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Chapter 156 - The imminent lunar eclipse.

156,1. (The Lord:) “See, the sun has already gone down, the firmament is clear and already a few stars can be seen; there in the East the full moon is just busy rising above the somewhat hazy horizon. Today, within two hours a lunar darkening will occur through the very natural shadow of this earth, which will be positioned between the sun and the moon. This will result in a major hullabaloo with the inhabitants of Jerusalem and namely the stupid Pharisees, for this time the moon will disappear completely for half an hour. There will be howling and large offers will be placed in the chest of God; however we will look at this little play of nature with quiet eyes and enjoy it.

156,2. By the way, this very natural phenomena will act quite favourably in our present effectuation; since the priests and the people regard this kind of phenomena as an indication of God’s rage, and the people believing in Me will loudly accuse the priests, that they wanted to arrest Me today and the priest will have a difficult stand. But then the priests will excuse themselves and lay it in front of the door of the to them above all odious Essenes and will begin to curse and condemn them. In the meantime the moon will reappear again and the priests will say to the people with great pathos: “See, you exceedingly blind and stupid people, since we have judged our worst enemies with the perfect power which only we received from God, the rage of God has subsided and we can breath freely again and out of great thanks place rich offers in His chest!”

156,3. Thereupon at night immediately another sacrificial walk to the chest will be arranged, and the blind and stupid people will sacrifice with everything they can. But many of My followers will not seriously participate with the sacrificial walk and many present Essenes will dare the Pharisees and will hold a counter sermon about the lunar darkness, which will be quite rare; since the Essenes know the reason for the lunar darkness quite well and have calculated this one and still others in advance, which they will explain to the priests and the people.

156,4. The people then will ask the priests sharp questions and many will demand the return of their sacrifices from the priests; but the priests will tell them that the offers will be used for this and that charitable purpose. This will appease some people, however enrage others even more, so that a real tumult will occur in the temple and also outside the temple and the Roman guard will intervene and with great seriousness bring calm again. See, all this will be effectuated this night by a completely natural lunar darkening; however, this will not disturb us in the slightest way. Some will flee before the seriousness of the Romans up to here; but we do not have to fear them. - Now, how do you like that?”

156,5. Say all: “O Lord, quite exceptionally well; only the evil priests are getting off too lightly thereby! For them a stoning, at least from the side of the Essenes would be quite in order!”

156,6. Said I: “O, in that you are quite mistaken! The stoning with words by the Essenes is way much better and effective; since they very clearly explain to the people the naturalness of this appearance, and the people are then all over the priests and in future completely discontinue their believe in them and swear to never again go to the temple for their sake. And see, this is for the clerics worse than be served with stone throws!”

156,7. Said Lazarus: “Lord, since the lunar darkness is not appearing soon, we could still consume the evening meal in the meantime!”

156,8. Said I: “Dear brother, we only have risen from the tables an hour ago and it would be sheer wantonness to take the evening meal right now. Let the whole appearance pass which in all will last for three hours, - we then can strengthening ourselves!”

156,9. With that Lazarus was quite content and said to the two sisters that they should not worry about the preparation of an evening meal but later prepare a proper night meal. Thereupon Lazarus asked Me what the moon was really all about.

156,10. Said I: “Dear brother, see, this My disciples know quite well and I Myself have already once during a secret conversation between only us - also indicated to you what the sun, the stars and the moon are; but it appears that you have not understood the matter quite properly. However, this does not matter! Afterwards I will open your inner sight and you then will be able to observe the moon in the same manner as you can observe the surrounding of this earth, and this will be better than Me explaining this to you with many thousand words.”

156,11. With that all were content and thanked Me already in advance.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-156 Chapter