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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-174 Chapter

Chapter 174 - The prediction of the great judgment of the present time.

174,1. (The Lord: “) “How it will go with the judgment of Jerusalem, it also will happen with a future large world judgment, when I entirely will finish off the great whore of Babel. But this will be a judgment like during the times of Noah and like during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. {Mt.24,37; lk.17,26; jl.ev09.070,06; jl.ev10.156,05-07; jl.schr.013; LJ.VatB.453}

174,2. Also then big signs will take place on earth, at sea and in the sky, and I will awaken servants who will foretell the future and who will announce the coming judgment several times. But the haughtiness of man will not hear them, and even if he would listen to them, he still would not believe their words, but laugh them off as fools. But this will be a sure sign, that the great judgment with great certainty will take place, which will consume all culprits of evil. {Mt.24,29; mk.13,24; lk.21,25; joel.03,01-04}

174,3. Also during that time some youths will have visions and some maidens will foretell the things to come. Good for them who will thereby better themselves and truly become converted! {joel.03,01}

174,4. This, however, will be easily recognisable, like one recognizes from a figtree that spring is near, namely when the (bods) become juicy and start to break open. {Mt.24,32; mk.13,28-29; lk.21,29-31; jl.him2.247; jl.him2.352; LJ.VatB.452}

174,5. Their will be large separate wars among the nations and one nation will attack the other; their will also be high inflation and all kinds of pestilence illnesses will arise, as it has not yet occurred among mankind. Also large earthquakes will take place in advance so that the people can admonish themselves to atonement and loving actions. Good for them who will do accordingly! {Mt.24,06; mk.13,07; lk.21,09; Mt.24,07; Mk13,08; lk.21,10-11}

174,6. But many will not take any note of it and will ascribe everything to the blind forces of nature, and the foretellers will be scolded swindlers and many will be thrown into the dungeon for the sake of My name, and under great threats of punishment they will be prohibited to speak in My name and to announce the coming judgment. Who will not do the will of the great whore of Babel, will be in big trouble.

174,7. But all this must take place about seven-hundred years before the judgment, so that in the end nobody can say, that he was not warned sufficiently. From now not fully 2000 years will pass; and this will be apparently a youngest but at the same time also last judgment on this earth.

174,8. Only from then on Paradise will be placed on earth and a lamb and wolf will peacefully live in one stable and will eat from one bucket. {jes.11,06; jes.65,25}

174,9. However, close to the judgment the sign of the Sun of Man will be seen in the sky, which means the heaven in man will recognize Me as the only Lord of heaven and earth, and man’s soul will praise Me a lot. {Mt.24,30; mk.13,26; lk.21,27}

174,10. But this is still not the perfection of man. However, if I will then appear illuminated and bright before all mankind in the clouds of the skies with all heavenly powers under the sound like many war- and judgment trombones, namely the true heaven, which is in the heart of man, then the judgment of the world will be there. {Mt.24,30-31; mk.13,26-27; lk.21,27; Mt.24,31; mk.13,27 Kor1.15,52; rev.08,02; Thess1.04,16; jl.ev06.173,08; jl.ev01.072,03; jl.ev10.156,04-05; jl.ev02.158,12}

174,11. The right person will then enter My magnificence and the culprits of evil will be consumed by the fire of My just rage and enter the kingdom of their evil works, which is prepared for all incorrigible devils. Since who voluntarily choses hell, he then should also be cursed in it, as it is cursed in itself. Just like the good forever stays good, evil will also forever stay evil in itself and will be the everlasting foundation which forever will serve Me as a rest for My feet. {jes.66,01.02; Mt.05,35; Acts07,49}

174,12. I Myself out of My primordial divine personality will not judge anybody, but all this will be done by My word which I have spoken to you. Since once I have ascended to My kingdom, I will never return to this earth in the flesh, but only in the spirit, in the word, and it will be as it was in the beginning where it says: In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and God was the word. But the word has taken up flesh and lived among the people. He, which means, I came to My own and Mine have not recognized Me; for the world and its flesh have made them all blind and deaf. {Jn.03,17; Jn.05,22; Jn.08,15; Jn.12,47-48; Jn.01,01; Jn.01,11}

174,13. I am now with you a person in the flesh; but therefore I cannot give to you all the power of My spirit. However, if later on I will not be among you in the flesh like now, but be among you only in the spirit, then I also will be able to provide you with all strength and power of My spirit, which of course I am since eternity. In the spirit and the power I will stay with you until the end of time, for which this earth will still exist, and until it has ripened for Me the last judged spirit. However, with this earth the cradle for the children of God will forever extinguish. From then on everything will be judged spiritually.

174,14. I have told and showed you several times already, how it will be on this earth. Therefore wait with patience for the certain redemption, which will not stay away, and do not wish for a world judgment before its time! Since when it will come, it will still be too early for you and even more for those who will be judged; since in judgment love and mercy are far away, and each soul will be handed over to its own help, so that she bitterly can experience, how totally useless her futile, temporal help of the world people was. - and now tell Me, if you have understood everything well!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-174 Chapter