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Chapter 221 - The divine guidance of mankind.

221,1. Said I: “Listen, how mankind on this earth should be treated, surly He alone who has created them, knows it the very best! And He never, not even for one day, allowed it to happen that there was a lacked of all kinds of influences from the highest life-heaven, to show mankind the right ways, on which they have to walk, to reach the goal very easily which God has given them. When the people however, allowed themselves to be enticed continuously anew by the world’s candies and its false and transient temptations and have all the time retreated from God anew, and have worshipped the golden calf and Mammon of the world, which they themselves in their blind fantasy and empty imagination elevated to a great value, can God help it that the people reject His teachings and advice and create for themselves such laws through which they more and more appropriate for themselves the deadly Mammon?!

221,2. Did God not show you visibly through Moses everything possible of His infinite creation in every detail, how and why everything is as it is for just the people this earth?! Did God not show what man of this earth is all about and what finally should become of him?! Moses has shown to you the reason for the whole physical creation and also explained why each soul has to go through the way of the flesh, in order to be able to approach God after the casting off of the flesh as an independent and completely God resembling spirit.

221,3. All this God already has shown to the people manifold during the earliest of times to Adam, to Seth, to Enos, to Kenan, to Henoch, to Lamech, to Noah and from there on, on and on up to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, even lived personally among them and taught them to walk the right path of salvation. Why did you people have rejected everything and have set your world wisdom in the place of the divine revelations?!

221,4. Who was Melchisedek, the only highest Priest, the King of Salem? Where are his teachings and his most wise and loving laws for all people?! See, your fathers have destroyed them!

221,5. Everything that was lost, Moses reproduced in his great sixth and seventh book, and you again hid it from the people and instead gave them excrements.

221,6. When all humanity has become bad through the actions of selfish priests and other power-addicted people, can God help it?!

221,7. God gave to man a free will, so that man, free out of himself, can become active for himself; but also gave to man reason and mind, so that he can understand the advice and laws of God, and also gave him the strength to act accordingly. When however man with his free will, still allows him to be ruled by the world and does not regard the advice of God, is it then not his own fault that he through his own actions becomes ignorant of God’s order and must fall from one misery into the next?!

221,8. Since it now has become too bad and too lightless among the people, I Myself again come to you as the old Melchisedek even in the flesh, as I have announced this already long ago in advance by the prophets.

221,9. Now I am there, to again help mankind to walk the way of the true light and life, and teach and perform signs, so that you should believe, that it is Me! - and you still do not believe Me, and also prevent the other people from believing so that also they could become completely blessed! Whose fault is this now, that you together with your blind followers remain in evil? Surely not Me! And you will have to write it in to your own depth book, when later on you be a thousand times worse off than now!

221,10. The Roman has showed you the true reason, why you do not want to believe that I am the promised Messiah. But I say to you one more time: Who believes in Me, will have the everlasting life, and streams of the living waters will flow from his loins; however, who does not believe, will not have the everlasting life in himself, but only the death of the world and all judgment! However, I do not impose Myself on anybody, but leave it to everyone’s freest will.

221,11. Since I have come into this world for the salvation of all people, even in the flesh, I must make it known to you, that I am here, so that you not again can say, that nobody has told you such and that God has created man and let him be born by women, but then does not care about him anymore and let him perish along the way.

221,12. Now I am there, to help all people and send to all nations on earth My angels, to teach their wise in the right manner. Who will take note, will not get lost, and even if he lived still so far from here. However, nobody is forced to it. I say it to you now, so that you know, that I am there, and why. However, you can do what you like.”

221,13. Said the Pharisee to his companions: “What should we do now? The man speaks immensely and many believe in him. We cannot say: ‘It is him!’, - but also not say: ‘It is not him!’ My opinion would be, to have another good look at the scriptures. If everything agrees with him, then we cannot otherwise, to fully believe in him; however, if there is anything which does not agree with him, we stay where we are! What do you think?”

221,14. Said the scribe: “This will give us a lot to do; since the scriptures are extensive and for us difficult to understand. Anyway, we will learn only very little from it! I think that we should stay longer with him and especially with his disciples and talk to them what they have seen and heard from him from the very beginning. And this will provide us with a much better proof about him than our incomprehensible books. I am now already more for believing in him than the opposite! - What are you saying to that!”

221,15. Said one of the early believers: “Regarding the faith, I do not have a problem anymore, but how to get rid of the temple? This is altogether another question, which is much more difficult for us to answer than any other question!”

221,16. Said hereupon the Roman: “If there is nothing else misleading you, then I’m of the opinion, this can be solved quite speedily. As far as I know does the temple always sends out well experienced priests into all the world to win over co-believers. If you tell your superiors that you have been requested by me, Agricola, to do this, surely nobody will have anything against it, and one will let you go. - What do you think of that?”

221,17. Said the scribe: “The recommendation is acceptable and we will make an attempt. But if the high priest does not allow it, what then?”

221,18. Said the Roman: “Then I demand it from him with my imperial authority, and your high priest will not object to it anymore!”

221,19. With that all were content, - only one Pharisee was still asking about the one-hundred pounds of gold.

221,20. But the Roman said: “If you follow me you are free!”

221,21. With that all were content and went to the disciples to discuss with them various issues and thereby became strengthened in their faith.

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