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Chapter 166 - The nature of meteors and comets.

166,1. We now went back to the house and when we still had thirty steps to go, a large fire meteor occurred, coming from the north, flying directly above us towards the south, and this with such speed that it hardly required a few moments to cover the total distance of at least four-hundred hours.

166,2. Said Lazarus, who was at such phenomena still a little superstitious, with some excitement to Me: “Lord, this signifies nothing good!”

166,3. Said I: “Why then? How should such indicate something bad?”

166,4. Said Lazarus: “An old legend explain such phenomena as follows: When anywhere on this earth a great evil person dies, seven of the worst devils seize his soul and pull it through the air. Because of fright, fear and pain she let go of everything underneath her, and since she already belongs to the lowest hell, everything is fire what she in fear leaves behind. Such devilish and infernal refuse however, pollutes the air and where it partly falls onto the ground, one accident occurs after another, and it requires many sacrifices and prayers to purify such place from its evils. - This is what the old legend says. I certainly do not take it for the absolute truth; but there is still something about it that the things one has, so to speak, sucked in with the mother’s milk, one cannot rid oneself that easily. There is always some kind of believe left behind, which renews every time when otherwise completely incomprehensible appearances occur, and fills the soul with fear and fright. - You, o Lord, can tell me if there is any truth to it!”

166,5. Said I: “There is not a smallest spark of truth about this old legend; however, the appearance itself, as something quite natural, must be true, because otherwise it could never occur. However, what this appearance is in itself, I will show you right now practically. Thus pay attention!

166,6. See, there is a stone! If someone with an extraordinary strength would be able to hurl it with such power through the air that it in one moment reaches the distance of one-hundred hours, it would glow like molten metal caused by the great friction with the air layers. But also the air being cut by the stone, would start to glow and leave a glowing looking stripe behind the thrown rock, which however would soon cool off and thus disappear, - precisely as you have seen it occurring with the meteor flying just above us. Such stripe is then not some refuse of a soul in the claws of any devils, but only the glowing air caused by the extremely quick flying rock. So that you understand this even better, I now take this rock and will drive it around the air with high speed by My will and then bring it back here, whereby you will rid yourself completely from your old child believe.”

166,7. Here I lifted the by ten pounds heavy rock and guided it with the speed of lightening for a few seconds in a wide circle through the air, where it shone even more than the earlier quite natural meteor, and when it fell to the ground in front of us, it was still glowing like molten metal and spread a great nearly unbearable heat; and when wood being placed above it, it immediately began to burn very brightly. About this Lazarus was very surprised.

166,8. And I said to him in a very leisurely voice: “See, brother, there you have the villain’s soul carried by the seven arch devils! Within a few hours it will have cooled off completely.

166,9. However, did your inner never told you that at all times the priesthood understood it to exploit all unusual natural phenomena for its own use?! The lunar and sun eclipses, the comets, great storms and great, fiery appearances in the air and still other rare phenomena they declare as extraordinary, evil signs of the heavens and soon order great prayers and sacrifices. This was already taught to the children, and when such a phenomena occurred, the frightened people immediately ran to the priests and they immediately prescribed what was most useful to themselves. - Now, brother, I ask you, if you still not recognize this sting!

166,10. Said Lazarus: “Yes, now I recognize it quite well; but earlier this was not possible for me. These priests are truly some characters who are anointed with all balms of the devil! Now, I thank You, o Lord, for this explanation; only now I am fully in the clear what I have to expect from these black peoples deceivers. - However, the comets should in all seriousness be signs for wars?”

166,11. Said I: “They are - and they are not! They are because the people believe it, and therefore the angels are choosing such quite innocent sign, to indicate to unrestrained people the admission of a judgment. If the people start to believe again and are doing atonement, no war will follow the comet; however, if they do not better themselves, war will come, which at all times was the forerunner of subsequent greater evils than war itself.

166,12. Actually, comets are nothing else than growing earths, which in time develop according to the divine plan to what they should become, - and then they are no forerunners for wars.

166,13. You think now of course that God can also create a world in one moment. O yes, He could do that; but then there would be no order in God and also not in any creature going forth so suddenly. God created the world out of His order, and there one thing originates after the other, and thereby a perfect unity of the countless many divine thoughts and ideas are forming.

166,14. Such a comet is then also a growing great judgment for a certain type of spirits. In time they must seize each other increasingly intimately, so that finally in space and time a colourful material mass is formed. This forming of the visible, firm mass we call the wrapping of spiritual potencies, and this wrapping is the actual judgment, from which then after long periods of time the spirits captured in judgment, can attain their independent life freedom. And since the comets are growing judgments, also their effect, when coming too close to a long ago completed earth, is of such nature or is used by the angels of God for an old earth, to awaken a judgment on it, namely to excite people against people, - of course only then if it is necessary, this means if the people start to forget about God and regard themselves as Gods. - Now you also know what to think about the comets and we can leave this place. Or do you still want to ask something?”

166,15. Says Lazarus: “Lord, only two small things; for I already know through Your goodness this, what I know, I want to know a few little things additionally, so that my knowledge is not too much of a patchwork! The two small things however are as follows: Firstly I would like to know from where the natural meteorites are originating and who hurls them with such extensive fierceness into the air and secondly I would like to know from You to where the comets are disappearing in the sky after becoming invisible.”

166,16. Said I: “Regarding the meteorites, they have a twofold origin. They are either ejections of the sun; for the sun is a thousand times thousand bigger earth than this earth on which we are standing. From time to time in the same relation bigger and more violent eruptions occur on its surface than on this earth. During such eruptions a large number loose, greater and smaller, harder and also softer masses are hurled with such for you unimaginable power into wide space, of which some always get close to this earth. And as soon as they are getting a little in contact with the region of air of this earth, they start to glow and become visible as flying stars. And if they hit too deep into the denser air mass of the earth, their speed is restrained and as heavy bodies are attracted by this earth and fall quite naturally on to the ground of this earth, either on a dry or on a wet surface which is considerable bigger.

166,17. This is then the one and more frequent way of appearing meteorites on this earth. Another and rarer way of meteors, as there was the earlier one, originates from this earth itself. In the large mountain ranges of this earth there also exists such mountains which are connected to the innermost earth by certain large organs and are fed by them with such food which in time gets into violent fermentation and filling the large, hollow spaces with such types of air which can easily ignite if pressured too much. When the act of inner ignition has proceeded, the burning types of air are destroying the lesser firm parts of the mountain, break as brightly lit fire masses through and shear off the more loose lumps and hurl such - like the one we have seen earlier - with an immense suitable power either straight up or sometimes also into another direction slantwise over the earth, often several hours away from the place of origin. They then fall on to the earth, without doing any harm to it.

166,18. Closer to any fire-spitting mountain you would more often and from close by see such phenomena; but they arrive here only from the Caucasus mountains which coincidentally take their direction to here during the eruption and are hurled with the necessary power. For that they already had to have been in a glowing state during the eruption, whereby they more easily defeat the restraining air, since it is in front of them momentarily diluted and therefore reduced the resistance compared to a cold and thus denser air.

166,19. And now I have explained the matter to you in a natural, worldly wisdom manner, with which you can be fully content. A deeper, completely spiritual explanation I cannot give you now, because you would not understand it; however, if I send the spirit of truth to all of you, he then will guide you in to all wisdom. - Now it is high time to go into the house. Look, the two sisters are already coming to get us!”

166,20. Whereupon we went into the house, sat at the table and ate and drank quite cheerfully.

166,21. Some of the disciples however, were asking what we have done outside for such a long time.

166,22. And I said: “That what you not have done; and this was of greater value than your argument about the vague personality or none-personality of Beelzebub. But now eat and drink, so that you have the strength for tomorrow, to steadfastly endure a hot day!”

166,23. Thereupon nobody asked anything further and everybody ate and drank what was in front of him.

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