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Chapter 215 - The Oracle of Delphi. On the continuation of life after death.

215,1. (The Roman:) “Listen! What do you think of the still existing Oracle of Delphi? - This question is really short and close to you! Speak!”

215,2. Said the Pharisee: “I once have heard something about it; but how can I tell you what I think of this matter, which is hardly more known to me than by name?! That there exists a fortuneteller in Delphi by name Pythia who sits on a tripod and provides quite smart answers to the people for money, I know; but how this Pythia manages this, and how the temple and the tripod of this fortuneteller look like, and if her sooth sayings are true or not, I can’t tell you and thus cannot give you any other answer than what I already told you.”

215,3. Said the Roman: “Really, I regarded you a little more experienced than you in all seriousness and truth are! And with such incredulity and with such poor knowledge you dare to assess and to examine this Wise of all wise?! No, this is a little too much! But I already have heard this in Rome, how you in your Sabbath speeches caution most eagerly the people against heathenism and threaten every Jew with everlasting damnation in the most ghastliest manner, who would ever dare to go to such a temple and look at it and let himself be instructed about its workings, so that he can become educated and then easily recognize the light- and shadow sides of other nations.

215,4. But I ask you now for the ninth time and say: How can you do this, since you do not have the slightest idea what the actual heathenism consists of? You do not understand your own scriptures, you do not believe in your own God, and still you want to be judges over people, who are interested to provide a higher education to their spirit through externally made experiences! Tell me, how and why are you doing this!”

215,5. Said the Pharisee quite embarrassed: “We must do it because the upper leader of the temple strictly instructs us to do it. We have not to be worried about the actual why, and it doesn’t concern us; since those who give us such instructions are responsible. We are only their machines, who however live quite well at the same time and who secretly can laugh at the whole world; since the more stupid it is, the better it goes with us. Also with us there existed people, who with all kind of sacrifices and self-denial searched for the kingdom of God and finally have found nothing else than death like any of us also soon will find. Is the one who enjoys his life not obviously wiser than any unusual devotee who emasculates himself for the sake of hope for an even more uncertain kingdom, and finally does not eat anything else than grasshoppers and wild honey collected in earth holes by wild drones and bees? Anybody can tell me what he wants, I for me remain hereby: One should take care to live comfortable and healthy without worries as much as possible; everything else is not worth a blow on the nose! Who doesn’t have learned much, in the end also needs not to forget a lot.

215,6. At the end of our lives it will not make any difference, whether we are consumed by worms with a lot of knowledge or as fools! Whether there one day will be a resurrection or a soul life after death of the body, is a question which no mortal has ever answered other than with his blind believe. This answer will certainly be enough for your question?!”

215,7. Said the Roman: “You know, totally dark and soulless person, to such your remark - on top of it in front of the people! - I cannot reply in any way! I have spoken already with many about spiritual matters; but never, even among fanatic heathens, have I met such a stone-blind fool! I as a heathen could provide you with hundreds of most speaking proofs, which put the life of the soul after the loss of the body in the most brightest light, - and you as a priest speaks more stupid than the worst animal could speak, if it would be able to speak!

215,8. See, as a friend of the light and truth with regard to the tenth question I want to shortly tell you about a full true case which I experienced in the presence of many witnesses and I am quite eager to hear your answer about it!

215,9. Seven years ago I was send to Hispania (Spain) in state matters. The name of the place in which I had work to do was Sagunto. I stayed with my servants in one of the greatest inns of the little town, where I was served quite well. On the third day, early morning when I was fully awake, my late father who died already twenty years ago, came to me and called me so loud by my name that even my servants could hear the call, - as they all also saw the figure.

215,10. I asked the spirit what he wanted.

215,11. And the spirit said: “What you mortals cannot anticipate, we immortals can see in advance in all clarity long before! Leave this inn not later than one hour from now on and also do not enter any other within the next three hours, but stay in the open, far from any walls: Because during such time a earthquake will come, through which this house and other weakly build houses will collapse, during which several people and animals will perish! But first make a lot of noise in the centre of the city, so that even more can safe themselves! If all danger will have passed, a boy will come to you and guide you to a safe inn!’

215,12. Hereupon the figure disappeared and we all were gripped by an uncanny horror. With bags and baggage we hurried outside and by our noise we woke up the people of the house, who also hurried outside, who in turn still woke up many other people, who also fled their homes; since these people were quite gullible and believed our vision, and by fleeing saved their own lives.

215,13. The ominous hour came and a violent earth tremor struck by which immediately about twenty houses, as well as our previously inhabited inn, were ruined right down to the foundation. Thereupon followed several aftershocks through which however not much damage was caused. After three hours of our sad-full waiting, the boy came to us and guided us to a somewhat distant but totally undamaged inn, where we were accepted and in which we found a safe lodging. For the fullest truth of this fact, all my present companions who were also at that stage with me, can vouch for.

215,14. Now you tell me, what do you think about this most true occurrence! Does the soul continues to live after the death of the body, or does she dies together with the body forever?”

215,15. Said the now already very surprised and confused Pharisee: “If the story is true, one could suppose that a soul continues to live; but what the soul is and how and where she lives, we still don’t know.”

215,16. Said the Roman: “When the spirit of my father knew what was going to happen, and where I was staying, his life and being had to be apparently more perfect and more enlightened and thus also better than this blind flesh trial life. When we heathens know about it and still searching to learn even more about it, why don’t you do it, and why do you pursue Him, who could give you the highest and purest light about it? Why are you trying to even kill Him in your blindness, - as you have just too obviously showed it during the morning of today in the temple?”

215,17. Said all the Pharisees: “This only the Jews wanted to do, not us! We however are not here on behalf of the temple, but on behalf of ourselves did we came here, namely to see and assess what it is about this matter. Should we believe or not believe? However, until now what we have seen and heard is not entirely sufficient, and we therefore wait for something additional. Should we get a bigger conviction, also we can become the disciples of this Master. Therefore you should not force us! You, friend, have conquered us with your questions, and we owe you one-hundred pounds of gold; but now we have the right to put ten questions to you! If you can answer all of them, you will immediately receive the hundred pounds. Do you agree?”

215,18. Said the Roman: “Absolutely; just keep asking! The answers will not be left outstanding!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-215 Chapter