff, hence they will not be able to spoil and impurify it!”

151,2. Said I: “Yes, My friend, for the sake of those people who do not believe in it what they might hear about My teaching and falsify it for worldly profit, the teaching of life from Me is not given; since for the soul of such people and their possible and further development I still have endless many and large school houses in the whole of infinity.

151,3. Only for the true children on this earth I give this teaching and they are also included in the true redemption from everlasting death. However, they also will always maintain this teaching as purified and will never be subject to world deception, but they will diamond hard stick to the everlasting life truths.

151,4. What do we care about all the worldly people? The opportunity is given to them to also step into the rows of the children of God. If they want to do this seriously, they should not be hindered to do so, - and if they don’t, they should do what they want and you have not to worry about them any longer!

151,5. See, this is the way things stand! For I have not come to free the world from its old judgment fetters, but only to free My children from the world and its judgment. And what and how I do it now, subsequently you and your successors will do it likewise.

151,6. And what on this earth must be solved according to My order, you also will have to solve, and what you will solve, will also be solved immediately with Me in heaven; however, what cannot be solved, leave it bound, or if someone does not want to observe it, leave him in his fetters and bind him, so that you are not bothered by the bound, - and verily I say to you, he will also be bound in heaven by Me and for a very long time remain a slave of his dark world will! - See, this is how things are!”

151,7. Said Johannes further: “But how will we recognize such dark anti-Christs? Because this I can see quite clearly now, that Your teaching will be taken up by many, especially by the magicians, who will beautify their magic by it. Oh, just tell us also the distinguishing signs, so that we can recognize them quickly and immediately start to fight them!”

151,8. Said I: “You will easily recognize them in their works! Since no grapes grow on thorns and no figs on thistles. Who gives something and wants to take more in return, is truly not My disciple! Since see, I give everything for those who are Mine, finally even the life of this My body, and in return take form no one a sacrifice of this world, but only want that a person must love Me above all, so that I can give him even endlessly more and greater things. {Mt.07,16; lk.06,44b; Gal.05,19-22; jak.03,12; 1 tim.05,24 .25;}

151,9. Do you think the anti-Christ will do the same? Oh, certainly not! He will give his followers dreadfully little - like perhaps nothing else than empty, fictitious promises of the great beyond -, but in return will ask for large offers, like done now by the clerics, who are getting paid for their several feet long prayers; however, these prayers are of no use to anyone, not for this world nor the beyond! And see, exactly the same the anti-Christ will do and the Mine will recognize him and his disciples and followers quite easily by these trifle and hollow fruits!

151,10. What are the Pharisees doing presently with the sinners of all kind and types? See, they take a sin offer, either as money or also in other kind of rich offers and thereupon give the sinners a free pass for the already committed sins and also for those sins which a person, of which there are plenty, especially in the rich world, contemplates to commit in future and tell the people: ‘It is better for you to sacrifice, if you cannot keep the heavy law!’ And in this way the clerics lift the laws of God and instead promulgate their selfish worldly rules, for their sole purpose is a good life at the expense of poor, blind mankind.

151,11. See, the anti-Christ will do it precisely in the way and also all his disciples and you will recognize him by this even more easily! And if his disciples in all the world will shout with open mouths: ‘Look, here is the true Christ!’ or ‘There he is!’ {compare with Mt.24,23 mk.13,21}, such will not believed by any of the Mine! However, leave the true children of the world and do not call them, so that you have peace from the dragon and its followers; because for some time he will appropriate large powers to himself and will treat his enemies quite badly! But by this, he will prepare his own judgment and downfall.

151,12. During that time I will allow the people to make great inventions, which, like glowing arrows, will penetrate the dark chambers of the dragon and will immensely destroy his wretched deceiving arts and his false wonder works, and he will be standing naked even in front of his most fiercest followers, who will soon turn away from him in large crowds.

151,13. Therefore you should not worry what will become in time of this My teaching; since I alone knows about all the things which have to take place in this world and what must be allowed, so that one day it also will become life bright in the blind world!

151,14. However, it will not happen as quick as you think; since I alone know the life elements in this earth and also knows best, what it takes to lead them in time to a higher life light. Therefore do not ask any further and be of a cheerful courage!

151,15. See, there are still waiting quite peculiar wretched events for Me in this world, which will actually not have to wait very long! But because of it, you will not have noticed any sadness in Me. Let there come as it want to be. I alone am the Lord! Beyond My wisdom and beyond My will nothing can happen. What happens and what still is going to happen, is calculated and directed from above and has its deepest holy reason; however, who is with Me in the heart and in love and in the will, the very worst world can not harm him in any way. However, who is one with Me only in wisdom, will have to endure many and evil battles in the world; since the world will in its material reason never recognize, that its apparent something, is actually nothing before the spirit. - Be content with this and have a totally cheerful disposition with Me!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-151 Chapter