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Chapter 182 - The guide's conversation with the Romans about the Lord.

182,1. Said hereupon the maiden: “Yes, my most honorable friends, with that I will not be able to provide you with a proper service! I have - more in general - heard a few things about him; but everything I have heard about him, sounded a lot more fable-like than the stories about your gods.

182,2. By the way, he seems otherwise be quite a wise and exceedingly good person, what in general is said about him in better circles; but next to his wisdom a large number of all kinds of miracle deeds appear, which of course a quite reasonable person could still not believe, even he had seen the prophet doing it! I myself also does not believe it about this person; but among the people it is what all believe. As soon as a truly intelligent person rises among the many stupid people and teaches them about their great stupidity and the blind later recognize that in all truth he really is a wise man, then they immediately regard him as a God! He then presents some artful performances of his abilities, which most likely are based on quite natural principals, and he effectuated miracles like a God, and the people follow him from all corners of the earth! And as such, it will be the case with the good and otherwise quite intelligent person, who will be just as little a prophet than ourselves.

182,3. He seemed to be here in Jerusalem several times already, performed also some miracles and then have taught the people in his own manner; but then he collided with the Pharisees, and they have, I believe, prohibited him to openly continue his crusade, - and as such he will be seen more seldom during recent times in the city. He mainly carries on with his crusade in Galilee; therefore one here does not really knows anything accurately about him than perhaps in one of the cities of Galilee.

182,4. I myself have never seen him and does not really have a particular wish to see him. About his wisdom I would understand despairingly little, and magic of all kinds I already have seen a lot - and this from the Essene, who actually make the dead alive and healthy again - , and therefore I do not have any particular desire to see the widely famous wonder prophet. But now I already have finished and cannot tell you anything further, pro or contra, about this prophet.

182,5. By the way I must openly confess, that I never regarded any prophet as something important; for firstly everyone was so boring and gloomy like a foggy day of late autumn, secondly so incomprehensible like the starry sky and thirdly so gloomy and unfriendly like a thunderstorm night in Egypt. Who can ever become friends with such people? However, this is only my private opinion, which I do not want to impose on anyone; for I will surely never be prophet, and therefore I couldn’t care less what the people believe, as long as they are good and honest.”

182,6. Said the Roman: “See, your natural house mind is truly not that bad! You have a very healthy sense, which pleases us; nevertheless, there must be more to this great and new prophet than you could tell us about him. Now, that such might interests you little or not at all, can be ascribed to your considerable youth and your feminie flighty sense; however we are people and men of already considerable advanced years, from the first and greatest city of the presently known world, and are quite interested in such a rare man, otherwise we would not have made the great trip to here, - and therefore you will understand, that we have to find out more about this man. But this you will know with your skilful senses, whether we can ask our innkeeper something like that; for here the priests’ and Herodes’ informants should have quite long ears and eagle sharp eyes. He will not be one of them?”

182,7. Said the maiden: “O, there you can be quite unconcerned! The landlord is mute like a wall and according to my knowledge has never ever betrayed anyone. Him you can ask, and the group of about thirty guests seem to be friends of the actual owner, by name Lazarus, and he himself is totally against the temple, why the priests always trouble him wherever they can. But he is undeniable one of the richest in the whole country, and as such they cannot easily harm him, and this even less so, because he and all his properties are standing under sole Roman protection. O, there you can speak with the one or the other, and this quite freely, and nobody will betray you! Myself in the least; since what is my respect for the temple, I already have explained to you quite firmly, and anything further is superfluous!”

182,8. Said the Roman who commanded the Greek tongue: “Well said, dear guide! It is good that we now know with whom we are dealing with; everything else will fall in place!”

182,9. My disciples quietly murmured among each other about these foreigners and made their glosses and the somewhat quite frivolous maiden was not all that acceptable to them; but I told them that they should not become loudly prematurely. And they did this.

182,10. It did not took very long when Lazarus and the innkeeper came into the room and announced that the evening meal will be served. This of course was for the foreigners surprisingly good news.

182,11. And when a lot of very tasty dishes were put on the table in noble tableware, the foreigners’ eyes widened and they said: “Truly, one cannot have it even more tasteful in Rome!”

182,12. When they then started to eat, they were completely flabbergasted, and they could not sufficiently praise the goodness of the food. However, also our table was abundantly served with food and we ate and drank; we however, did not raised the praise too loudly, what for the foreigners was somewhat unusual, and they thought that our food was less good than their’s.

182,13. But Lazarus, together with the innkeeper, who dined at our table, said: “My friends, this is with me always the same! Every guest, high or low, is served equally! For everyone the best I have, served with a lot of joy.”

182,14. With these words the foreigners were completely content, ate and drank and during the meal did not asked about anything further.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-182 Chapter