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Chapter 168 - Lazarus and the temple spies.

168,1. Early the next morning, all resting in the house, were awakened from sleep by the strong barking of the seven dogs, and Lazarus went with his servants to see what it was. He saw a large crowd of people of both genders, who were standing outside the gate but being surrounded by the dogs in such a way that they could not dare to move one step closer or backwards. When they saw the well known Lazarus with his many servants approaching, they screamed and begged for assistance. Lazarus called the dogs back and asked the crowd what they were looking for in Bethany so early.

168,2. A young Levite took the word on behalf of all and said: “Friend, last night we heard a mighty thundering bang from this area and wanted to enquire if you could tell us anything about it. When we came here, we were met by these terrible fierce beasts who stormed us with a frightening howling and had an expression to tear us into thousand pieces! One such exceedingly strong truly lion-like beast could master one-hundred unarmed people, - why are there seven?! Now no person can come near your hospitable house again!”

168,3. Said Lazarus to the Levite: “In the great nature of God quite often unusual things occur, - why not also a big bang? Go to Sicily; there you will hear a lot of such bangs! We also heard the loud bang just as you are, we also had a fright, but did not went to see from where the bang could have come; since therefore there is time enough! Why are you citizens from Jerusalem so concerned about the big bang? I think that you have come for a completely different reason so hastily, and not about the big bang! All of you are lured here for some bad motive and this my guards have noticed quite well and have therefore met up with you so furiously. Tell me in all honesty what you really were looking for!”

168,4. Here all hesitated and one said with a subdued voice: “Nothing can be done in this world anymore, - we are betrayed again! One can not even trust the four walls of your own house anymore, yes not even your very own thoughts; since the people read straight from your face what one has thought!”

168,5. Lazarus who heard these words very clearly, said: “Yes, there you are right! The people have progressed so far now, that they with considerable correctness can tell you what in ten years time will happen to you, and therefore I ask you again in all friendliness, why you have come so early to me. The bang you only used as a pretence; actually however - to save you your speech - you only have come so early, to spy on me to find out who might be staying with me under my roof. And this you even did on this marvellous feast day, so that you clerics in your great annoyance can have a case against me! Since for quite some time I have seen through your contemptible intentions, I have, as a fully Roman citizen, put a strong bolt to my door, which you with your imagined powers will never be able to break. As a Jew I will always comply with my duties, but only those which are prescribed by Moses; all others are not my concern! Have you understood me completely?

168,6. Go now and tell this loudly to all your seniors! Also tell all: Woe every cleric who ever dares to visit my house with hostile intentions! Verily, he will be served badly! I leave everyone alone and give to everyone without holding back and what is due to him. Who asks more from me, is a thief and a robber; since he demands what is not his, but belongs to his poor neighbour. And such a person - and even if he would be a priest thousandfold - is my enemy and is not allowed to come near my house, for as long as I live! Understand this well and follow it for your devotion! And now see to it that you leave immediately, otherwise I will let loose my guards!”

168,7. Nobody said a single word and all returned in a great hurry.

168,8. When they arrived back in the temple, they were immediately asked about what they have seen and experienced.

168,9. But the Levites said: “With all our cleverness we will not achieve anything further there, - once and for all it is over! If you lords of the temple do not believe us, you yourself go there and be torn and eaten by his lions! These beasts are trained in such a way that they can smell the innermost thoughts of people; you only need to carry any hostile intentions towards Lazarus in you, - and the beasts sniff this from a distance, and you are done for! We have seen this and partly also experienced a little. If it wasn’t for Lazarus who came to assist us with one-hundred of his servants, our meat would now be resting in the bellies of these large, tearing beasts! This is all we have seen and experienced; if you do not believe us, go there and convince yourself!”

168,10. Thereupon the seniors said nothing anymore, but became full of wrath and said among each other: “All of this is done by the despicable Galilean! If we do not catch him soon and get rig of him, he will deceive the whole nation and we can search for work elsewhere! If the Galilean is coming to the feast again today, everything must be done to remove him from this world!”

168,11. Said the Levite: “Just let go of this desire! Is not already more than half the nation for him?! And do you know about his unlimited powers? He knows about your thoughts even before you have thought them, and therefore can destroy you, even before you could expect it for yourselves!”

168,12. Said one of the seniors: “What can he do to us? His powers are from Beelzebub!”

168,13. Said the Levite: “Very well; but he also turned the lions of Lazarus into Beelzebubs! Go there with the ark of the covenant and with Aaron’s stick in your hand, and the fierce beasts will tell you what Beelzebub-time it is now! The Galilean was several times here in the temple and taught the people freely and openly; what were you able to undertake against him with all your wrath? Nothing! What will you be able to do against him today? - He will come and teach in your faces, and you will not be able to do anything against his alleged Beelzebub powers!”

168,14. Said one of the senior: “Are you also already deceived by him like the stupid people, who are cursed therefore?”

168,15. Said the Levite: “Certainly not; but I have enough healthy senses that I clearly see, what is possible and what is not possible! We have heard from faithful and true witnesses what the Galilean is able to do. However, if you want to pick up a fight with him, it surely will show in the end, who will be pulling at the shorter side, just as we have pulled on the shorter end today in Bethany!”

168,16. Said the senior: “This we will see; we do not fear him! - And now go to do your work!”

168,17. Thereby the Levite has made the senior taken aback, and I therefore could move around the temple more freely later on.

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