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Chapter 176 - Of the workers in the vineyard. The purpose, nature and impact of the revelations.

176,1. Said I to Lazarus and also to the other disciples, since also they shared a little the heated opinion of Lazarus: “Pay attention, I will give you a picture; it will give you the answer to the question of Lazarus! {Mt.20,01-07}

176,2. There was a lord who recruited workers for his vineyard. They came in the morning and the Lord agreed with them to pay one denarius per day wage. And during midday he went out where he still could find some idle people and said: ‘What are you standing here idly? Go to my vineyard and I will give you what is right!’ And they went and worked. But towards evening the lord still saw many workers standing idle. And he went and said to them: ‘Why do you stand the whole day doing nothing?’ And they answered: ‘Lord, nobody hired us!’ And the lord said to them: ‘Now then, also you go to my vineyard and work this last hour of the day and I will give to you what is right!’ They then went and still worked hard for the last hour of the day. {Mt.20,01; Mt.21,33; jes.05,01-07; Mt.20,02; Mt.20,03-05; Mt.20,06-07}

176,3. In the evening however the lord called first the workers who had worked from the morning, and gave to each the agreed denarius. He then called those who only worked for half a day and also gave to each one a denarius. Thereupon he called those who only had worked for an hour and also gave to each one denarius. {Mt.20,08; lev.19,13; dtn.24,14-15; jer.22,13; jak.05,04; Mt.20,09}

176,4. Then those who worked for the whole day, said: ‘Lord, how can you give to those who only worked for one hour the same than to us, since we endured the load and heat for the whole day?’ And the lord said to them: ‘What are you concerned about if also I want to be good and merciful. Am I therefore unreasonable if I out of my good will also give to the last the same as to you? Didn’t I and you agreed upon the one denarius? You yourself have not demanded more! And if I now give to you what you have demanded, what do you want more from me? Am I not the lord of my money, with which I can do as it pleases me?!’ Thereupon the first workers could not say anything more against it and were content with their daily remuneration. {Mt.20,10-12; Mt.20,13; Mt.20,14; Mt.20,15; jer.18,04-06; jes.45,09; rom.09,16; rom.09,21}

176,5. And I say to you all, that the Father who is within Me, will do the same with you, - and then also the first will be the last and the last will be the first. {Mt.20,16}

176,6. The vineyard however, are the actual people of this earth who are the shoots which have to be worked on. They do not have an agreement with me, but they are there to be treated, so that they bare God the Lord good fruit.

176,7. All the prophets however, like you are now, according to their souls are not from this earth, but they are hired workers from above and have signed up front a fixed contract with Me for the attainment of the childhood of God, which is only possible on this earth.

176,8. All the great prophets from the beginning until now, you are included, who received a great revelation, are the workers hired first for the vineyard of the Lord. {Mt.20,01-02}

176,9. The small prophets who only have to do half the work, namely the maintenance of the once given great revelations, are those, who will come in My name after you, they will also receive certain small revelations and do some prophesying from it, but the strength and power which I will give to you, they will not possess. They will have the same reward as you are, since their faith has to be stronger; for they do not see all the things you are seeing and experiencing now, their voluntary faith will be credited to them to a higher life reward. If they then will obtain the same reward than you are, think that it was more difficult for them to believe, what now takes place for the salvation of all creatures, since they were not witnesses of everything like you are. {Mt. 20,03-05}

176,10. Finally in later times again shortly before another big judgment, seers will be awakened and being allowed, who will have the short, difficult task, to purify the teaching which became unclean, so that it is preserved and is not rejected by brighter thinking mankind as an old priesthood deception. These third kind of workers in My vineyard will not act through great miracles, but will only work by means of the pure word and the script, without receiving any other striking revelation, except the inner, living word in feelings and thoughts in their hearts, and they will be full of the clear and reasonable faith and will thus without miracle deeds raise the withered people-shoots of My vineyard and will then also from Me receive the same reward, which you have received as workers for a full day; since they will encounter it as much more difficult to believe what more than a thousand years ago happened here. {mt20,06-14}

176,11. If thus the large revelations are quite far separated from each other, God will still take care that always and immediately new awakened seers will come to the people, as soon as the teachings of the great revelations in anyway start to become impure, and this is done in such a way that the free will of man does not suffers any force. Since this is the reason why the great revelations in time are spaced further apart, so that the people can move even more freely with their free will.

176,12. If at the end of the world the people are diverted too far from their spiritual path, then of course there is no other alternative then to launch another large revelation, which of course always has a judgment behind it, because it is itself a suffering judgment for the people. For as long you do not put fire to the dead wood, it will not burn; however the fire will ignite it. And see, what the fire is for the wood, a large revelation is for man. - Do you understand this now?”

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