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Chapter 177 - The prophets as carriers of the revelation. Faith of light and blind faith.

177,1. Said Lazarus: “Yes, I understand quite well what You wanted to say by it; but there is still a back-thought of which I still do not know what to make of it. Should therefore all people who directly received a large revelation, be seen as judged? And do only those receive the blessing of a large revelation, who only have an indirect, thus purely faith portion in it?

177,2. But then the carriers of large revelations are in a great disadvantage and this therefore because from the origin they were better and more pure people, so that they could be able to accept and understand a higher and large revelation. Since the actual pure world people would out of themselves not be able to understand the large revelations, because they not even understand a small revelation, but just standing there like chicken when seeing a lightening strike from a cloud.”

177,3. Said I: “Who says that the carriers of a large revelation should be seen as a judgment? I of course will know whom I have to choose for a large revelation, so that it does not harm him!

177,4. Moses was certainly one of the carriers of a large revelation; but under him there were many who only indirectly shared it and in the end were much stronger in faith than Moses himself, who by himself did not trust the promise that I will give to the Israelites praised land where milk and honey will flow. But because Moses did not fully trust such promise, he was allowed to see the praised land from a high mountain, but was not allowed to go there.

177,5. This proves more than enough, that no carrier of any revelation was ever bound by himself and from now on will be bound even less, but by himself always is free what to believe and what to do, from which he is blessed only; since therefore that someone is the carrier of a revelation, he will not be blessed, but only if he trusts the revelation and lives accordingly.

177,6. The same is with all of you the case. You are now rather forced to believe that I am Christ by My deeds, and that My words are the word of God, compared to those who will only hear about the gospel through your mouth; but for that you will be still overcome by heavy doubts and have thereby the opportunity to strengthen your faith. For if the shepherd is slain, the sheep will flee and scatter; but at the right time I will collect them again and strengthen their believe. Therefore no carrier of a true revelation is judged. Since firstly such a person is always from above and because of that no revelation can coerce him in any, for his soul already went through a pre flesh life trial on another earth and is therefore a lot more solid and compact, than a soul which only had to collect itself on this earth; and secondly greater trials of faith are imposed on such a prophet soul than on those from this earth who are only too gullible souls. A soul from this earth is satisfied with the word only, and does hardly not need a sign. But souls who are from above, require more; since they are difficult believers and therefore also need stronger and greater proofs, until they fully believe and therefrom act accordingly.

177,7. Yes, if I travel to Persia, to India of even to Athens or also to Rome and performed such signs there as I have done here, no person would dare to do everything else than what I have ordered. Such purely earthly souls would apparently thereby be bound to the highest degree, and the trial of its free will would be over for a long period of time. But you are not in the least harmed by My signs because you are not easy believers; since until one has moved you to a firm believe, one has to do a lot before your eyes, and even then you are still full of all kind of doubts and soon ask about this and then about something else. However, who does this before Me, does not have any coerced believe, but a free faith; since he demands to fully understand what he believes, and what he does not understand, he does not believe.

177,8. The best proof for this is that I have to explain in one breath what you hear from Me. You know who I am, and can also believe Me without the always special explanation what I teach you. But you do not do that and at a few occasions already have shown Me, that you because of a very secretive teaching did not believed Me, and tell Me in My face that this is a hard teaching; and not seven days have passed, that all of you have left Me, also because of teachings you didn’t understand.

177,9. From that it arises that your souls are stronger than the souls of the actual children of this world. Such people like you are now, however, will always exist on this earth, and I will awaken them and also give to them the inner word of the spirit out of Me just like to you now, and they will teach the actual children of this earth, whereby their will, will be kept totally free. But the teachers must therefore not fancy themselves, that they as teachers and wise are standing higher with Me than the children of this earth; for with Me it will always count and apply: Let these small ones come to Me and do not hold them back! Since who will not be like these little children, will not enter My kingdom; since it belongs to them and for the sake of them it is made. Who however is a wise man and therefore a teacher and at the same time is wholeheartedly totally humble and gentle, will one day also be there where I will be a true Father among My children from eternity to eternity!” {Mt.19,13; mk.10,13; lk.18,15; jl.ev05.257,07-08; jl.ev08.165,14}

177,10. When all the disciples have received such teaching from Me, they were quiet and did not know what to answer Me.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-177 Chapter