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Chapter 173 - The Lord's reflections at the sight of Jerusalem. The judgment over Jerusalem.

173,1. Within an hour we finished the meal, got up from the table and immediately went outside; since especially with the illumination in the evening, there was a particular nice view towards the east and suited our considerations quite well.

173,2. When we looked at the large, widespread city with its many palaces, Lazarus said: “What a graceful splendour lies in this large city! And at the same time what shame of those people who are supposed to be an example for all the others! {Mt.24,01; mk.13,01; lk.21,05}

173,3. Down there lies the temple for which already David, the man according to the heart of God, has collected the material. Salomon, his son, has built it, so that all Jews could gather there at certain times and give God the honor. But who does now requests the honor from the people? O, for a long time already not God anymore, but the wretched Pharisees, the scribes and high priests! The old, miraculous ark of the covenant has nearly twenty-four years ago already gone over to the archive of the deaf and powerless relics, and the new is dead and has no power anymore; nevertheless, the blind Jews sacrifice more to it than they ever sacrificed to the true old one.

173,4. From that one can easily infer how the wretched clerics influence the poor, innocent people, and how they don’t believe in a true and only God at all, since they tread His laws given to Moses and all the other prophets so disrespectfully with their feet and instead encumber the people on life and death with their own doctrine, which as a pure lunacy cannot be believed anymore by any reasonable person. O the great disgrace! All sigh under the intolerable pressure of mainly the clerics; and still, nobody has the courage, to spit these most apparent deceivers of people in the face and shows them the great iniquity they are causing to mankind.

173,5. You alone, o Lord, have opened the eyes for man, so that they now can see what is the temple all about. But it still is of little use; since they carry on doing in the perkiest manner of the world what they want, and no punishing lightening strikes from Your clouds among them! You, o Lord, are now Yourself in living human form on this earth, an appearance of which the whole past eternity cannot show a comparing example, which is a mercy of all mercies which God ever provided for His creatures. Thousands and again thousands of people, among them even many heathens, recognize this with the highest joy and thankfulness, and they down there hear this holy truth loudly from all sides and from big and small, confirmed. But instead to accept such message with all joy as fully true, they curse the people who have livingly accepted such truth! Question: What are those beast-like people worth?”

173,6. Said I: “My dear brother, do not get worked up so much; since you can see that everything on this earth has its certain time, and that one cannot break an old cedar trunk over the knee like a thin stick! See, I will remain here for a few more days and will teach daily in the temple for seven consecutive days. Who will convert himself, for him it will be good; but who will remain in his blindness and therefrom in his malice, will perish on the day of judgment which will break loose over Jerusalem and destroy all creatures.

173,7. All of you look at this great city! Truly, not one stone will be left upon the other! All the blind and pregnant women who think that on a Sabbath one is not allowed to flee, should pray that the judgment is not taking place on a Sabbath; since then no Jew will get away alive. {Mt.24,02; mk.13,02; lk.21,06; jl.ev01.163,06; jl.ev03.113,13; jl.ev06.041,04; jl.ev08.053,09; jl.ev10.180,11; jl.ev10.187,08; jl.ev10.188,05; jl.ev10.215,19; Mt.24,19; mk.13,17; lk.21,23; Mt.24,20}

173,8. However, before the judgment is coming over all the godless, many and big signs will take place in the sky and on earth. But the judgment and the end of this city will not have arrived yet; for there still will be waited for someone to better and convert himself. And if the signs are not taken serious, a big misery will be allowed to happen, so that the people can turn to God again. But if also this is of no use, I will still send prophets, who will with a powerful voice, which will sound like trombones of war, try to awaken the truly spiritual dead in all four main directions of the wind. Those who will allow themselves to be awakened to the light of live, will also rise to the everlasting life; but those who, through such My trombone call, will only awaken to rage and fury against Me and My word, will rise - however, not to life, but to death through judgment, - and will be thrown where everlasting darkness rules in judgment, and there will be a lot of howling and crunching of teeth. {Mt.24,29-30; mk.13,24-25; Mt.24,21; mk.13,19; lk.21,23; Mt.24,31; mk.13,27; 1 kor.15,52; rev.08,02; 1 thess.04,16; jl.ev06.174,09-14; jl.ev01.072,03; jl.ev10.156,04-05; jl.ev02.158,12}

173,9. However, when the judgment will come, every righteous should flee! Who already is standing on the roof of recognition of the pure, divine truth, should not climb down into the house again, to collect an old Jewish dress (teaching of the Pharisees), but he should stay on his new height of light! And who already is in the field of the new activity according to My teaching, should not turn around to the old home country the blind and valueless ceremonies, but stay on his new field and he will preserve his life! {Mt.24,16; mk.13,14; lk.21,21; Mt.24,17; mk.13,15; lk.17,31; Mt.24,18; mk.13,16; lk.17,31}

173,10. It will be that there are two in the same house, if the judgment will come; the one will be saved and the other will perish. Who will act according to My teaching will be saved; who, however, will have My teaching but act according to the old sour dough of the Pharisees, will perish. {lk.17,34}

173,11. In the same manner two will be on the field and two will grind in a mill; also the one will be accepted to life and the other left in judgment. - Therefore be aware of the old sour dough of the Pharisees; since truly, with that nobody will escape the judgment!”

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