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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-238 Chapter

Chapter 238 - The fights in hell.

238,1. Said the Roman: “Yes, Lord, if this is what hell looks like, then of course no end can be reached in eternity, and the matter looks quite differently as what I have ever imagined it! Such spirits, according to their inner most evil state, are therefore never be able to become inhabitants of heaven?”

238,2. Said I: “Defenitely; even when left thousand eternities under such circumstances, they will never become better, but forever only worse! However, imagine now countless many such spirits, who are filled by nothing else than the most limitless selfishness and the most boundless haughtiness, how they act among each other! In addition, imagine still that they are totally free in the beyond, where no law in any way binds them, and everyone can do what he likes! If you imagine this quite vividly in your soul, you will see an anarchy of which no example can be shown on this earth.

238,3. Everyone wants to be the highest lord; only those who are equally evil and false, gang up against others, who share the same evilness and falseness, and there forever exist quarrels, brawls, wars and mutual mutilation of the most horrific kind. And once the mutilated are collecting themselves again, they really become revenge-greedy and try with their presentations and arts of deception to make themselves noticeable as all kinds of magicians and artists. Once they thereby have acquired quite a large following, then woe those who have mutilated them!

238,4. And as such there exists for every kind of evilness and falseness large societies, who for only a short while stay together in their pretended harmony. Once they have attacked any other society, broke it up and looted them, then everyone wants to be the leader when the loot is divided and thus insists on the biggest share. Thereby the winning society starts to quarrel among each other. First lots are drawn. If one is given the biggest share by a lot, then all kinds of other hellish test are assigned to him, to see if he dares to pass them. Great promises are made to him, even to become king and god of all societies. If he does not want to undergo the trials, he will be given the smallest share of the loot, which already enrages him secretly; if to the contrary, he accepts the trials, he is dreadfully tortured and must tolerate all kinds of abuse and endure the biggest pain.

238,5. Now your Roman proverb applies: Aut Caesar, aut nihil (Either Caesar or nothing!, which means everything or nothing.). He accepts the trials, and once he endured them, he becomes a pro forma king, - however, this honor does not last for very long. Soon mutinies arise and the tortured king is demoted, and a dictator takes his place and promulgates constitution over constitution, whereby each spirit provides for himself as much as possible. This then is not right to those who are served less, and this again produces new conspiracies, which soon leads to an opposing mutiny of a most horrific kind. And in this way, order can never be achieved.

238,6. From time to time also better teachers are send to such broken societies; but they are treated nearly not much differently than the angels experienced in Sodom and Gomorra. The evil spirits want to use them as strong beings, to destroy all their enemies. From this you can see what the betterment of these spirits entails.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 6 GGJ06-238 Chapter