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Chapter 158 - The aftermath of the lunar eclipse. Reincarnation and gifts of the spirit.

158,1. In the room we sat at the large table as we used to and Lazarus ordered wine and bread since there was nothing else prepared. Martha nevertheless wanted to go to the kitchen to prepare something better at least for Me.

158,2. But I said to her: “Leave it, My sister, bread and wine is anyway the best food for the human body! If you make a fire now, some fugitives from Jerusalem might notice this and come here, - which would not be pleasing for Me and neither for you. Therefore leave what is not necessary! Tomorrow there will be a better opportunity.”

158,3. Martha then let go of her zeal and we ate and drank.

158,4. When we have given the necessary strengthening to the body, a few servants of Lazarus came to us into the room and told us that outside the walls surrounding Bethania, a lot of people gathered and telling each other that during the lunar darkening in Jerusalem a real and bad tumult erupted, so that finally the Romans with weapons in hand had to restore peace otherwise the whole thing could have turned for the worst.

158,5. Many of the pilgrims just fled. Those who fled to here, tried to enter; however they were not able to, since we already locked all the gates firmly with sunset. Some asked if the Prophet from Galilee was here. Thereupon others said: ‘O, he is too clever and surely have smelled trouble brewing already this morning and thus left at the right time!’ - Lord of the house, what should we do with these people? Should we allow them to enter or not?”

158,6. Said I instead of Lazarus: “Just leave them outside; they are not any longer pursued! Tomorrow the whole thing has blown over and the feast will continue without any further disturbance.”

158,7. The servants then left again and kept guard with the other servants so that nobody could enter the large courtyard by perhaps climbing over the wall.

158,8. I drew their attention to the effect of the lunar darkening in Jerusalem which I already explained on the hill, and they were amazed that I could have known all this in such detail what effect the phenomena could produce, without being in Jerusalem Myself.

158,9. And I said to them: “How can you be so amazed about it? See, this could also another clever and wise person tell you in advance just like Me, if he out of his vast experience knew, how the greedy clerics behave during such events, and how they understand to utilize such nature phenomena for their own advantage! To see something coming like this is really not such a big deal; however, to determine when such phenomena takes place without calculations, is of greater significance, although the Essenes can also quite accurately determine such in advance by calculations and always have made such their secret calculations useful to them.

158,10. The later successors will be able to determine such phenomena much more accurately by calculations only and will not be in the least omniscient, and therefore there is not really too much to it as you might think.

158,11. But there is much to it to test the thoughts of a person in his heart! Who can do this, is like God omniscient and omni-seeing and omni-feeling. Who live according to My teaching and thereby attain the rebirth of the spirit in their souls, will also be able to do this; however, those who will not be able to do this, will also never be able to achieve anything really spiritually.

158,12. The body of a person forever does not know what is hidden in a person; for he does not have an eye to see such what is inside him. The spirit however, who is inside a person, is the only one who sees and knows everything what is inside a person. Therefor everyone should endeavour to attain the true rebirth of the spirit; since without it nobody can enter the kingdom of God.

158,13. However, before I have ascended, nobody will be able to attain the perfect rebirth of the spirit in his soul, - but after My ascension, everyone who will believe in Me and live according to My teaching.”

158,14. And the disciples said: “Lord, when will this happen?”

158,15. Said I: “This you will soon experience and see with your own eyes. More you do not need to know beforehand. Rather think about of everything that we still have to accomplish before this happens, and that I still have to suffer a lot, so that from all judgment in which all mankind is still stuck, the sting of death is removed! - However, let us rest now so that tomorrow we can do our work with all strength again; for a sleepy person is never suitable for the work of the spirit.”

158,16. Thereupon we retired and were fast asleep till bright morning.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-158 Chapter