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Chapter 160 - The seven watchdogs of Lazarus. The star worlds as schoolhouses for spirits.

160,1. (The Lord:) “See, when Noah according to the decision of God build the Ark, he was mocked and laughed at by the very worldly neighbours and it was said: “There, look at the old dreaming fool! High on the mountains here, far away from any sea, he is building a water box, because he is of the opinion that God will allow such waters to come, and drive its waves even over such high mountains, and he will climb into it and safe himself from drowning!”

160,2. Such speeches and even worse Noah had to endure; yes, even his brother Mahal laughed at him and went with his daughters to the deep of Hanoch. The neighbours wanted to tire Noah’s building zeal, by destroying at night what he had build during the day. He then asked God for a remedy from this plague. And see, God send him a great number of large and aggressive dogs, and who dared to come too close at night to the building site, was torn to pieces by the dogs and Noah had a lot of time to build the Ark.

160,3. See, you have hired to a considerable expense Roman soldiers to guard your houses! There I can provide for you quite different guards; they will cost only a little and cannot be bribed by nobody! They will recognize your enemies instinctively and chase them away far beyond your property borders with a terrible howling; but they will also recognize the true friends of your house and will not chase them away, however let them pass unflustered.”

160,4. Said Lazarus: “O Lord, provide for me such guards very soon; certainly they will have no shortages in anything with me!”

160,5. Said I: “Now, let us go a little into the open and the guards will be there immediately!”

160,6. We now went into the large courtyard and straight away seven large dogs came to us, barked strongly and then affectionately were around us. All had the size of a two year old ox and had strong teeth and brown straggly hair.

160,7. Lazarus was very glad about this and asked Me what would be the right hut for these animals. And in one moment, just by the power of My will, I provided for him such at the most suitable place, which left Lazarus in the highest astonishment; however the disciples explained to him, how I have provided very large dwelling houses for people.

160,8. And Lazarus said: “All this is done by the Lord and the wretched people up there still don’t believe in Him and on top of it say that He is a swindler! O, were is the goal of evil of mankind and the end of their malice?!”

160,9. But I said to him: “Leave all that! Time is everlasting and space is infinite; there can happen many things and each deed finds its place. Last night, during the lunar darkness, you saw countless many stars, and it was nearly not the ten-thousandth part of the stars, which flaunt in the vicinity of visibility before your eyes. But I tell you, that all these still visible stars do not even comprise the remotest part of multiplicity of those stars, which have never been seen, not even by the sharpest eyes of a High Indian Burmese, and still some of those High Indian sharp seers have such good eyes, that they quite comfortably can see the mountains and holes on the moon. And see, all these infinite many worlds are schoolhouses for all kinds of spirits, and from this you can infer, why it says in the scriptures that God’s decisions are unfathomably and His ways are inscrutable! Therefore be unconcerned about everything which apparently occurs still so counter-reasonable; for only God knows everything and knows the spirits and the ways on which He allows them to pursue their goal!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-160 Chapter