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Chapter 204 - The education of mankind toward the realization of God.

204,1. Said I: “My friend, what you wish will also happen! But as easy as you imagine, it truly cannot happen. Because the old priesthood has too deep roots already and this cannot be eradicated from today to tomorrow! This require centuries. And even then it will have its own ways: and within a few thousand years this earth will still not be freed from all priesthood and even less so from all heathenism.

204,2. The world people like themselves in the world and as such also God’s teaching must look all worldly, if it should find approval with the people.

204,3. The truth will always be given to mankind in a concealed way; since the people could not endure it uncovered, just as you cannot endure the light of the midday sun with open eyes. People must learn to think, then search and then find it themselves. And if a person has not found the inner light of life himself, a thousand teachers are of no use to him. And in the end it is one and the same if he regards the light for darkness or darkness for the light.

204,4. Therefore a person needs a push to search for the truth, but never all of a sudden the full truth; because this no person could endure without the loss of his earthly life, if it would become clear to him all at once. And as such we will, with the people of this earth, for a long time to come not be able to emerge with the full truth so quickly. You are a purely reasonably educated Roman, and I therefore cannot otherwise speak to you than absolutely naturally. But now judge for yourself, if I am not fully right!”

204,5. Said the Roman: “This is true; but I do not understand the wisdom of God and even less so His almightiness! Didn’t He created this whole earth with all mankind, and doesn’t all beings depend on Him?”

204,6. Said I: “Indeed, but also the true, inner life development and above all the possible full independence and self power of the created life of each person! And this God can only effectuate through His greatest possible seclusiveness and only by His gentle influence over time into the soul of man.

204,7. Therefore man must initially through all kinds of appearances in the physical world and then through some dreams and even through little inner pushes to the point, where he starts to think about the observations, - and this not immediately with all the people, but only those, who are very secretly destined by God for it. The others only hear it from such an awakened person, also make observations and start to think about it.

204,8. If especially awakened persons think a lot about it, it will be allowed that they are getting on track by themselves, that there must be a God who creates everything and orders and guides everything. In this way the recognition of an almighty, all-good and all-wise God being develops along quite natural ways.

204,9. Once mankind has come in general to this recognition, only then greater revelations and more precise determinations are admitted, from which the people more clearly and with greater confidence begin to recognize the God being, but at the same time still have an absolutely free choice, to accept everything revealed to them as true and to act accordingly or to reject it and do not act accordingly.

204,10. Who accepts the revelation as true and acts accordingly, will soon come to brighter recognitions and to the true, independent, free life. Who, however does not accept it, but only bases everything on his reason and his experience and acts accordingly, does not commits a sin thereby, but nevertheless stays behind and will take much longer until he has attained the pure recognition of God and the completion of his inner, true life.

204,11. Who however accepts the full truth of a revelation and clearly recognizes with his mind, but acts idiosyncratically against it, sins and thereby spoils his life also in the beyond for a for you often unthinkable long periods of time; since he is bare of any inner light, because he did not willingly followed his absolute mind nor the well understood revelations.

204,12. When however a soul through her own fault falls into the thickest life darkness, God with all His almightiness can also not help her, but must leave her in her own state for so long, until she still possibly begins in herself to attain some sort of recognition. If this is the case, God’s love and wisdom has the most suitable means and ways in endless abundance, to bring such a soul in the most covert manner on the right track. And see, this is the relationship between God and all people on this earth, which is there, to carry the children of God.

204,13. Regarding the relationship of people on other earths (to God), it does not concern the people of this earth in the least; once they are completed as children of God however, then they will have the fullest right from God their Father, to also be concerned about that.

204,14. But now the highest revelation from God to mankind takes place; since more than I Myself in the flesh, can forever not come to the people on this earth. Good for him who believes in Me, does not get annoyed about Me and thus lives and acts as I openly teaches it here! Since who keeps My word and lives and acts precisely accordingly, will soon notice it in himself, that these words which I now speak to you and have spoken to you, are not human words, but God’s words, which in themselves are life, light and the everlasting truth.

204,15. Therefore we are going to leave those down there, also if they do not want to believe in Me; since besides them there are already many who do believe in Me, and therefore already carry now the true, everlasting life in themselves; since truly there are already those who will not feel nor taste death! Truly, I am a right bridegroom, and who believes in Me and loves Me, is truly My bride! And the bride will also have the everlasting life in her, as I have it in Myself, and can give it to whoever I want. - Do you understand this?” {Mt.09,15; jl.ev01.123,10b}

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-204 Chapter