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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-197 Chapter

Chapter 197 - The adulteress

197,1. While they were contemplating, their sent out henchmen brought an adulteress to them, who was caught red-handedly and according to Moses should be stoned to death, - which however was always converted by the present Pharisees into a large money fine, if the adulteress was rich. If she was poor, but young and beautiful, she normally was whipped and had to serve the temple; an old and ugly woman however, was in anyway protected by nature from adultery. The present adulteress however, was still very young but poor and wanted to earn herself during this feast time from a very rich foreigner a large emergency pfennig, in order to provide for herself more easily. She obviously would also fall into the hands of the temple if it wasn’t for Me, and if the clerics were not coerced to use her as a main means, to, according to their opinion, most certainly catch Me. {Jn.08,03}

197,2. Thus this poor adulteress was brought by the most wise Pharisees before Me and hence in the centre of the people who surrounded Me on all sides. {Jn.08,03}

197,3. a) And when the woman, plagued by the fear for death, was standing in front of Me, one of the highly wise Pharisees asked Me: “This woman has been caught red-handedly during adultery. {Jn.08,04}

197,3. b) Moses instructed us by law, to stone such a person, - and Moses’ law is as good as God’s law. What are you say to this?” {Jn.08,05; Lev.20,10}

197,4. Needless to say, that they only did this to tempt Me, because on the one hand through the hard law of Moses and on the other hand by My speeches about the great mercy of God the Father and also through My well-known goodness towards sinners, I would, according to their reckoning, inevitably become embarrassed and, as said before, they then find a case against Me to tell the people with great ceremonial pomp: ‘There, look at the great swindler and demagogue whom we are going to seize now and hand him over to the courts!’ {Jn.08,06}

197,5. But I did not gave them an answer as quickly as they wanted, but instead bend down and wrote the guilt of the sinner into the sand on the floor, since after great feasts there was always a lot of sand on the floor, and the temple was only swept again after the feast was completely over, in order to afterwards sell the dirt to all kinds of superstitious Jews. {Jn.08,06b}

197,6. But when the Pharisees and temple Jews continued with their questions, I stood up and said to them: “It is fully true that Moses has given such a law; but those who had the right to stone such a sinner, had to be without sin, - this is also written! At least the one who picks up the first stone, had to be totally pure and without sin! Who thus among you is without sin can throw the first stone to this sinner! God’s mercy thereby suffers no harm; since Moses gave wise laws to the people. Who knows them and does not follow them, has judged himself and sealed his own death sentence.’ {Jn.08,07; rÖm.02,01}

197,7. Thereafter I again bend down to the floor and wrote as previously. {Jn.08,08}

197,8. However, when hearing these words from Me, which they did not expected, and their own conscience told them: ‘You are yourself multiple sinners and adulterers and all the people know you as such!’, from the largest to the smallest no one said a word anymore, and everyone left the temple as fast as he could and went outside. {Jn.08,09}

197,9. After a few moments no Pharisee or temple Jew or Levite or servant or henchman was present in the centre of the temple anymore, except Me, the sinner and of course in a wide circle the people and My disciples. But the people were pleasantly surprised how I, with only a very few words, chased the Pharisees away to flee. {Jn.08,09}

197,10. And some said quite loudly: “O, they just should have tried to pick up one stone, we would have torn those old scapegoats apart! For a sinner is never allowed to judge another sinner, especially not a much smaller sinner.”

197,11. At this opportunity I got up again and saw none of the judges in the circle anymore, but only the woman which was supposed to be stoned. {Jn.08,10}

197,12. And I asked her: “Now, where are those who charged you? Did nobody condemned you then?” {Jn.08,10}

197,13. Said the adulteress: “No, Lord, nobody has condemned me, but they all left hastily!” {Jn.08,11}

197,14. Thereupon I said to her: “Then I also will not condemn you! But go now back to your home and henceforth do not sin anymore! For if you sin, evil will befall you!” {Jn.08,11; Jn.05,14}

197,15. The sinner then thanked Me for the mercy shown to her, but asked Me that I should give her advice, how she could get home safely; since she still feared that the henchmen of the Pharisees would wait for her on her way and harm her.

197,16. And I said: “Do not fear them; since they will be glad not to be seen by you that easily! Go now among the people, they will protect you and bring you home safely! Just look towards the curtain of the temple, and you will see them all who earlier on were standing here! Since they were asked on the outside by the people what had happened, since they were fleeing so hastily out of the temple. They however were ashamed to speak the truth, made a clumsy excuse and returned through the gate pointing to the morning, very quietly back to the temple. But just walk among the people who believe in Me and you will be safe! I will now continue to teach the people and then they will immediately show up again and press forward towards Me; since they are now even more enraged about Me, because I have shamed them and saved you from their claws. But go now safely to where I have send you, be devout and henceforth do not sin anymore!”

197,17. She then went shy among the people and they accepted her well and through loud threats towards the Pharisees, gave her new courage.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-197 Chapter