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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-205 Chapter

Chapter 205 - Freedom of will and the spiritual mission of man on earth.

205,1. Said the Roman: “Truly, You are a God! Since if You were a person like me, You never could speak so wisely. Your miracle signs from yesterday are only now getting the fullest confirmation for the truth through these Your words and also by Your words in the temple today. We already heard a lot about You in Rome; but all this talk is nothing compared to this reality. But lets now eat and drink again; since what we heard is endlessly great and deep, and we have to bring this properly under the roof of our mind, so that we can become able to absorb anything further from Your mercy and love. Because You are not just talking like a normal reasonable person talks about an artful and glorious building, but You are talking like a builder master, who has build the building from the ground upwards himself. And therefore it means to collect oneself properly to neatly understand Your words from point to point, if one wants to draw the true use for one’s life from it. Therefore a short break; some bread and wine will make the deeper understanding somewhat easier!”

205,2. Thereupon the Romans ate and drank enthusiastically again and we ate and drank too. Also the seventy men and the saved women ate and drank to their hearts desire, discussed My words to the Romans and also the testimony which the Roman quite openly and overtly has given to Me.

205,3. Also My disciples were secretly surprised about the mind of the Roman and said: “Just look, how soon this arch heathen understood everything, and the Jews down there still can’t see the forest because of all the trees! It is really in the highest degree strange, that such people to their even earthly greatest advantage cannot or does not want to see most joyfully the brightest light of life.

205,4. Said one of the thirty Jew-Greeks: “O, they could understand it, but they don’t want to, because they are of the opinion that thereby they loose their reputation, their great riches and their good life. And even if the angels come down visibly from heaven and tell them that our Lord and Master is Christ, they still will not accept it for the very reason I just mentioned, what I know quite well, for I know how they behaved during the times of the devout high priest Zacharias. I and many others saw the angel of God speak with the devout man and were in ourselves fully convinced, that this was a real appearance; but the unlimited haughtiness of the other Pharisees and their selfishness placed themselves above this truth and immediately afterwards strangled him between the sacrificial altar and the sanctum. How they were at that stage, they are still the same up to this hour and even would engage in a battle with Jehovah during the times of Moses, if they had lived during those times. And they are still tolerated priests and so-called servant of God by You, o Lord, while they are even became too evil for Satan!”

205,5. Said I: “Leave it at that; since I just explained to the Romans, how all mankind is educated by Me to life and the priests are also people. But nevertheless their voluntary stubbornness to remain in all sins, still serves you as a clear proof, how much the free will of man as the only germ to attain an independent, free, everlasting life of the soul, is protected by God. And because it is so highly regarded and protected, therein lies the biggest proof, that God has not created man for only this earth and its short life, but for an everlasting, spiritual life, which however can only be attained through the fullest freedom of will of the soul in this short bodily life, which however can also be lost, if a person remains until the end in the free stubbornness. This means: the soul will never fully stop to be a soul; but what kind of soul, this is another question. Since in the beyond the same perfection cannot be attained anymore like in this life. I have often explained to you the ‘Why’ already. But after having strengthened ourselves now, only then we will continue with further considerations and speak about the great mercy of God.

205,6. Today there will still all kinds of sinners and toll collectors as well as several disguised Pharisees come here, who have learned that I stay here. With them we will have some trouble; - but lets consume the food and then return to our work! For as long I will rest and eat, do not asked Me about all kinds of matters! So it will be!”

205,7. Thereupon everyone ate and drank his food quietly and the sitting at the table came soon to an end.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-205 Chapter