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Chapter 188 - The value of thinking and the faith of light.

188,1. Said the Roman: “Listen, great Master, even if I would not see any miracles, but only listens to Your speech, I would know that in You a lot of a truly divine spirit must reside! Without its influence no person can speak so wisely and the old motto for all of us fully applies: Sine afflatu divino non existit vir magnus! (Without divine breath, no great man can exist!); since You are surly have been breathed at by the highest God the most! With such extraordinary wisdom it is understandable, that also the will must be unusual powerful, since it only knows too well what it wants and what means are necessary and suitable for its effectuation. A stupid person can in his whole life not effectuate something great and miraculous, but only he who is fully clear and aware of the effectuating work as well as the required means for the work.

188,2. Who is wise in words, will also be wise in his works; however, who is diffident with words or even stupid, the people will probably never admire his works. Even if sometimes a blind hen can hit a barley corn with its beak, it is therefore still not a symbol for wisdom like the night-owl, which also at nighttime can see where to find its prey.

188,3. Those people who build famous construction world wonders, have first designed building plans, where everything was precisely specified in advance, how the large construction artwork must look like and of what it must consists. The building master of such a wonder building, which - like the pyramids of Egypt - have resisted several thousand years already and will still resist another couple of thousand years, was surely not a blind hen, but a night-owl which can also clearly see in the dark, otherwise it would impossible for him to effectuate such building wonder. And as such I am of the opinion, that it is only the predominantly great wisdom of a person breathed at by a mighty God, who is capable to produce miraculous things before the eyes of the other weak people, since wisdom is the master and power of its will and also is the sole identifier of the most suitable means, to always convert to a work what it wants, and through the work also always attains unhindered the preset purpose.

188,4. You, great and wise Master, therefore do not need to prove to me anymore by some miracles, that everything, whatever You in Your great wisdom wants, must materialize; since for me Your incomprehensible great wisdom and the great determination of Your word, is the most certain and most undoubted surety for it. - Am I as a Roman right or not?”

188,5. Said I: “There, look at this heathen in comparison to the Jews, who say that God is their Father! For them all the great signs are not sufficient which I have effectuated before their eyes and ears so many times, and this heathen recognizes Me from the word! Therefore I say it to you Jews down there in the large city: The light of heaven will be taken away from you and given to the heathens!

188,6. But for you, My dear Agrocola, I will nevertheless give you a sign, because you also believe Me without a sign; since the healing of this maiden which now has become very dear to Me, is for a thinker of your kind, too small, since some from your society have secretly thought by themselves: ‘See, the person is clever! He waited with the healing, until he noticed that the maiden would get better by herself! When the for a doctor recognizable self-improvement-moment arrived, only then he called her and she awakened, as she surely also would wakened without his call!’ See, this is what your deep thinking companions thought and partially also you!

188,7. By this I do not reproach anybody, since a free thinker is dearer to Me than a thousand gullible souls, to whom it is (einerlei), whether you present to them an alpha or an omega. Since who doesn’t think, also does not learn and understand anything, and finally gold or lead is one and the same to him; but the thinker never buys a cat in the sack. Therefore, after the healing of the maiden, you said to yourself: ‘The sign was quite successful before our eyes, - but I first have to hear him speak, only then it will show, if he really possesses the ability out of his wisdom, to effectuate such signs by only his will!’ However, when you heard Me speaking, the doubt gave way in you; since My words provided for you and your companions the surety for the full truth of the sign and for the actual purpose of My existence.

188,8. However, because you, including your companions, have believed the words and not the sign, I now will perform a great sign before your eyes.

188,9. See, where I am, I surely am not alone, but countless crowds of the mightiest, brightest angel spirits of all heavens are serving Me! If an emperor or king travels somewhere because of a great governmental project, he surely does not travels alone, but according to his will a strong and large contingent accompanies him. And see, this is also even more so with Me the case, for also I as the only Lord of the whole of infinity since eternity, have now in this world-time, specifically on this earth in the flesh of its people, undertaken an endless important journey, because of a great and new world- and spirit government project, without which journey no person on this earth can attain a true, everlasting life!

188,10. And since I, also as a biggest monarch, have undertaken this journey to this earth because of a very important reasons of life, you can imagine yourself, that also many legions of My serving angels accompany Me on this journey and are always around Me and listen to My signs and to carry out My orders on all the stars.

188,11. You cannot see and observe them with your eyes of the flesh; but if I for some time will open your inner vision, you will certainly see and hear them and even speak to them and ask them to do this and that. But first I have to pose quite an important question to your free will, namely if you in all seriousness want to see and speak to My companions; since compulsion never takes place with Me!”

188,12. Now the Romans hesitated for a few moments; since this My explanation was then really a little too much for them.

188,13. But Agricola said to the others: “You know what? Let us see this story and then we will see what this is all about! I have noticed quite a few things about Him! Who told Him my name?! Because of certain security reasons, until now I have not entrusted my name to anybody. How can He know that?! And see, still he knew every detail! Ah, you know, this truly is no trifle matter anymore! Now He tells us that He is not alone here, but that countless crowds of the mightiest spirits are with Him! Friends, if this is so, He most apparently is a complete God optima forma (in best form), and we all have the never previously existing luck, to see the true Jupiter personified! We thus all agree to see and to hear what He wants to show us, if we want to see and hear it. Now, we want this, and as such we will ask Him, that He should show us His mighty travel companions, if this possible to Him!”

188,14. All, even My earlier disciples, fully agreed to it, that they wanted to see such.

188,15. And Agricola came to Me ands said: “Great Master, if it is possible for you, than show us Your countless and almightiest secret and invisible companions, and we will see, what kind of beings they are. We all ask You about it, that you show us, what You earlier promised to show us!”

188,16. Said I: “This will take place immediately! However, collect yourself properly; since what you now will see, even though softened by My will, it will seize you quite substantially, despite you being courageous Romans!”

188,17. Said the Roman: “Master, our motto is: Si totus illabatur orbis, impavidum ferient ruinae! (Even if the whole world is in ruins, the ruins will carry the unshaken!) Who does not fear death, does also not fear the good spirits and even less so the bad, whose power cannot be that big! We are fully prepared for the even so extraordinary, and You can begin to effectuate Your sign. We are all very eager for it!”

188,18. Said I: “Thus stand up from your seats and go with Me outside! There you will for one hour see the magnificence of God the Father, who send Me, which means in this body, into this world, for the sake of salvation of the people.”

188,19. When I had finished speaking, all got up from their seats and went with Me outside.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-188 Chapter