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Chapter 153 - The Lord's prediction on the judgment of the Jews. The ephemeral nature of matter.

153,1. (The Lord:) “The Jews of Jerusalem require a totally different treatment as the Galileans or the Samaritans or even the heathens, and in turn they completely differ according to their countries and societies.

153,2. Everywhere it is important to know on which ground they are standing naturally and morally. If one has studied this, only then one can determine the ways, on which one can get closer to these people in a productive manner and win them over for the truth and for the light of life. Therefore we would produce quite bad effect here in Jerusalem, if we wanted to convert these people to the light by the means used in Chotinodora, Malaves, Samosata, Serrhe and the like.

153,3. The heathens are anyway stuck in dark judgment up to their ears. If I perform a great miracle there to break their old superstition and their old judgment into a new judgment, it does not harm them, because they are freed from their old and hard judgment by a soft judgment and can move freely in their new judgment through their believe in God and through their love for Him. However, if I here in Jerusalem - especially in present times - do the same as at the Euphrates, quite a few Jews would languish and die because of fright and fear and we would not have left too many people to whom we could bring the gospel. Those staying alive, would flee from us and the priests would howl, curse and shout: “See, now Beelzebub has destroyed the work of Jehovah! Woe us! Jehovah has left His people and given us to the devil!”

153,4. I have done before their eyes only something small, - and they already scream that I am a Sabbath desecrator and a denier of God and effectuate My works with the help of Beelzebub! What would they say and then do, if I in one moment would destroy the temple with everything in it?! Oh, if I would do this now, you would experience horror on horror and finally flee yourself. However, since it is written that salvation will commence from Jerusalem {compare jes.02,03 Jn.04,22}, we must here only effectuate through words and in the end rather suffer bodily death ourselves, than to show this nation any supernatural powers, by which it would physically and spiritually infallibly be destroyed.

153,5. Yes, I say to you: This city and the temple will in not longer than fifty years be destroyed to such an extend, that one will not know where the temple was standing; but this will take place by the external power of the Romans. It will be a mighty punishment by God and the Jews will be expelled in all the world and will never be a nation again, and will be despised by all the world and miserably earn their bread among the heathens. This land will forever be taken away from them and be converted by the heathens into a desert!

153,6. However, this great, infallibly coming disaster will nevertheless not destroy the soul of these people, as it would be destroyed if I would now clear away the temple for them; since the other they will ascribe to the cruelty of the Romans and many will convert to God again. But today’s judgment would completely block their way to God; because they would interpret this as a most obvious and unconciliatory judgment of Jehovah and firmly regard it as such, and that thereby He had given them to recognize His most extreme and unconciliatory rage, that He before their eyes - and on top of it on a highly regarded feast day! - allowed Beelzebub to clear away the temple together with the sanctum and thereby handing them over to him.

153,7. If the poor people would not be involved, truly we would not worry too much about the priests, if we at least cleared away the loose contents of the temple; but for sake of the poor people, who still cling a lot to the temple because they still believe in the presence of the spirit of God therein, we cannot and will not effectuate any destruction.

153,8. However, this My body as temple of the true spirit of God will be torn down and by Myself be rebuild within three days. And this will be a worse testimony against them and a worse judgment over them who now operate in the temple at will, than Me clearing away from a thousand such temples. Since what will happen to this My temple, will arm all the believing people against the malefactors in the temple. They will abandon them and find support with the Romans. This will enrage the rich priests against the Romans to the highest degree. The priest will secretly hire mercenaries from all countries to expel the Romans from the land. And see, this will be the end for them! Therefore do not think about it any further; because everything will happen as I have shown you now in advance!

153,9. Verily, I say to you: This earth and this now visible starry-worlds-sky will one day also pass, - but My words and he who has them alive in himself, forever not! Since nobody uses a tool longer as it is useful to him; once it has been used up to the edge, it will be thrown away and he obtains a new one. And see, I do exactly the same!

153,10. If somebody has an already old tube which for many years carried the spiritual wine, will he keep it any longer if it has become crumbly and porous? O no, he will put the old tube aside and instead obtain a new one. See, the same I also do, - just like with an old and rotten tree and also with an old and rotten world. Since, once all of My thoughts and ideas laid down in a world, have gone over in a free, independent, pure spiritual life, then an earth like this is nothing more than an empty shell which cannot carry and ripen any new, strong life anymore. Then the empty shell will be dissolved and a new earth filled with new life germs will take its place. Everything in space and time gets old, becomes weak and dies and passes; only the pure thinking and creating spirit remains forever.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-153 Chapter