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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-195 Chapter

Chapter 195 - The thirty Romans search for the Lord.

195,1. When both of them heard this, they immediately went into the house again and did everything according to My wish. They were hardly in the house, when several Romans came out and enjoyed the beautiful view from this mountain.

195,2. One however went to one of the disciples and asked him, if he also was in the inn during the night and perhaps the others as well.

195,3. The disciple however referred him to Me and said: “He also commands your tongue, go and speak to him!”

195,4. The Roman, who also understood a little Jewish, understood this, immediately came to Me and asked Me the same as earlier the disciple.

195,5. And I said to him: “Why do you ask us about that? We did not ask you if you had been in the inn during the night! We were here indeed, but this should not concern you foreigners, since we did not bothered you in any way in your rest rooms! But tell me now, why do you want to know this from us!”

195,6. Said the Roman: “O, since yesterday and the day before yesterday we were looking for the famous Jew and by coincidence have come to this inn! However, we all were a little intoxicated by the strong wine, and when sleeping one after the other had the same wonderful dream: We found the miraculous Jew. He guided us to this very spot and showed us his whole divine power and glory so that we were in the highest degree enraptured and regarded the miraculous Jew as a God, who for some time wrapped himself in a pro forma human body, to teach the better people a higher life. But this is only a very short brief of our dream picture. Only, if this was dreamt only by one of us, - now, this would then be a courteously seldom nice dream; but now all of us had without exception, exactly one and the same dream, which certainly is quite unusual! We attributed it to the wine and therefore wanted to ask you, if you also had stayed here for the night and if you yourself had not a similar dream. Be not annoyed about it!”

195,7. Said I: “O no, not in the least! But can’t you remember at all how the famous Jew looked like?”

195,8. Said the Roman: “Yes, this is somewhat difficult; however if I could speak on my behalf, according to my weak recollection he more or less looked like you, best friend! Please, be not annoyed about it!”

195,9. Said I: “Well, this doesn’t matter; it finally could have been Me!”

195,10. Said the Roman smiling: “Hm, hm, good friend, you like to joke? But I tell you: The strange dream was absolutely no joke; since if you had such a dream, you also would be quite strangely excited by it!”

195,11. Said I: “You can’t know this, if I had not exactly seen the same as you are! However, let this case be good for now! We still will stay here for to night and if also you stay here, we can come back to this issue. But now we want to consume our morning meal and then attend to our business! Where today the miraculous Jew can be seen and heard, the lord of this inn will tell you later on; since he surely will have knowledge about it.”

195,12. Said the polite Roman: “Then I wish you a good tasting morning meal! The landlord will then be so kind to bring us the news where the famous man can be seen and heard!”

195,13. Said I: “Very well! But the stay sober, otherwise you might miss Him again by sleeping and dreaming, how it already happened to many and still will happen to many! But let us now go to the morning meal!”

195,14. Here we left the Romans and went into the room where the morning meal was waiting for us. The Romans did the same, only like yesterday in the large dining hall. We soon finished breakfast and then went quickly to the city below where we looked around a little; since before nine o’clock (according to current time calculation) nothing could be done in the temple, which means today at the post feast day.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-195 Chapter