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Chapter 189 - A view into the miracles of the angelic realm by means of second sight. The difference between angels and men.

189,1. When we, in all seventy people, were standing in good order in the open, I said above all of them: “Epheta”, which means “Open yourself!”

189,2. And all were in the second sight and saw endless crowds of brightly shining angel spirits, of which several descended to them, this means to the Romans, and spoke with them.

189,3. The Romans were astonished and Agricola said to Me: “Lord and Master, this looks like our fabulous Olymp! No, these countless masses! Who could imagine something like this in even the brightest illuminated dream! Or is this only an enlivened phantasy in us enhanced by Your will power, which manifests itself plastically outside ourselves? These beings look totally bodily, especially those, who walk around among us here on the ground of this earth! How should this be taken?”

189,4. Said I: “Look, next to you is standing an angel; ask him and he will answer you!”

189,5. Agricola then turned to the angel and said to him: “Speak, you peculiar being! Are you a real being or are you only a product of my own somewhat strongly heated imagination? If you are a real being, give me a tangible proof, so that I can believe it!”

189,6. Said the angle with a clear voice: “We all are by far more real than you people: since your bodies are absolutely no reality; since they are not what they appear to be. They indeed have a human form, which, by way of limbs, moves according to the will of the soul; however, when this form disappears, it immediately dissolves in countless many other forms. Only the pure truth [the word “truth” is added in the manuscript by a foreign handwriting, since Lorber unintentionally omitted the word. The sense of it can perhaps be complemented as “life force”, “vital force” or “idea”] is a real reality, everything else of you still earthly people is phony and a necessary deception of senses. Since for as long a person works for his body, to collect treasures of this world, for as long also his soul, out of the deception of its body, remains herself in the biggest deception; since who regards the body life a life and considers it as such, his soul is considered dead for as long she does not recognizes it in herself, that the life of the material body is actual real death.

189,7. We however, are by all means true reality, because we do not have a variable body, but are the vital-force ourselves, which never ever changes and never ever can be destroyed. If a rock falls on to your head, it will kill you. In short, for your body you can in all elements find certain death. This is with us forever not the case; since we are ourselves fully out of God the vital-force itself and penetrate everything; and no material element can ever harm us in any way. We have in us the never defeatable power and strength, to destroy all material elements in one moment or to create an element world. We control everything; however, we can never ever be controlled by anything, except by ourselves, because we are the most perfect expression of the divine will.

189,8. So that you as a thinking Roman understand this even better, pick up the stone and throw it with all power on to my head and it will do nothing to me! Would I do the same to you, you would be dead in an instant regarding your body. Go and try it, and convince yourself that it is so and not otherwise!”

189,9. The Roman tried this, and the rock fell through the angel onto the ground, and the angel stood completely unharmed in front of the Roman.

189,10. Thereupon the angel picked up the rock and said: “If I did the same, you would be lying dead on the ground with a shattered head; but I will not do this to you, but instead something else. There, look at the stone, which is very hard! Take it again in your hands and try to destroy it!”

189,11. The Roman took the rock and tired his physical strength on the hardness of the strong compactness of the rock; but all hitting and throwing onto the very hard rocky ground was all in vain, - the stone, except for a few scratches, remained absolutely unscathed!”

189,12. The angel then took the same rock out of the hand of the Roman and said to him: “See, this is the same rock which you earlier have thrown through me and which you have tried to destroy! You see now that I can hold the rock in my hands just as you are, and this in all truth much firmer than you could hold it. Try to take it out of my hand, and you will convince yourself of my strength!”

189,13. The Roman tried this with all his strength; however it was even impossible to move the hand of the angle by only one hair’s breadth to the left or the right or up or down, and even less so to remove the rock from the angel’s hand.

189,14. Then the angel said: “See, this will be certainly more than just your heated imagination?!”

189,15. Said the Roman: “Yes, friend, whoever and whatever you are! If I am dreaming, then I would not see the city down there and not hear the people’s noise up to hear, and I would also not see all these my companions next to me and surely not this inn in its totally natural environment! Since I quite often had very brightly illuminated dreams and have seen in it existing areas of the earth; but they never looked completely as they exist in nature. Only when I dreamed about the one or other of my friends, then they always looked - at least their faces and voices - spoke and acted the same as in the natural world. But here this is not the case; since here I see the natural things as they are, but at the same time also see you unnatural beings, and therefore I regard you as true and not as dreamed realities. - What are you going to do with the stone now?”

189,16. Said the angel: “This you will see right now! See, you earlier have tried your strength on the rock, to break it; but the rock resisted you quite stubbornly! Now I will show you how I will totally crush this rock in my hand! Look, there is still the whole rock, and look now and you have several hundred pieces! And look at this now! Where are they now? See, there is nothing left of them! I have dissolved them in their primordial substances!

189,17. However, if I can do this as a spirit with the greatest ease, is then my pure spiritual being not endlessly more perfect than the being of all body persons of this earth?! Therefore is our being only a true being and yours on this earth only insofar, as it is a life according to the will of the Lord, who lives now in His endless mercy among you and truly teaches you to live, and who is all in all from eternity, to whom you should listen and to live and act according to His word.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-189 Chapter