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Chapter 159 - The experiences of the disciples at the feast in Jerusalem.

159,1. When we woke up - which this time round occurred a good hour later than usual -, the morning meal was already prepared and set on the table. We immediately sat at the table and cheerfully consumed the well prepared morning meal. After the morning meal the disciples asked Me what I wanted to do on this day.

159,2. But I said: “This day I will turn into a holiday for Me and thus will not do much. However, you can go up to the feast and have a look at everything that takes place and everything that will be talked about! And when you return at noon, you can tell what the people are talking about Me; for today I want to be present at the feast with My spiritual eyes and ears, since today a real heathen feast will take place. However, who wants to stay here, can stay and do not think about the stupid feast!”

159,3. Thereupon some disciples got up and with slow steps went up to the feast; however, Peter, John, Jacob, Andrew, Simon and Matthew and the Jew-Greeks stayed with Me, - since the latter were not in the mood to be recognized by anyone in their Jew-Greek dresses.

159,4. When the several disciples arrived at the feast, they soon were recognized by some Jews who surrounded them and asked with harsh words: “Are you not Galileans and disciples of the carpenter from Nazareth? Where is he so that we can talk to him ourselves?”

159,5. The disciples however did not gave the Jews any answer to such their questions. The Jews then penetrated even deeper into them.

159,6. This annoyed Nathanael and he said to the obtrusive: “Why are you asking this? Go and look for Him yourself! We are pilgrims here just as you are and you have no reason to bother us. If however you want to continue to trouble us we will know how to get rid of you by the Romans.”

159,7. Hereupon the Jews grumbled and let the disciples go; thereafter the disciples walked around the forecourts of the temple.

159,8. Here and there a lot has been said about Me and many Jews who believed in Me, were looking for Me and asked others if someone has seen Me somewhere. However, nobody knew where I have gone.

159,9. And some said: “He has spoken quite right yesterday when he said: ‘You will look for me and still not find me! And where I will be, you can not get there!”

159,10. There were several however, who said that I have been a swindler and a skilled magician. Others said that I clearly was a prophet since I perform deeds which no magician can do. Again others said that I was only a very devout person. Others stated and said that I was possessed by some powerful spirit of the underworld, who performs his miracles through Me and thereby deceive the people. However, nobody alleged and believed that I was Christ.

159,11. The feast however appeared to the disciples extremely desolated and deserted and therefore they soon came back. When arriving again in Bethania, they were asked what was going on at the feast. And they told everything in great detail what had happened to them and what they have seen and heard. Upon this Lazarus, the other disciples and the Jew-Greeks were annoyed that the people were so very obdurate.

159,12. And Lazarus said: “No, this is really most inconceivable to me that especially this nation must be so obdurate! What signs have not been performed and what teachings have not been given, - and everything in vain! No, no, this is too much! Someone like You, o Lord, who does nothing than continuously render the greatest benefaction to the people and to my knowledge has never taken only just one single stater from anybody, but instead has made so many poor exceedingly happy and immediately has compensated everyone a thousandfold who showed Him friendship, is regarded by them a swindler! O Lord, just give me for some moments Your omnipotence, and this place will be cleaned from all its old refuse in a moment! O you despaired humanity! No, they do not need fifty years until they are ripe for a most sharpest judgment; they are already now overripe!”

159,13. Said I: “My dear brother, do not get worked up by that and think that I Myself see this best of all why such insane behaviour is allowed to them! Still, we will not judge them, but only the very understandable word which I have spoken to them in vain already so often, will judge them. But it is good that also you heard what most of the people are thinking about Me. Tomorrow, on the nicest feast day, I again will teach in the temple and show them to the last detail whose spirit’s child they are, and what they have to expect as such. - Therefore let us leave it at that and keep us busy with something better!”

159,14. Said Lazarus: “Yes, Lord, this will be best! But what is their that we could do right now? The midday meal will only be ready within an hour.”

159,15. Said I: “O, do not worry about this, - that I will determine and organize!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-159 Chapter