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Chapter 213 - The Pharisee's ignorance concerning the sun and the Great Flood.

213,1. Said the Roman: “I knew it, that you and probably many of your kind, do not believe in a God, but at the same time force the people to believe in you and prescribe all kinds of laws to them to suit your bellies! But this doesn’t matter now; the conditions of the bet must be fulfilled! If you do not want any questions from the bible, we surly will have other questions. Lets thus move to question five!

213,2. What is the sun in itself!

213,3. See, this is a very natural question! Answer it, - but correct and true!”

213,4. Said the Pharisee: “This is a ridiculous question! Who can know this? Such a question you could give to a God, but not to a person! Who has been at or even in the sun, that he could say what the sun actually is?! We people can only say that, what we see and observe about the sun.

213,5. It is quite a large, exceedingly luminous disc, and its mightiest light produce warmth and sometimes as in the large desert of Egypt, such a heat, that the rocks are starting to melt. The sun comes up and goes under, which effectuates day and night on this earth. Regularly in winter it rises more to the south and in summer more to the north, which results in dividing the year in four parts. At the same time the sun effectuates according to the gradation of its light and its warmth the growth of plants and the birth of countless many insects. Sometimes it is darkened, which however is a very rare occurrence. How such darkening takes place, no person in the whole world will know, also where the sun at night time is located.

213,6. See, this is already all what people know about the sun and can know, and therefore I cannot tell you anything further! That the sun in itself is probably a strong fire, can partially be inferred from the fact that its light from so far away is still very warm; it is only very strange that high on the mountains it is always considerable colder than down in the valleys, although the high mountain peaks are closer to the sun than the valleys. Further we people - as already said - do not know anything further about this star in the sky. - Do you also have something to say against this answer?”

213,7. Said the Roman: “O, quite a lot! Since what you have said there knows every still so common day worker, who is not a scribe and his wisdom, which, as yours, is truly not that broad, and cannot be worshipped by the people, as you demand it from the people! Why do we Romans and the many disciples of our great Master and Lord precisely know about it and why not you? See, therefore, because you do not believe in any God, as most of your kind! However if somebody comes and want to guide you in all wisdom, you immediately pursue him with all your powers; because you fear that his overwhelming wisdom could reduce your old, rusted stupid reputation. And as such you do not want to learn and experience anything higher and also do not allow that your blind followers could learn and experience anything. Therefore you are punishable twice.

213,8. Who does not believe in a God, is apparently an atheist. However, without God the soul is dark and as good as dead and does not see nor hears anything of all this what God has created according to the fullest truth into her spirit. However, the by God inspired and enlightened person, sees everything and understands everything. He thus can also see the sun and the moon, the stars and the whole earth in himself as if he himself was already there. And if he has this, he also knows how the sun is constituted and also everything else.

213,9. To me and many others who are also here, such mercy was given; therefore we all equally know what the moon, what the sun and what are the stars. Since you do not know this and even not know as much as the Essenes know, who are well known to us Romans, you have answered this fourth question quite shallow and incorrectly. If you want to convince yourself, we will have the means to convince you of it.”

213,10. Said the Pharisee: “O, this is not necessary! Since people like you, who are well trained in all magic, could enchant me above all clouds into the sun, - and of such air travels I’m not fond of at all. I’m already content and accept that I have answered also this fourth question hardly at all. As such you can ask me the fifth question!”

213,11. Said the Roman: “With all the questions you will have the same problem! That you are not familiar on the firmament I already have seen; perhaps you might do better on this earth!

213,12. What are you saying about the great Deluge during Noah’s times? Did Noah take of every animals specie a couple into his ship? How did he feed with his family all the many animals? From where did he take the meat for all the tearing beasts and from where the fish for the fish-eaters? How did the predators feed when Noah released them from the ark? Since then the earth was still desolate and empty and nowhere was a sheep- or pig herd, which could have served the lion, tiger, hyena, the wolf etc. as food. The water was standing high above even the highest mountain peaks of the earth. To where did the water finally ran off, since the whole earth was covered by the same level of water?

213,13. Give me a reasonable answer about it! Since this is even for me somewhat unbelievable and I can’t get on top of it. Perhaps you know to give me a satisfying answer about it? Speak!”

213,14. Said completely stunned the Pharisee: “Friend, you are asking me something which you apparently do not understand yourself! What will you do if I ask you about something similar?”

213,15. Said the Roman: “Then you will loose nothing! Whether I myself understand this matter not better than you, is another question and it will subsequently show. Now it is your turn to speak!”

213,16. Said further the Pharisee: “Yes, my friend, about this highly mysterious point of the script of Moses one cannot say and explain much! For this matter, considered with our own mind, is the greatest nonsense against nature. We do not have any other historic facts, and therefore it means: either to believe this nonsense as it is given, and think of the in those times quite moody almightiness of God as a great helper - or throw all this old junk overboard!

213,17. The book speaks of a most general flood, which according to us more and more familiar laws of nature is completely impossible. If one ask the old Indians, who possess even older books than we do, they do not know anything about a Deluge of Noah. They say however, that many thousands of years ago a great comet came very close to earth. And the star was pure water and the Earth attracted its water. Thereby a large part of the flat lands of India were placed under water, which only in time connected with the great Indian ocean. During that time everything was killed which lived in the valleys: People and animals. However those living on the mountains, recorded such, so that children and children’s children had knowledge about it. This is an Indian and also Persian legend.

213,18. The old Egyptians, except about their flooding of the Nile, do not know anything about another flood. Only the Negroes say, that there where now lies the large desert Sahara, there once was a large lake.

213,19. Our returned apostles told us about an exceeding large kingdom in the furthest morning of Asia, where they talked by means of the Indian tongue with the guards across the great wall. They also asked them about the great flood, and if the wall was build before or after the general great flood. However, those very comfortable guards could tell them a lot about mountain fires, but about a great water flood they could not tell them even one syllable. This we know from all kind of experiences. And therefore it is difficult to imaging a general deluge and even less so to believe it.

213,20. Also you Romans refer in your multi god teachings about two great floods: the Ogygian and the other from Deucalion and Pyrrah. Whether there is any truth to it or not, can neither we Jews nor you Romans assess and know. Once the generality falls away with the Deluge of Noah, also the ship and everything else falls away.

213,21. However, the picture of the Deluge of Noah has most likely a complete different meaning than the one, which cannot be believed, since so many other facts speak against it. But who has the key for it? - You can see thus from all this that I cannot give you an answer which will be acceptable for your mind, and hence your question is as good as unanswered, however thoroughly excusable.”

213,22. Said the Roman: “Yes, this I inferred quite well from your speech; only, it does not serve me any good, and I see in you as a priest the depravity, that you demand from the people an unconditional faith, for what your declare as total nonsense. But I say to you, that this our great Lord and Master could explain it to you clearly and precisely what are the true circumstances regarding the Deluge of Noah; but since you do not believe in any God and even less in a pure divine mission of this God-man, you can stay in the night of the judgment of your soul! Thus with the answering of the fifth question it is as much as nothing! And thus lets move to the sixth question! Perhaps you can do better with it!”

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