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Chapter 234 - Inventions and their purpose.

234,1. (The Lord:) “See, the old Egyptians understood to make a type of mirror, with which they could catch sunrays. All rays falling onto a large mathematical precise concave surface of such a mirror, were bundled together in a distance of 50-100 man’s length to a head-size, brightly shining, unviewable point, and developed there such a high degree of heat, that white glowing metal would compare to it like cooling water. The very natural result of it was, that the object on which the glowing bright point was aimed, would instantly turn in an all-consuming fire, as you, especially you Greeks and Romans, had heard often before.

234,2. Now, how was this possible? - Such a mirror receives a large number of rays and returns them on a narrow space, while a flat mirror returns them the same way as they came onto its surface!

234,3. If someone is standing in front of a flat mirror, he appears as big as he is; if he however stands in front of such a previously mentioned concave mirror, he would appear gigantic.”

234,4. Said the Roman: “Yes, this I know from my very own experience; because I have seen such a mirror in Memphis. It was made from a very hard type of black marble and was about two man sizes in diameter. The surface was partly already a little matt; but as a whole it still reflected well, and if you stood in front of the mirror, one saw oneself in a colossal gigantic size. Several of us have experienced it.

234,5. There also exist a few people in Rome who make glass and afterwards pour it into all kinds of moulds, amongst others also such, which are on both sides a little rounded (shaped like lenses), with which one can ignite a fire sponge, as can be found in Illyrian, or ignite some very dry grass. Also the vestals (Roman female priests) used to ignite their lamps with this fire of the sun, if they so now and then got extinguished. If one viewed an object, which of course cannot be too big, through such a glass, it appears much larger than in its natural size.”

234,6. Said I: “Now, there we already have the matter of the eye weapons! Such a mirror or such a glass, of course of the best possible mathematical precision, is then partly already an eye weapon.

234,7. If later, through the influence of My spirit, man will understand to make such mirrors and also such glasses of different sizes and of different focal distances, they will have the previously mentioned eye weapons sorted out, by which means they will look at the starry sky, and there discover many things, which until now, especially to most of the Jews, has been concealed.

234,8. And I will allow that such and still many other things to be invented by the people of later times, so that such will serve and also shall serve for the suppression and total annihilation of the false prophets, who will call out with great power and glory: ‘Look, here is Christ!’ or ‘There He is!’; but then do not listen to them, and flee them like a breath of pestilence! Since everything what they teach and preach in the schools and the temples, will be trifle and wrong, which will cause the biggest misery among the people ever existed on earth. Since many people will follow them because of the false signs and miracles, which they will perform just like the Essenes and Indian magicians. {Mt.24,21; Dan.12,01; mk.13,19; lk.21,23; jl.ev09.094,08; jl.ev01.072,02; jl.ev05.083,10; jl.ev05.128,10-11; jl.ev06.234,08; jl.ev07.054,06; jl.ev08.213,19-20; jl.ev06.234,08}

234,9. Therefore I will then first awaken the right science and all kind of arts among the people and only then adding the absolute pure spirit of truth from the heavens, and all the false prophets including their leader will begin to howl and wail and curse all those to hell and intimidate them in every possible way, who turn their backs on them. However, all this will be of no use to them, since all this is the everlasting downfall of the lie, which will perish before the truth like ice trying to present the solidness of a rock, but instead turning to water in the sun, where-after its hardness and its solidness will come to an end.

234,10. Deep in the north of this earth, where it is very cold, the scythes are building there winter dwellings with ice. However, what will become of those huts, when the summer is coming, which is very short, though extremely hot? Within a few days all huts are melted! And precisely the same will happen to the great magnificent houses of the false prophets: before even knowing what is going to happen, there marvellous dwellings will be gone! - Are you understanding this well?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-234 Chapter