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Chapter 178 - Two kinds of human beings on earth: souls from above and souls from below. Teaching and working of signs with their different effects.

178,1. Only Lazarus said and asked: “Lord and Master, am I also from above?”

178,2. Said I: “Indeed, since otherwise you could not have endured the multiple signs which I have performed before your eyes with such calm and equanimity, as if something quite natural has happened. Everything only surprised you because it happened, - a few moments later however you were indifferent again, since you thought by yourself: For a person it is impossible to fly like a bird in the air. But I am God, and therefore it is quite natural for Me that everything must be so easily possible for Me like for a bird flying in the air, and therefore it is absolutely no other miracle than all the other things created by Me. The moon, the sun, the stars and this earth and everything which is in it, on it and above it, lives and moves, are all remaining miracles of My wisdom and power, and the current miracles are only witnesses thereof, that I am the very Same who has filled since eternity infinity with countless and remaining miracles. If I then effectuate miracles as God, it is nothing miraculous, but the actual miracle about Me is My inconceivable love for you My creatures, and My so big meekness and unselfish goodness, gentleness, patience and actual humility in front of you people, whom I could blow away into nothingness with one breath.

178,3. ‘Yes’, you say further to yourself, ‘if all this could also be done by a person, it then would be a miracle, just like it would be a miracle if a person could lift up into the air like a bird and freely glide around.’

178,4. See, if you would not be from above, you would not be capable of such thoughts, and I would not have performed such signs before you, out of a wise consideration to protect your free will! Those down there are not from above, but from this world, and therefore I cannot perform such signs for them then I have done for you and these My disciples. They only are allowed to hear about them but certainly not see them; for if they would see such big signs which I effectuate and have effectuated, it would kill them completely. Therefore they must only gnaw on My words.

178,5. However, there also will be a sign given to them, but no other than this of the prophet Jonah; since he only spend three days in the belly of the fish and then was put ashore alive, also I will spend three days in the grave and then will emerge alive again to the biggest fright and judgment for those down there.

178,6. All of you remember this well, that the children of this earth can only be won for My kingdom through the living word and not by signs! Since the most children of this earth - if not already spoiled through all kinds of false signs - are gullible and not obtuse and therefore can soon and easily be won for the truth through a right speech; but through too strikingly signs, they would entirely loose all own ability to think and to will. - Do you, Lazarus, now know whether you are from below or above?”

178,7. Said Lazarus: “Yes, that I can understand that I also come from somewhere above; from the people we are going to meet, how will we distinguish between who is from above or who is from below?”

178,8. Said I: “If it is necessary, the spirit in you will tell you. But there also exist an external sign which is seldom misleading, through which it is soon recognizable from where a person’s soul originates.

178,9. See, the soul retains also in its necessary dark flesh ‘n certain feeling from where she originates and turns the ears of the flesh and especially the eyes towards that direction from where she originally descended from. People who like to turn their eyes up and like to climb the heights of mountains, also like to listen to those sounds which are coming from any high places to their ears, are most certainly also from above. But people who direct their eyes mainly to the ground and rummage in it to look for all kinds of treasures and only seldom turn their ears and eyes upwards, are most certainly from below. According to this, if you pay attention to it, you can quite clearly recognize whom you have in front of you.

178,10. People who are from above are normally also very inventive and producing all kinds of arts and sciences; but they are all more or less difficult believers, since they want everything very clearly be proven. The Greek Philopold in Kane near Kis did not believed, until I showed him this particular sun-earth on which he carried for the fist time a flesh; and almost all Cynics are very much the same. In front of them you can create worlds, in their eyes it will has as much effect as if you would say to a person of this earth: ‘Go and do this!’ He will hardly say to you: ‘Yes, why?’, because he will do it faithfully since a wise has told him so; the cause for it he still hopes to find later on. But a wise from above will seriously look you in the eye and asking: ‘Why so? Without reason I do nothing! Explain it to me and I will see if there is something about it, why you have said: Go and do it!’

178,11. For I say to you, it is quite important to make sure about the spiritual children you as a teacher are dealing with, and who are the shoots in My vineyard; since the same word can have the best but also the worst results, depending on whether you convey it correctly or incorrectly to the character of the listener.

178,12. The weak small children of this earth soon and easily believe everything what they are presented to believe, and only require the explanation afterwards, once they accumulated a large supply of believe principals. With them however one should pay close attention, that only the purest truth is preached to them, - and woe him, who wants to annoy the little ones of this earth with all kinds of false teachings and examples, as I have already shown to you in a smaller picture in Galilee! But with the children from above the explanation must be either already given in advance or at least at the same time when the teaching is given, other she will not easily accept anything else than the full truth.

178,13. You already many times have witnessed when I spoken to the Greeks or the Romans; also you do the same and you will win them over even more easily, because you have Me and My works in front of you, to which you always can refer fruitfully! In an emergency you yourself will be able to perform signs; however be sparingly with them and only perform a miracle if you are guided in the spirit to do it! For a sign effectuates something good indeed, but a living word a thousand times more and better, since through the word the no compulsion is imposed on the human heart.

178,14. Since the word firstly illuminates the mind of a person. The mind then awakens the will and the love in a person’s heart. Love becomes a mighty flame. This then illuminates and enlivens the will in the heart and this acts according to the prescription of the own mind, and what a person thus does freely out of himself, is an own, rewardable deed, and only then did man find his own life cooker.

178,15. The sign however strikes the human mind down for a long time and startles only love and its will to act. But this action is similar to a stone thrown through the air, which flies through the air for as long the throw strength is connected with the mass; as soon however this connection fails, the stone with its mass falls on to the ground as dead and immovable and remains there in its old judgment.

178,16. The soul of a person converted by a sign, resembles entirely the thrown stone and then acts blindly out of fear for the sign; when however the sign in time loses its power, also the love and will of the soul weakens, especially with the descendants who have seen no signs, and becomes totally sluggish and regards the sign either as a piece of magic or as a flat lie and invention of the ancestors. Since if the soul asks the mind what it is about the sign, it cannot give to her any explanation, since the mind itself never received one and the mind then quite justly judges: ‘Are we then less human than our ancestors, who received all kinds of signs and then could easily believe? We now should believe what we do not understand and the signs which we only hear about, should now serve us as a motive to believe? No, this is totally wrong! This can a wise God, if there is one, never ever demand from us! Therefore also we demand signs or at least such an explanation, which gives us a right light about what we should believe and what we should do, so that we can recognize the right reason. We demand such believe motives which for all people at all times appeared as effective, but not such which we first have to believe, so that also we can believe, which we were coerced to believe.’

178,17. See, this is how the mind of man reasons, and this rightly so! Since if the teaching with the given signs is not put in the right light for the human mind, soon it sinks with all signs and the people are losing in the process all faith and fall in their old, sluggish and wild life until a clever magician comes to them and brings them soon and easily on his side.

178,18. Therefore I say to you again very seriously: Teach brightly and clearly and be in the highest degree sparely with signs, then you will develop remaining and unalterable disciples! Since the sign passes; but the bright and pure truth stays forever and does not require any sign for its confirmation, because it is the highest sign itself, which is given at all times to the people who are searching for it.

178,19. But there are signs which you can effectuate; but then the sign should only be a charitable deed for poor and ill people without consideration of standing or faith, but it should not be a special means of evidence for the pure divinity of My teaching.

178,20. The teaching must through its light prove itself as purely divine, even without any signs and everyone who does accordingly, provides himself with the inner, living proof of its fullest authenticity. If you pay attention to this, you will truly educate good disciples for Me; however, if you do not do all of this very precisely, you yourself will open the gates for the anti-Christ, and apparently you yourself will have to search for a place to hide.”

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