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Chapter 233 - The importance of cognition.

233,1. (The Lord:) “Moses himself was a greatest expert in all possible faculties of human knowledge. In Egypt no even so deep mystery existed he wasn’t privy to, and the old Egyptians also possessed such eye weapons, however not as fully developed as the mentioned later scholars will possess them, and therefore could quite well discover the planets and calculate their orbits quite accurately, of which still today the zodiac of Diadeira (Diathira) is a most clear proof of. The pure science and main knowledge was of course only in the hands of the priest caste; the common people had to be content with what the priests wanted to tell them.

233,2. However, Moses, also a prince at the royal court, was initiated in everything, without becoming tottery in the slightest manner with regard to the believe of Israel, which he learned from his mother, who was a fostress in the palace. And as such Moses could very soon attain an absolute pure recognition of God, because his mind enjoyed a pure and right pre-schooling.

233,3. Therefore I say to you, that a pure and well-founded knowledge of the whole earth - if possible in all its parts - and its movement including its accurately measured size, and then also the starry sky in all its appearances, can excellently serve the soul, to attain a true and uniform recognition of God, since without it no true salvation for man can be expected. Because only those who truly have recognized God, can come to God and are actually already with God; those however, who do not recognize God, cannot come to God, because they do not recognize God and therefore are not with God.

233,4. Because coming to God means, to be already with God through pure recognition and love, since without the pure and true recognition, nobody can truly love God.

233,5. What use is it to your soul if you believe in a God behind all stars, that He from there, like from an everlasting centrum, based on His almightiness hears and sees everything, creates everything, maintains and manages everything, and thus penetrates everything with His power and is omni-present, but you still don’t know God in the slightest way and in your soul you are even much further away from Him, as you imagine Him to be! Through such extremely misty night recognition of God you surly are still very far away from Him, can impossibly love Him, but can only have a half-believing vague notion and reverence of Him. And in this recognition- and soul state, nobody can be with God, and certainly there can be no talk of any true love.

233,6. Or what would a marriage ripe young man say, who likes some daughters in his surrounding and of which he could love one with his whole heart, if one would say to him: ‘You, there is nothing for you here! In the farthest corner of this earth lives a bride for you, fall in love with her, travel there and take her as your wife!’? Will he not ask you and say: ‘Yes, where is it? Is it east or west, south or north?’? And you will be unable to tell him any other truth then: ‘Yes, this we ourselves don’t know, however, somewhere she will be, just love her and search for her!’ Do you think that the young man will ever fall in love with a maiden so far away, or will he play the fool for you to look for her in all four corners of the world? I say to you that he certainly will not do such! - And it is not much better with the love for a totally unknown and somewhere endlessly faraway God.

233,7. But what is then the other more worse result of that? Because the people cannot recognize and even less so love a too far and unknown God, they make for themselves gods more close by, which they then honor, love and worship, and to whom they bring all kinds of sacrifices. For the one true God they also build an empty temple, in which only a little light is allowed to penetrate, - and this is then consecrated to the unknown God. The Romans have made from it their blind fate, which even rules above all their gods. From this it is clear enough to where a bad recognition of God leads the people over time.

233,8. And because I, the always thought and believed to be so far away Jehovah, am now so close to the people, I gladly explain to you, what can bring to you and your descendants the true recognition of God and the most loyal love for Him. And as such I shortly want to answer the two questions for you.

233,9. See, the explained comet has at great distances from the sun, no tail at all, but only a kind of misty haze around its core! Only when coming close to the sun, a tail forms as a result of its very quick movement. Since by this quick movement, which with some comets is so extraordinary quick in the vicinity of the sun, that it within a few moments can travel up to 80, 90 to 100,000 hours space ways, the extremely light light-ether cannot move as quickly as the apparently heavier core and its close by layer of a surrounding denser haze, and thereby the same phenomenon occurs on a large scale, when taking a still strong glowing and equally strong smoldering piece of wood and throws it for quite a distance through the air; you then would see that the smoke as a much lighter body forms a similar comet tail behind the glowing flying piece of wood.

233,10. This atmospheric air is of course much denser than the pure ether; but for such a quick movement, also the ether provides some resistance. Since also the ether is bound in time and space and is therefore still something physical, although its primordial elements compared to the dense materials of a earth world, are nearly weightless, just as the air of this earth, which already is quite a weighty body - otherwise it could not uproot the mightiest trees when moving violently -, however under water is completely weightless.

233,11. But because the ether is by itself also something material, it can transform the haze of a comet during its extremely quick movement into a trailing haze. - That you will understand?!”

233,12. Said now Lazarus and all the others: “Yes, Lord, You our only love, this is now sun clear! If these things are explained in this way, then even a child can understand them! Then also this our earth was a comet?”

233,13. Said I: “Very much so, - however not born out of this sun, but from another much larger sun, it makes no difference; since also from the primordial suns such earth forming comets are flung with so much greater force into unmeasurable space, and come into the vicinity of the smaller planetary suns and are attracted by same, maintained and properly nursed as own children and developed into proper earth bodies.

233,14. This you now know, and as such we want to look at the coming eye weapons according to the wish of Lazarus. Now, to explain this matter to you will be somewhat difficult; however, we will see what can be done!”

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