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Chapter 191 - About second and third sight.

191,1. The Roman thanked Me for this My advice and again went to the angel and said to him: “My dear angel spirit, I indeed owe you a lot of gratitude for all your light words which I have heard from you, but we inhabitants of this earth and supposedly or nascent children of God can absolutely not get along with your celestial wisdom! What do we know of still other earths in endless wide space, since we do not even know our earth properly! Be thus so good and give us tangible proof for your statement, otherwise you truly will not make a great impression on us!”

191,2. Said the angel spirit: “You demand a lot from me, which I have to grant you, since the Lord wants it like this. Your vision has been opened to such an extend that you can see us pure spirits with the eyes of your soul, - but also only so, because we have from your outer-life-sphere, formed so to speak a substantial body for us.

191,3. If we would be in your presence as pure spirits, you would still not see us, despite your second sight now. However, one day when you will be seeing purely spiritually - which you call the third sight or the innermost sight of the spirit , then you will be able to see us clean and purest spirits. But this third sight is also necessary, so that you, just like us, can see all the other world bodies, which correspondingly in the smallest scale are also present in you, but cannot be seen by your soul, until your soul becomes one with the spirit out of God.

191,4. However, with the admission of the Lord we also can effectuate that for you people for a while, so that you can also become fully awakened in the spirit and thus thereby be enraptured into the highest and purest sight.

191,5. I first will place you between the moon and this earth, so that you will be able to notice that the earth is also just a ball, just as you can see the moon and the sun with the eyes of the your flesh. Thereupon I will take you fully to the moon and only thereafter to several other worlds and earths. - Are you content with this My recommendation?”

191,6. Said the Roman: “Indeed, but this thing will not take too long, does it? Since if those stars are worlds, larger than this earth, they must be pretty far away from this earth since they appear so small, and it is self explainable, that an even still so fast spiritual journey to there, cannot be that short.”

191,7. Said the angel: “For the pure spirit, time and space does not exist. Here and there in an endless distant from here is one and the same, and ‘now’ and ‘aeons of years ago’, is also one and the same. In a pure spiritual state you can see and experience in one moment more, than what you can experience in your flesh in several thousand years only vaguely by means of word education, for which of course man’s life time here on earth is much too short. This has another big advantage, because the soul with us, in one moment learns and experience so much more and purer and truer, than she would be able here on earth in a long row of years. Since once a soul has become only to some extend independent in her body, it becomes a major advantage for her life, if the heavy and suffering flesh is taken away from her and she then enters our society and receives from us the fully alive true life education.

191,8. But now pay attention: since I will now free you all in your spirit, which is the actual live of love out of God, and for that reason you are the children of God or surely can become, if you live according to the will of God, as He has explained it to you extensively. It is! Be free and see the everlasting creation of God related to you!”

191,9. After this exclamation of the angel according to My will, all fell with regard to their bodies into a sleep, but nevertheless could speak with the mouth, although in this condition they were robbed of all their body senses.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-191 Chapter