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Chapter 207 - The Lord's contemplations on Jerusalem and on the last days of the earth. The Thousand Year Kingdom and Judgment of Fire.

207,1. But I fully got up and walked around a little with the disciples. Because of the beautiful view several benches and other seats have been installed. I stopped and sat down. From here one had the best view of Jerusalem.

207,2. The disciples looked at the beautiful city and John said in a somewhat wistful voice to Me: “Lord, You are my love, isn’t it forever a pity about this city, that it according to Your announcement will be wretchedly destroyed within the near future?”

207,3. Said I: “You, My dear John, has here for this point made quite a suitable remark and also see in My eyes tears. But what can one do more here to prevent it?! See, for the sake to maintain these walls to destroy all citizens by an angel of death, is surely not something very wise, but rather something very unfortunate; since there are still living several thousands within these walls, who in time still will believe in Me! And you see there the seventy and the many toll-collectors including the disguised Pharisees and scribes; they will still today believe in Me fully, and there are still many among the nation, who subsequently will also be converted. Therefore this place should be spared as long as possible from any kind of too great a judgment. However, when all the good little fish has been saved from this pond, and nothing else is left than adders and revolting frogs to swim around, then the time has come to ruin the wretched marsh by fire and earthquakes.

207,4. O, look at this whole landscape! How did it looked like ten times thousand times thousand years ago?! There existed only very little mainland and from these in abundance covered mountains and valleys no trace existed. Only by later subsequent for your mind unthinkable greatest and nearly over the whole earth generally raving fire eruptions lasting for thousands of years, did the earth over time developed to such this landscape.

207,5. And see, just as the natural formation of the earth progresses, also the spiritual development of man will go forward! At this point in time the souls of people are still full of raging storms and eruptions of the wildest fires. The wildest passions free themselves and destroy everything in and above themselves. But leave it at that, - since their will come a time, when all such passions will transform into a calm and fertile ground, and only then it will become truly bright and joyful among the people! However, the truly good and pure people will always be rare in numbers, compared to those who more or less will still be ruled by their world passions.

207,6. Such a better time will last for a thousand and some several years and will similar to the current form of this earth, which now, only plagued by a few storms, is in a certain calm and order full of lush and fruit rich regions, but nevertheless has alongside it by far more unfertile and very stormy regions than calm and fertile regions, - apart from the great world sea.

207,7. However, after such more than a thousand years of time, the earth will again have to endure a great fire trial. During such time the mountains on this earth will turn into level and fertile lands, and the sea will have to give up manifold the dead land which still lies buried in its deep, and the better people will take ownership of it and turn it into Eden. Afterwards, until the total dissolving of the whole earth, true peace will rule and death will never again has his right.

207,8. But just as the mountains of the earth will become equal to the level land, also the people will have to completely down their haughtiness through hard trials, otherwise it can never come to a true, inner peace among the people of this earth. Since war is only born by haughtiness; if haughtiness ends, also envy, jealousy, stinginess, hatred, strife and with it all quarrels, arguments, struggles and wars end.

207,9. And as such this now so famous and nearly oldest city, of which already the great king of Salem has laid the foundation for its walls, will now, as a mountain of haughtiness, morally and physically be degraded and made equal to the level land, and it will happen with it like with an old, very high cedar tree, which, since it became dry, rotten and dead, will be broken off at its rotten roots by a storm, then the loggers will saw it up and chop it up with an ax after which it will be burnt in the fire. {Mt.03,10; lk.13,09; Mt.07,19; Jn.15,02; Jn.15,06; jl.ev01.006,10; jl.ev06.207,09; jl.ev11.039,06; jl.ev11.024,06}

207,10. With the tree it was caused by its nature, with the people however it is caused by their evil will, which does not want to submit to even the most wise laws, just as once the Hanochites through their unrestrained disobedience, brought the Deluge over themselves, in which they all badly perished. How many thousand times were they warned by Me through many seers, to leave the mountains alone! Only, nobody of them paid any attention to it. They ate, drank, indulged and sinned in all possible manner, they flirted and held large wedding banquets, until the flood surrounded them form all sides and drowned all of them. The same will take place here.

207,11. This exceedingly haughty snake brood will in time in their blindness and their power-mania raise above the Romans to drive them out of the this country. And this will be the end. The general and later on also emperor is already born, which will destroy this city and its people.

207,12. And at the end of this world-people period - however, not the end of this earth - it will happen as follows: Humans will during that same time, rather not level mountains to the base like the gold and gemstone searching Hanochites did, they will also not be able to antagonize the Romans anymore, however, they will by means of all kinds of machines driven by fire power, begin to drive unbelievable deep shafts and holes into the inner of the earth, whereby the highly flammable gasses push in great masses onto the surface of the earth. And once the atmospheric air is too much saturated with such gasses, it will start to ignite almost around the whole earth and burn everything to ashes. Only a few people will stay alive. However, those who will survive, will be people of the best kind. They will truly inhabit a totally new earth, and you and many who will come and be awakened after you in My name, will be their teachers and leaders.

207,13. Only from then on will My kingdom on this earth be fully spread out, and the people of the sun will with the children of this new earth, step into a full and equal relationship and grow up in the love of My true children.

207,14. This, what I now have told you, keep for yourself; since in this time it would be not useful to anybody’s salvation, if he knew about it in all clarity. At the right time I Myself will explain this to the people in detail if they can endure deeper knowledge. - Did you all understood this well?”

207,15. Said John: “Lord, You my only love, I have understood this well; since now You have expressed Yourself very clearly, and therefore I could understand it very easily from You! If the other brothers also have understood all this so well, they of course will know it best for themselves!”

207,16. Said all, except Judas, that also they had understood everything well.

207,17. Only this disciple said (Judas): “To me, Lord, not everything is clear!”

207,18. Said I: “If it is clear to the other brothers but not to you, who always knew to boast the most with your mind, go to your brothers and they will explain to you what you did not understand! However, humility always understands anything quicker than the stubborn, willful arrogance, which, if you still any longer remains with it, will become your devil, your judge and your death. What is it that you have above all the others which makes you think that you are better than they are?! Humble yourself, so that you can escape from the snares of Satan!”

207,19. Here Judas turned around and went to Nathanael, with whom he still harmonized in the best manner, and asked him about this and that which he did not understand, and Nathanael explained it to him. And when also this disciple was more or less in the clear about the things which I earlier have prophesied to the disciples, he calmed down again and did not asked anything further.

207,20. One of the Jew-Greeks who were also with Me, said that it perhaps would not cause any harm, if one also told some of it to the other Jews.

207,21. Said I: “What is necessary they will learn at the right time; however, they certainly have not to know everything. - But now comes our Lazarus. We will wait for him! He has spoken a lot with the disguised clerics and we will see what he will tell us.”

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