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Chapter 200 - The nature of the Lord

200,1. Here the believing people became impatient again and said: “Lord, we beg You, let these blind fools get away from You; since they bother You and us! If they not become quiet soon, we will make them quiet by force; since we have stayed here for You, want to hear You and not these stupid dark-hearts. Since already a child in the cradle has more reason than those senseless fools!

200,2. All of us, more than two-thousand in number are fully in the clear about You and Your divine mission. We have noticed quite well when You indicated by saying: ‘I am not alone, but the Father is always with Me!’ But these stupid did not noticed it and will forever not notice it, that the Father and You are one and the same, and that, if You say: ‘the Father has send Me!’, You only wanted to indicate to the weak mind of the people, that You, Everlasting, has created a body for Yourself, to become for us worms of this earth a visible God, teacher and comforter in our great need. Your holy body is your Son, and You are in Yourself before us bad sinners and worms of this earth, the Father!

200,3. And these fools do not understand this, but still boast about it to be knowledgeable about all the prophets, who very specifically determined the time with all colours and circumstances, in which the Messiah will come. And this time has now fully arrived; why should the Promised not have showed up?

200,4. If the great seers filled by the spirit of God, could indicate nearly a thousand years ago the current time as it is now, and this time has come now precisely as it was forecasted, why should the promised Messiah of this time stay away?! However, He did not stay away, He is right there among us; we have recognized Him immediately and easily!

200,5. However, these blind descendants of those who already in the desert at the foot of Sinai, when Jehovah under thunder and lightening gave Moses the holy laws, worshipped the golden calf and did not paid any attention to Jehovah - although announcing His laws directly under their noses -, are now in the face of God still the same worshippers of their golden calves and with all their immeasurable stupidity are still perky enough, to even try harming You. O Lord, let them go and teach us that we get to know You better and deeper - and also our great sins which we so often have committed before You!”

200,6. a) Said I to the people: “Be calm; since I also have to tell them who I am, so that one day they cannot have any excuse, that it was not said and indicated to them!

200,6. b) I already have told them that I do not look for My honor and in the least not with these people, and that there is One who looks for them and judges them. However these blind and devious kind will never recognize and understand it, until the ax is put to the root. {Jn.08,50}

200,6. c) Therefore I tell them one more time: Truly, truly, if someone will keep My word, he forever will not see death!” {Jn.08,51; Jn.06,40; Jn.06,47}

200,7. a) Said the now already totally blind infuriated Jews: “Now we really recognize that you have the devil in you! If your word is as good as God’s word, it was also God’s word which was kept by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets, but nevertheless all have died! Is your word then more divine than this of the fathers and the prophets, when you say: ‘Who keeps My word, will forever not taste death!’? {Jn.08,52} [07] b) Are you then more than our father Abraham who has died, and the prophets who all have died? What are you making of yourself? {Jn.08,53}

200,8. a) Said I: “If I would honor Myself, My honor would be nothing; however, it is My Father who honours Me, from whom you say that He is your God. {Jn.08,54; jes.63,16}

200,8. b) But you don’t know Him; but I know Him. And if I would say: ‘I do not know Him!’, then I really would, just like you, be a liar, who say that He is your Father! But I truly know Him and therefore keep His word! {Jn.08,55; Jn.07,28; Jn.07,29}

200,9. But I tell you something else, from which you can see, that your father Abraham is not unknown to Me. See, Abraham was joyful, that he could see My time on this earth! But you say that Abraham has died; but I say to you, that he nevertheless has seen this My time from the first day on and had an exceedingly great joy about it; he still sees My time and is joyful!” {Jn.08,56}

200,10. This was for the blind Jews too incredulous and they said with wide gaping mouths: “What?! You are not even fifty years old and has seen Abraham?” {Jn.08,57}

200,11. Said I: “Verily, verily, I say to you: Endlessly before Abraham I already was there!” {Jn.08,58; Jn.01,01; Jn.01,02}

200,12. This made the Jews burst from anger. They did not have words anymore, to express their fullest indignation. They then bend down to the ground to pick up the loose stones, of which there was no shortages in the temple, since one seldom used anything from the floor, and tried to throw them at Me; but I quickly hid, became invisible and went out of the temple, amidst of them. The disciples and Lazarus with the Romans followed Me quickly, and we quickly went back to the Oil Mountain. {Jn.08,59; Jn.10,31}

200,13. But in the temple a very rare occurrence took place, which most likely never happened before during feast times. The people attacked the Jews and started to strangle them to such an extend, that the soldiers had to be called in to restore at least some calm again. But the people could hardly be calmed and insisted from the Roman soldiers, to arrest all the evil Jews, who so immensely disturbed the calm and hand them over to the courts, what actually took place - at least pro forma. Only then were the people satisfied.

200,14. Thereupon a scribe came to the centre and wanted to teach the people against Me; but he hardly spoke ten words when he was forced to take to his heels.

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