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Chapter 190 - The difference between the life tasks of angels and men.

190,1. Said the Roman: “Indeed, indeed, this I can understand quite well now, - but since you mighty spirits are here now and your existence is apparently more true than ours, why don’t you reveal yourselves more often, to teach and console us? We now have seen you, and if I now tell this to our fellow people, some will believe it, however, many will laugh about it and regard us dreamers and half fools. Would it then not be better, if the one or other of you would appear to provide some valid proof to support the truth of our statement?”

190,2. Said the angel: “We always follow most precisely the will of the Lord; what He wants, is good only and this is what we do!

190,3. If it would be beneficial for the nascent people of this earth and necessary for the salvation of their soul we always would be visible among the people; but this is not the case, and therefore we are only allowed to guide the people unseen, so that their free will does not suffer any force. Since nobody can exist before God, if he not previously, fully isolated, has gone through a full trial life of freedom in his flesh for a certain period of time. This is the Lord’s love, wisdom and will, and therefore everything must take place, exist and be accordingly; and if something does not take place, exist and be, it is as good as a pure nothingness. However, if you people from now on will live and act as the Lord wants it, also you will after laying off of the body, become and be what we are now; since also we were once on some celestial body what you are now.

190,4. But even the least person of this earth, is already in the cradle many times more than we are in all greatness, wisdom and power; since the right people of this earth are the children of the pure everlasting love of God, and the highest wisdom and power must develop in them totally free out of their love for God, their truest Father. We have gone forth as creatures of His wisdom; therefore we must first out of our great wisdom create the love for God in ourselves, which is nearly incomprehensible more difficult, than for love to God find the highest wisdom and power in oneself.

190,5. For that reason however, that you people of this earth have emerged from the pure love in God, thus yourself are the love in God, we wisdom creatures are not allowed to bother you in your free development out of your primordial love of God in your being, and you, earthly brother, will now understand a little brighter, why we angels of God are not allowed to surround you visibly. Because we are only allowed to waken the sleeping wisdom and power in your love for God, very gently and unnoticed, but never ever breathe only one single spark from our actual wisdom into you; since this would not waken your wisdom, but only suppress it.

190,6. But this is also among you earth people the case. Since what would become of a child, if you take it from the nurse and immediately put into highschool, where highly wise and highly learned teachers present to their properly prepared scholars the deepest and for the ordinary person fully incomprehensible sciences and secret arts? Such a child would in the end be able to repeat its teachers words, but never understand the deep sense and its meaning. Therefore let the children first be educated by the nurse and guide it through all kinds of play to the first, child-like thinking. From year to year the child then becomes riper and more prepared for a higher education.

190,7. What you do with your children, we angels do with you people, and must do it therefore, because you people of this earth are children of the Lord.

190,8. If you had been born on that world on which we once lived in the flesh, you would already have all the necessary wisdom be brought with you into the world and would nearly need no other education than only to find the love to God in the light of your great wisdom.

190,9. Look at all the animals of your earth! They are also creatures of the wisdom of God; therefore they also do not require any education, whereby they troublesome have to learn what they have to do according to their abilities and nature, but they bring all this with them during birth and are immediately in their particular way perfect artist. Whoever taught the bees herbalism, who showed them where the honey is located inside the flowers, and where the wax? Who taught them to build their cells and to produce inside their bellies fragrant honey from sweetish flower nectar? Where did the spider learn to prepare its thread and to weave a highly useful net? See, all this is provided to the animals by the wisdom of God, whose products they are for the time being. But because they are only that, they have that what they have in the highest perfection, but since they nearly totally lack love and its free will, they cannot learn much additionally.

190,10. There nevertheless exist animals, to whom already certain symptoms of higher love has been so to speak mixed in. And see, such animals are therefore already able, to accept some side training from the people and thus can be trained for certain tasks! And the more love is present in certain animals, like for example dogs or some birds, the more the ability of such animals for a better training for different tasks.

190,11. Now this however is in the highest degree the case with human creatures on other world bodies, because they are coming to earth with all thinkable abilities already provided. They don’t need to learn anything in a school. But since love only develops in time as a product of their wisdom, they nevertheless have schools, where it is taught, how one out of pure wisdom also can attain free love and a free will. If such a person has managed to reach such goal with a lot of hard work, he only then is able to get close to God and also to His children of this earth.

190,12. And hence you again can see a little clearer, why you true people of this earth, are not allowed to have a continuous visible- and feel contact with us during your wisdom development. In short, your task is to develop and search for wisdom out of love, and our task was it, to search and develop the love for God out of wisdom.

190,13. The indescribable large difference lies only therein, that you people of this earth can become equals of God, but never we, - except, if we once more take on the flesh of this earth, for which however, until now we do not feel a great desire in us; since we all are more than happy with our lot and pleasingly pass for a better one.

190,14. Who manages to become a perfect child of God - which really requires a lot -, is of course endlessly happy; but we are also perfectly content with our lot, and do not require anything more or higher!

190,15. Among these countless crowds which are still visible to you for a short period of time, there are already a few children of God, - however you, who are now taught and guided by the most Highest from eternity, are inexpressively better off! Since it is really not one and the same, if one is a son of the house or only a servant. To the children belongs everything what the great Father owns, to the servants only that what the Lord wants to give them. - Do you, my dear Agricola, understand this?”

190,16. Here our Agricola became nearly speechless, and truly did not know how to accommodate all this; since the angel applied for him too much of a categorically language, to which he of course could not object in any way. At the same time the otherwise quite upright Roman lacked all possible pure spiritual knowledge to engage in any further discussions with the angel spirit.

190,17. Therefore he came to Me and said (Agricola): “Lord and Master without equal, this is certainly not a dream, and the spirit - or whatever else he can be - develops ideas in front of me, of which truly no person could ever have dreamt about! What should one make of it?! The best is, that he says that at one stage also he has been a flesh person on any other world body. But I ask, where can there be any other world body except this earth! I and countless other people never heard anything about it. What strange talk is this?”

190,18. Said I: “Just be calm, My friend! Go to him and he still will show you other earth bodies, of which there are endless many in space! I say it to you, that this spirit has not spoken one untrue syllable to you; but go to him and inform yourself more closely about, of which you have doubts, and all this he will explain to you practically!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-190 Chapter