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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-192 Chapter

Chapter 192 - A visit in the universe.

192,1. All rested on the ground. Only Agricola sat on a bench and soon started to speak, saying: “Thus down there the great ball is the earth, and up there is the moon as the smaller ball and even deeper beneath the earth unmistakeably the sun! O this is a wonderful sight, and the apparently empty space is filled with beings of my nature! Some descend down to earth and others again way from it. And, o, o, there already is the moon earth! It resembles a lot our earth; but everything looks so drearily and desolate. I truly does not like it and also the inhabitants seem to like it not too much; since they all make very sad faces and look quite atrophied.”

192,2. Said the angel: “These are only certain souls of earth, who are so to speak weaned from their too great world addiction, to prepare them for a higher spiritual education. Look, here on the opposite side of this earth it looks already more cheerful and more natural! These are the true inhabitants of this moon earth.”

192,3. The Roman was content with that and continued to make his great and surprising observations.

192,4. From there it went to the sun.

192,5. When Agricola came into the proximity of the sun, he said to the angel: “Friend, this world is too big for me! Here I dissolve and become a total nothing. Bring me to a smaller earth!”

192,6. Said the angel: “Yes, my friend, this does not lies in my power, since I must act according to the will of the Lord! When we stand on the ground of this light world, it will appear more friendly to you. Thus just in with us!”

192,7. In a moment they found themselves on the nicest spot of the mid-belt. Here the Roman lost his senses because of too much splendour. And when then saw the people, who were unusually beautiful, he didn’t wanted to leave again and asked the angel if he could take one of the maidens from this large earth to the small earth with him, so that all people could convince themselves, that also the sun is a world on which much more beautiful and also much better people are living.

192,8. Said the angel: “Yes, friend, this is totally out of the question! And even if I could bring her to earth, it would be completely impossible for her to continue living on earth, because the air of the earth would be for her very much the same as there is the water of this earth for the flesh people. You can see thus that the people of other worlds are only of such nature, that they only can exist on the world assigned to them. - But let us go further!”

192,9. Away from the sun the planets were visited and some of the closest suns, on which the Roman still liked it the most, so that he continuously regretted not to be an inhabitant of such big and most glorious beautiful light world.

192,10. But the angel said to him: “Yes, my friend, precisely on this light-world you have lived according to your soul for four-thousand earth years in a body! And see, there still is your most beautiful dwelling; and the people there who are coming and going, were according to your body your next relatives.

192,11. But when you were taught by a travelling wise that somewhere in endless great creation space there exists a world, on which the people sooner or later can become absolute great-children of the great God, if they could decide to become detached from this world according to their soul, and to go through another love-life-freedom-trial in a labourious body - but without a temporary backwards recollection about this most beautiful world, because the world there is not the seeing wisdom, but only a world, especially in the beginning, where the totally blind love forms the foundation, with which you were content. And see, thereupon you were immediately transformed and your freed soul was immediately conceived into a mothers womb on this earth, and this in the most glorious city on God’s earth, so that you during certain bright dreams not became secretly a longing, to wish te be here again!

192,12. And see, thus you were once already on such a beautiful world, which you indeed can recognize in your spirit and also remembers everything what you have done about fifty years ago! But that your longing does not become too awaken again, we immediately will return to our God’s earth.”

192,13. In this moment all, this means all the Romans, were restored again from the third sight to the earlier second sight and thus woke up again, but with the precise retention of all visions and what was heard faithfully and clearly.

192,14. When all got up from earth again, the Roman said: “I have seen this and that! Have also you seen and heard something similar?”

192,15. Everyone told with short words what he has seen and heard.

192,16. And Agricola said: “Now I also believe it that it will be so what I have seen and heard and experienced, since all of you have precisely seen and heard the same. Thus these are all suns and earths, and most of them immensely bigger and more beautiful than our earth, - and all this is supposedly be created by the spirit of the miraculous Jew?!”

192,17. Said the angel: “Yes, you my earthly brother, all this and still endlessly more, greater and more miraculous! And He, the most sublime, everlasting spirit, has now as a person of your earth, effectuated these signs, so that you veraciously can recognize, to live according to His words and then become His over blessed children. And now go and thank Him from the bottom of your hearts, that He revealed and showed to you such big things, that He is the only Lord of all things and all life!”

192,18. Hereupon all did this and I awakened them from the second sight and all the crowds of angels became invisible again.

192,19. And I asked them how they liked this sign.

192,20. Said all: “Indescribable well!”

192,21. But they now longed for the nightly rest and said that they will only be able to talk about it more soberly the next day. And as such we went into the house and took the night’s rest.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-192 Chapter