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Chapter 183 - The Roman asks the innkeeper and Lazarus about the miracle worker Jesus.

183,1. After the copiously consumed meal, it started to become louder in the dining hall, and since the wine encouraged the foreigners a little, they repeatedly began to discuss their old subject about the new prophet and our respectable Roman turned to our innkeeper and asked him by saying: “Dear innkeeper, you will not take exception if I ask you something special!?

183,2. See, the call has spread from Judea to even Rome, that in the Jewish land an extraordinary man, sort of a prophet has arisen, who can foretell the future, and all powers of nature should be submitting to his will! For a long time we did not wanted to believe this; but only recently again news from very trustworthy sources came to Rome and therefore also to me - since I am one of the first Patricians of Rome -, and I and all these my friends, who also belong to the most respectable people of Rome, thought: There must be something about it, - what will it be? We have enough ships and many hundreds of sea-hands, thus let us make a journey to Asia, namely to Judea! There we will learn it soonest what is it all about!

183,3. And see, fourteen days ago we departed, partially we had a good wind and are now here! But strange, in Rome we hear apparently more than here in this country, where the wonder man should be present! Whoever we asked about him during our journey to here, people could give us either no information at all or not anything better than we brought with us from Rome.

183,4. Jerusalem as the capitol of this country should be primarily be well informed! Therefore we specifically came here. But also here everything is quiet! This our quite pleasant guide, which we engaged today for the purpose to guide us through the city, has given us the most information until now, which however cannot be sufficient for us regarding such extraordinary matter. Therefore I have now turned to you in this matter, perhaps you can give us a better answer. Tell me! Does such a man exist in Judea and what can he do? What is your opinion about him?”

183,5. Here the innkeeper looked at Me and so to speak asked Me with the eyes, if he could make Me known to them. But in himself he heard the clear answer: “Not now, later on they will recognize Me themselves!”

183,6. Thereupon the innkeeper said to the Roman: “Yes, my most honorable friend, the man exits, just as you have received news in Rome about him; but our over-selfish and power-hungry priests are in the highest degree against him and equally to everyone, who is friends with him, and therefore we are not allowed to say too much too loudly about him for the sake of health of our skin.

183,7. I of course do not know you and also do not know the intentions why you want to enquire about him, and for the time being you must bare with me, that I cannot tell you anything further about him than this: He exists very much in the way he was described to you in Rome; however where he is right now and what he does, I cannot and I am not allowed to tell you.

183,8. Also this lord over there, to whom the whole old city Bethania belongs and who is the owner of this mountain and its inn, also knows him very well and knows, what the great man is capable of! According to the fullest truth he can testify to you, that the wonder man still exists and operates; but about the ‘where’ also he will be quiet. We know it quite well that all the priests, who regard themselves as gods, can forever not do anything to him; however, we still want to prevent all sensation, to have peace from the poisonous priests. More I cannot and I am not allowed to say.”

183,9. Said the Roman: “I am already happy with that; I still want from you, landlord, to confirm this statement! What are you saying about this great man?”

183,10. Said Lazarus: “What the innkeeper told you, is true, and more I cannot and I am not allowed to tell you! However, since you are not departing tomorrow or even the day after tomorrow, it can very easily happen, that you, if your intentions with Him are pure, might get to know Him personally! Since He likes to meet those more than halfway, who have a reasonable sense and who are truly of a good will; but He hates the traitors, not for the sake of Himself, but for the sake of their own despicable malice. He is so mighty in His will, that He only needs to will and it happens in a moment what He wants. As such, for example, He might want this whole earth not to exist anymore, and it is already not there anymore! Therefore He does not fear any enemy; however, He therefore is not for him a counter-enemy either, - not as if He feared any enemy, because He Himself does not imposes anything more strongly on the hearts of people than mutual love. As such the evil enemies of the people are a horror to Him, and woe him who is seized by His justified rage! In short, He is the most wise, best and almightiest true Godman in the whole world! More I do not need to tell you.”

183,11. Said the Roman: “I am also fully content with that! That we all have come here, motivated only by the best will for the great man, you can be totally assured of! If we had all our treasures with us, which we to the largest part left behind in our ships, I would want to place them all on the table for you regarding our good intentions for the great man! But you can trust us; for a real Roman walks open roads and despises every back-road. Should we meet with him somewhere, he will not have our respect only in words and as a deep bow before him, but will get to know us in the fullest and most tangible deed!”

183,12. Lazarus answered: “In the least do not come to Him with gold, silver and precious stones; since if He wanted something like this, He Himself could turn mountains into sparkling gold! With Him nothing else counts, than only a pure and good heart. Who comes to Him with this biggest treasure, is His friend, and for him He does everything what He sees that is useful to him. But stay away with gold and silver from Him; since He hates those things, for it makes the people hard and very evil. Everything what can be called great and glittering before the world, is in His eyes a horror. Now you know the way He is constituted; hence behave accordingly once you have found Him, and He will pleasingly give you His love, the truth and everlasting life!”

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