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Chapter 174 - The prediction of the great judgment of the present time.

1. (The Lord:) "The way it will be with the judgment of Jerusalem, so will it be with an enormous future judgment of the whole world, when I will put a definitive end to the great whore of Babel. This, however, will be a judgment the likes of which occurred during the times of Noah, as well as the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. {Mt.24,37; lk.17,26; jl.ev09.070,06; jl.ev10.156,05-07; jl.schr.013; LJ.VatB.453}

2. Great signs will take place on Earth, upon the sea and in the sky, and I shall awaken servants who will foretell the future with My Word and repeatedly announce the coming judgment. But the arrogance of man will not hear them, and even if it did listen to them, it would nonetheless refuse to believe their words, instead laughing them off as fools. But exactly this will be a sure sign that the great judgment will certainly come about, and by the fire will it consume all practitioners of evil. {Mt.24,29; mk.13,24; lk.21,25; joel.03,01-04}

3. And thus, during that time, many a youth and maiden will receive visions and foretell the things to come. Blessed are they who will better themselves thereby and truly repent! {joel.03,01}

4. This, however, will be easily recognizable, just as one would realize from a figtree that spring is near, when its shoots become juicy and start to break open. {Mt.24,32; mk.13,28-29; lk.21,29-31; jl.him2.247; jl.him2.352; LJ.VatB.452}

5. Large, isolated wars will emerge among nations, and one people will rise against another; there will be inflation, as well as pestilence and illnesses of all kinds, the likes of which man has never seen before. Mighty earthquakes will precede the end to allow the people to admonish themselves, bringing forth atonement and actions motivated by love. Blessed are those who will act accordingly! {Mt.24,06; mk.13,07; lk.21,09; Mt.24,07; Mk13,08; lk.21,10-11}

6. However, many will not repent, instead ascribing all these things to the blind forces of nature, and the prophets will be scolded swindlers. Many of them will be thrown into the dungeon for the sake of My name, and, under severe threats of punishment, they will be prohibited from speaking in My name and announcing the coming judgment. Those who refuse to do the will of the great whore of Babel, will be in big trouble.

7. But all this must precede the judgement, about 700 years, so that, in the end, nobody may say that he was not warned sufficiently. From now on it will be roughly 2000 years until the great judgment will take hold of the Earth, and this will be both the youngest as well as the last judgment on this Earth.

8. Only after that will it be Paradise on this Earth, when both lamb and wolf will peacefully live together in a single stable, and they will eat from the same bucket. {jes.11,06; jes.65,25}

9. However, close to the judgment, the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in the heavens as well, meaning the heaven within man will recognize Me as the sole Lord of both heaven and earth, and man's soul will praise Me. {Mt.24,30; mk.13,26; lk.21,27}

10. But this is still not the perfection of man. However, once I will appear bright and radiant before all mankind, with the powers of heaven amidst the clouds of the skies and the sound of the trumpets of war and judgment, in the true heaven, that is, in the hearts of men; that is when the judgment of the world will have arrived. {Mt.24,30-31; mk.13,26-27; lk.21,27; Mt.24,31; mk.13,27 Kor1.15,52; rev.08,02; Thess1.04,16; jl.ev06.173,08; jl.ev01.072,03; jl.ev10.156,04-05; jl.ev02.158,12}

11. The righteous will then enter My glory, and the practitioners of evil will be consumed by the fire of My just rage and enter the kingdom of their own evil works, prepared for all incorrigible devils. For he who has chosen hell of his own volition, may thus be cursed in it as well, it being cursed in and of itself. Just as the good remains good forever, so too does evil forever remain evil in itself of itself; it will be the eternally judged foundation, forever serving Me as a footstool. {jes.66,01.02; Mt.05,35; Acts07,49}

12. However, I Myself, out of My primordial divine character, will not judge anybody; that will be carried out by My Word I have spoken to you. For once I have ascended to My kingdom, I will never return to this Earth in the flesh, but only in spirit, in the Word, and it will be as it was in the beginning, where it says: 'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God was the Word.' But the Word has taken up flesh and lived among the people. He, meaning I, came to My own, though My own have not recognized Me; for the world and its flesh have made them all blind and deaf. {Jn.03,17; Jn.05,22; Jn.08,15; Jn.12,47-48; Jn.01,01; Jn.01,11}

13. I am now with you in the flesh, as a person; but as such I cannot give you the power of My Spirit. However, later down the line, when I will no longer be among you in the flesh, but in spirit, that is when I will be able to provide you with all the strength and power of My Spirit, which, of course, I am since eternity. In spirit and power I will remain with you until the end of time, for which this Earth will continue to exist, until it has matured the last of the judged spirits. However, at that point will the cradle of the 'Children of God', together with this Earth, forever extinguish. From then on will everything be judged spiritually.

14. Many a time have I told and shown you already how it will be on this Earth. Therefore, patiently await the certain salvation, and do not wish for a judgment of the world before its time! For when it will come about, it will still be too early for you, and even more so for those who are to be judged; for judgment is not a place for love and mercy, and each and every soul will be left to its own devices, so it will bitterly realize how utterly useless the futile and temporal assistance of the people of the world was. Now tell Me if you have understood all of this well!"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-174 Chapter