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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-203 Chapter

Chapter 203 - The reason for the faithlessness of the temple priests.

203,1. We also sat and ate and drank, and the Romans did the same and talked a lot about Me; they only couldn’t understand properly, how and why I with such My divine power and strength could have fled out of the temple from such a little crowd of Jews.

203,2. I then said to Agricola: “You are mistaken if you think that I have fled from the Jews because I fear them! But I know why I did this. The main reason consists thereof, that the people recognized Me, and that they also got to know better the evil, incredulous and selfish Jews, as this was ever the case before. Therefore they also attacked them later on and paid them a tribute which they never will forget during their whole life. Why should I have attacked the evil ones, since I knew in advanced what is going to await them once I have left the temple? Here are sitting seventy witnesses who know quite well, what happened to the incensed Jews.”

203,3. Said the Roman: “Listen, You divine Master, we are Romans, and know only very little about God’s teaching of the Jews, but we still believe that you are truly the promised Messiah of the Jews! Why does the higher up Jews don’t believe this, since they are surly the best informed about God’s teaching of the Jews? What reason do they have not to believe this, since they can see that many others believe it?”

203,4. Said I: “This is caused by their selfishness, their limitless haughtiness and their equally boundless lust for power. According to their idea the Messiah will descend with a heavenly pomp beyond imagination and under thunder and lightening from heaven to earth, move into the temple and equip the high priests, Pharisees and scribes with all power and riches to drive the Romans out of the country and at His side equip the clerics with all power and rulership, so that they soon can rule the whole world.

203,5. But since I have come in a completely different way to this world, which was already determined before this earth was created, thus in external poverty and bareness, these blind do not believe that I have been the promised one, and hate Me, because they nevertheless recognize that through Me all their reputation and power will soon be destroyed.

203,6. The people only now get to know them properly and does not have any respect for them anymore, what they quite well feel, and therefore always trying to kill Me. If you think about this in depth, you will understand why the priests do not believe in Me.

203,7. Quite a number of priests however have already converted to Me, because they have recognized that I am really the Messiah, and they are sitting here at My table in Greek clothes and already moving as My disciples around with Me for more than half a year and are witnesses about many of My teachings and deeds. Ask them about it and they will tell you everything!

203,8. And these twelve sitting next to Me are with Me since the very beginning of My ministry and know everything what I have taught and what I have effectuated for the salvation of all people. You can also speak to them and they will not keep anything from you. But let us eat and drink now; afterwards we will talk further!”

203,9. With this explanation the Romans were very content and Agricola said: “And so the clerics are everywhere the Pluto! One should remove them completely and only teach Your truly pure divine teaching to all people!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-203 Chapter